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Oct 15, 2013
Jan 22, 2011
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Aug 14, 1995 (Age: 18)
Student/Freelance Artist

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Approved Artist, 18

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Kiku was last seen:
Oct 15, 2013
    1. Feline
      Happy Birthday :)
    2. Onyx
      Hey I did get your message I'll try to respond to it soon, currently we're dealing with a pretty involved case of multi-account abuse with one of our more prominent members and it's eating up all my brain power atm x_x
    3. Gabby
      do you take commissions currently? :)
    4. Zei
      I replied to the e-mail. ;)
    5. AQU
      Happy Birthday, Kiku! I didn't know you were so young ;___;
    6. Onyx
      Hi there, I sent you an email :)
    7. Ardy
      Looks like your inbox is full Kiku! Anyways, the items are all amazing as usual, once again no complaints. And I'm usually an avid plushie collector so I love the squishy ones. ;P
      If you need another week or something just let me know! I don't want to work yourself to death haha.
    8. MrMootles
      Ah yes! Sorry. I went ahead and sent them an email few days ago. c:
    9. Lynn
      Hey Kiku, I got the email, thanks! Would you be able to send along the other 6 as transparent .png's as well? Also, just one .psd is fine. As long as I have one with all the different lines/shading, that's all I need. Thanks! ^_^
    10. WikiJason
      Hey Kiku! Angel told me you were almost done with the Solon. Do you know when you'll have it done? She was wanting to make an announcement today.
    11. Nicolas
      I wasn't home =D ADORES THE ITEMS and has sent the money ^^=D
    12. Toxic Rainbow Kisses
      Toxic Rainbow Kisses
      Opp sorry about that, there you go
    13. Emma
      Hello! I've sent you another e-mail! :) Just wanted to let you know; I haven't heard from you in a few days!
    14. Emma
      Hey again - e-mailed you back! :)
    15. Emma
      E-mailed you!
    16. Martyn
      I'm trying to registering on the Mahodai forums. But I don't understand the comfirmation question.
      Explain please?
    17. Martyn
      -pokes Kiku- Hey, it's Zyrotza from Lura...

      Just wondering, are you able to PM me your prices for.. NPC's/Items/Maps/Pets or whatever you draw? :)

    18. Dzhelasi
      Happy birthday. :)
    19. Joy
      Happy Birthday Kiku. <33
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    Aug 14, 1995 (Age: 18)
    Student/Freelance Artist
    Pet sites you play/work for:
    Mahodai (Art Admin)
    Kingdom Sky (Artist)