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  1. Virtual Pets

    Welcome to the Virtual Pet list forum!

    We're a Virtual Pets and Sim Games Community. We have a lot of Virtual Pet Sites Owners and Sim Games Owners that frequently visit, along with Artists, Writers and Programmers that come here looking for work and games to work for. Our Artists sell art in our Art Marketplace and Programmers are allowed to sell scripts in the Programming Marketplace. We've been opened since 2011 and since then we've grown and expanded quite nicely. What are you waiting for, why don't you join today?

    Our List of Virtual Pet Sites has a lot of Sim Games listed as well. You are more than welcome to check out our directory of sites and find a new game to play. If you're still curious about a game to play, you can check out some of our Game Reviews and Interviews with Coders, Artists, Writers and Game Owners of the industry.
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Apr 24, 2014 at 7:17 AM
Jan 23, 2011
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Jan 1, 1991 (Age: 23)

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Boopets owner, 23

Junior Programmer Pet Game Owner VPL Member
PaulSonny was last seen:
Apr 24, 2014 at 7:17 AM
    1. cpvr
      Yo, can you come on skype/msn?
    2. Corleone
      I'm not sure my PM's are being sent through. Yes, I will most certainly accept. Thanks!
    3. Gabby
      Hey! Did you get my email?
    4. indysolo621
      I deleted some PMs, so now you can reply.
    5. cpvr
      You still up for the partnership? If you can add a footer link on Boopets called Virtual Pets Community - Virtual pet list unless that's too long
    6. Zei
      ;) Boopets came along swimmingly.
    7. cpvr
      No, not the moment and I'm glad
    8. cpvr
      Oh, nice. You're just like Ian from Marapets. He coded the whole site by himself. Oh, that's good. Is the battle system going to be multi-player? A good referral system is one that rewards pretty good. Like, items created just for the system. There's various ways you could design the referral system to.
    9. cpvr
      Oh, nice, that's really a unique feature to have. Who's coding it? How's your referral system there? How many artists do you guys have on board currently?
    10. cpvr
      Sounds good to me - how long until those features come out though? And also, that's good. Keep me updated on the progress of the system though. Oh, I see. How's VPL on the mobile though? I rarely access the site via my phone since I'm usually around my laptop or the desktop downstairs.
    11. cpvr
      That's good bro. Glad you got everything back. Namecheap would have gotten everything back to you in less than those 2 days, I don't know why Godaddy is so slow. What are your plans for Boopets? Anything exciting going on soon? And also, how's the pet project for vB coming along? I sent you a PM about it a week or two ago and never received a reply.
    12. cpvr
      Oh, nice, how long did it take them to return things?
    13. cpvr
      That's good was it via phone support or email support that they gave it back?
    14. cpvr
      Any update from go daddy?
    15. que
      bexxypanda is my skype!
    16. cpvr
      Do you have MSN? Add me webmaster@virtualpetlist.com
    17. John12
      Hope to see you on msn soon.
    18. que
      I know you're good for it!
      I was just making sure! :)
      I can completely understand that things get hectic- I'm a pretty prime example of that!
    19. que
      Hey paul! Is everything ok?!
    20. RaceTrackRuler
      Just wondering. Didn't you have a pet site up?
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