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    Our List of Virtual Pet Sites has a lot of Sim Games listed as well. You are more than welcome to check out our directory of sites and find a new game to play. If you're still curious about a game to play, you can check out some of our Game Reviews and Interviews with Coders, Artists, Writers and Game Owners of the industry.
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Feb 5, 2014
Jun 10, 2011
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Over the Rainbow!
Student - College.

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New Member, from Over the Rainbow!

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Feb 5, 2014
    1. Martyn
      <3 Hey, how are you? : 3
    2. Joy
      Do you have msn?
    3. Joy
      The family-like community is what I love most about petsites. I'm starting to notice a bit of it in this place as well. What with people looking out for one another by reporting bad petsites, scammers/hackers, and liars in the industry. For Paladore, I hope we have the same community there that was once on Lurapets... but slightly bigger and a whole lot better. It would be nice seeing some familiar faces as well. ALMOST out of general ED. And so happy to be so close to it. Starting next semester, I'll finally be able to really dig down on my learning experience as a CMA in training. After this sem. I'll only have to take another math course and I'll be done. ^^

      Knowing where my life is headed is fantastic. For almost a year now, I've been worried about what I was going to do. Vet, teacher... I even wanted to become some sort of storm chaser.
    4. Joy
      Those are amazing goals for your future. ^^
      Know a friend who was headed towards that very same field. (But now she's into pre-law - and loving it). If I can... I'd like to see how I do as a programmer. If I see potential in myself, I'll try to become a professional programmer for something like a side job next to RN. As far as petsites go... I was going to give them up after what happened to Lurapets. Then Angel decided to go for her own dreams and I helped out. In the end I resigned, though. After some time to take a step back and consider a few things, I jumped on the wagon again with Paladore. So far, I haven't had any regrets. It's an amazing site. Just amazing. Playing petsites isn't really my thing anymore. I go on to look at features, updates, chat with people but I think the only site I ever (however rare) play would be Aywas. Everything else either reminds me of Lura in some way or just doesn't hold my interest. I'm currently in my second year now. ^^
    5. Joy
      I've been awesome. ^^
      College has, once again, taken total control of my life. But in the end it'll be so worth it. My current ambition is a Registered Nurse / Programmer.
    6. Joy
      Hey Amour. It's been a while. ^^
    7. Martyn
      I see you is online. <3
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    Over the Rainbow!
    Student - College.
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    Kingdom Sky
    I'm Amour. 24. F. TN.

    Computers. Petsites. Chatting. etc.


    ~ Dream as if it were reality.​