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    Virtual Pets

    Welcome to the Virtual Pet list forum!
    We're a virtual pets and sim games community and we're the largest forum in our industry. We have a lot of virtual pet sites' owners and sim game owners that are quite active on our online community. Along with artists, writers and programmers that come here looking for work and games to work for. Our members who are artists sell art in our art marketplace and programmers are allowed to sell their scripts in the programming marketplace. We've been opened since 2011, however, we've owned our domain name since 2004 and since then we've grown and expanded quite nicely. What are you waiting for, why don't you join today?

    Our list of virtual pet sites and directory of sim games have a lot of games listed that you can try out and possibly enjoy. If you're still curious about a game to play, you can check out some of our game reviews that were written by some of our great contributors and our interviews with respective virtual pet site owners, sim game owners, artists, writers and programmers that have done work in this industry as a whole.

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May 10, 2014
Feb 4, 2011
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Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 114)

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May 10, 2014
    1. one_underscore
      Hi, can we get in touch?
    2. Kiku
      Hey there, I sent you an email about two weeks ago and a PM/subsequent emails - have you seen those? I'd just like to know if you approve of the images sent; any sort of acknowledgement that you've received the messages would be fine. If you haven't seen the email I can easily resend it, but please let me know. Thanks.
    3. one_underscore
      Hi, sent you a pm. Sorry to bother you about payment continually, I've had paypal issues that have made some things rather urgent for me.
    4. cpvr
      Hey, when are you going to pay Excel his $40?
    5. The Little Tree
      The Little Tree
      Did you by any chance add the first e-mail? :P
    6. Kiku
      Oh oops, almost forgot about that! No problem, I'll send the others as transparent versions right away. The PSD will be a bit later tonight, as I'm studying and will probably set aside a bit of time to clean up my atrociously messy files. Thanks for your patience!
    7. Kiku
      Hey there, I emailed you all the Wulfling recolors a few hours ago, so hopefully you received the email!
    8. que
      Hey, lynn! Saw you tried messaging me! Inbox is cleared!
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    Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 114)