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Dec 16, 2014 at 6:17 PM
Jul 1, 2011
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Sep 13, 1988 (Age: 26)
Marapets artist

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Growing Member, 26, from Canaderp

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Dec 16, 2014 at 6:17 PM
    1. cpvr
      Hey, how are you doing? Do you know what happened to Ian?
    2. santamynana
      yayaya i'll add you, i've got lizzy on there, (seriously i don't know why but i forgot your name already :P) i'm like that lol
    3. Pandora
      No pay since january? >: i think it's mighty time you complain to Mara's owner!
    4. santamynana
      Yeah I love my dreams but they seem to end so quickly :(:( yeah I'm like you,sensitive to posts
    5. santamynana
      Lols that is so true I think Ian loves ye attention. Haha no I think it's just down to pure British experience on pulling all nighters :P I too came from neo to mara
    6. santamynana
      yeah alot of people are differant in that mannor i suppose, and hes just verry differant :P

      you should get ian on here a bit more often to speak up for his site and things, and just generally chat, it'll get people to know him more
    7. santamynana
      thats really good, very handy i suppose, do you like working for ian? he seems to flag his true colours every so often
    8. santamynana
      ahh i see what you mean, well ill keep it quiet for you, i can just pm you on mara really thats why i wanted to know. i thought the artists would show up as staff
    9. santamynana
      i was meaning to ask, what is your mara username, if you dont wanna say thats fine but yeah
    10. Martyn
      Where do I know you from? -.-
      Ever heard the usernames.. Zyrotza/Mirpin/Martyn/Krashio? :o
    11. cpvr
      You should comment on the blog as well. And so true! He played Neopets, so he was trying to outdo them - and copy a lot of things instead of being unique, and that really hurt them. I'm not much of a player there anymore, but if I get bored I'll do some quests on Mara and that's it.
    12. cpvr
      I wonder the same thing. If you click my about me, I wrote about Marapets' downfall, since I've been a member there since the beginning. It's a shame really. Ian used to be so devoted, and dedicated there
    13. cpvr
      Well, you never know. I come up with a lot of threads too. That would be nice but I doubt Ian would ever sell =p
    14. cpvr
      What's up? :) Feel free to make some new threads that come to your mind. ^^
    15. cpvr
      What's up? :) Feel free to make some new threads that come to your mind. ^^
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  • About

    Sep 13, 1988 (Age: 26)
    Marapets artist
    Pet sites you play/work for:
    Subeta- one of my most favorites sites of all time, and I always come back to it.
    Neopets- I hate it sooo much, and yet I keep coming back to it, too.
    Marapets- used to have a pretty bad opinion about it, until I got to know the owner and started working with him. Turns out he's on the same page as I am.
    Wajas- hardly active, pretty much just an OWFer.
    Ovipets- kinda like Wajas, but I like it more. I've spent plenty of money on it already, but most of my pets are all dead. Money well spent,
    I'm a pretty nice but emotional schizophrenic gal. I love to help others and make people happy. I currently live at home with my parents, elder sister, and her daughter. I just got out of college after taking some part-time Animation classes to better my writing and general character design skills. I am very happy with my life, but if I had to change anything, I would have my feet fixed and lose some weight. I am very interested in dreams and anything odd or paranormal. If I could collect anything, I would collect gems, crystals, stones, seashells, and supposedly magical or mystical items.

    I LOVE watching Let's Plays, The Nostalgia Critic, Atop The Fourth Wall, Adventure Time, and various other cartoons. I inherently despise most live-action and reality TV shows, despite how funny, clever or fun I may find that show if I were to sit and watch them, it's a weird natural deterrent. I also love cooking shows, and anything to do with the paranormal. Some of my favorite games are Pokemon, Kirby, The Elder Scrolls series, Yume Nikki, Eversion, The Neverhood, Super Mario, and NiGHTS. I am naturally curious, nosy, and love to learn new things and strange facts. I have a huge sweet tooth, and I could eat fruit all day, if only I didn't have to cut, wash and prepare them properly.

    I love to draw, I've always wanted to make a living out of drawing virtual pets and fantasy creatures, ever since I first started watching Pokemon as a wee lass. The problem is, my artwork is very Neo-style, and everybody wants semi-realistic art like Subeta and such. I hate to be the douche who screams "LEAVE ME ALONE, IT'S JUST MY STYLE, HURRRR BROOKLYN RAGE", but my style is almost irredeemably Neo at this point, making it difficult to conform to what petsite owners want to pay for these days. I'm so glad I happened to find the one site on the internet that has roots connected to Neopets and has a similar style.

    My artistic strong points are character design, sketching, pet redraws, accepting critique without bawwwing like a baby, and keeping close contact to ensure that I draw something correctly. I am also not afraid to admit my mistakes and will correct them when possible, and if I cannot, will seek help and guidance or pass the reigns on to somebody else more qualified. I am also capable of scrapping or putting aside entire art projects without a fuss if the commissioner is not happy with my work.

    My artistic weak points are linework, shading, working with new art programs, and especially perfectionism, as I can dwell on tiny things and blow them out of proportion where other people don't notice or don't care. I can get easily flustered depending on my mood, but I am usually persistent and still try to see it through to the end, whatever the result may be. I can lose motivation if I am given little acknowledgement, but as long as something is kept fresh and exciting, I am very happy to work on things quickly.

    I am best at drawing quad (normal animal-like creatures) and anthro (human-like animals normally used as NPC characters, look at Neopets plots for examples). I am not good at drawing realistic animals or humans at all, but I am willing to learn.

    Playing petsites, drawing, raging at my Facebook games, watching cartoons
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