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    Virtual Pets

    Welcome to the Virtual Pet list forum!
    We're a virtual pets and sim games community and we're the largest forum in our industry. We have a lot of virtual pet sites' owners and sim game owners that are quite active on our online community. Along with artists, writers and programmers that come here looking for work and games to work for. Our members who are artists sell art in our art marketplace and programmers are allowed to sell their scripts in the programming marketplace. We've been opened since 2011, however, we've owned our domain name since 2004 and since then we've grown and expanded quite nicely. What are you waiting for, why don't you join today?

    Our list of virtual pet sites and directory of sim games have a lot of games listed that you can try out and possibly enjoy. If you're still curious about a game to play, you can check out some of our game reviews that were written by some of our great contributors and our interviews with respective virtual pet site owners, sim game owners, artists, writers and programmers that have done work in this industry as a whole.

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Jul 14, 2014
Jan 24, 2011
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Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 114)

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Tom was last seen:
Jul 14, 2014
    1. bacon
      I am not exactly sure who you are sir?
    2. Gabby
      Yes I did! Thank you so much. :)
    3. Earth
      sorry, completely forgot! Ive joined as Protogenia :) Thanks x
    4. cpvr
      Gaming or any other top forum
    5. cpvr
      Only crap, might want to try twitter, your signature here, or ask for help on a thread.
    6. cpvr
      You're welcome, how's everything? What site are you having trouble building referrals with?
    7. cpvr
      I think we might have some threads like that. But, you can ask if you'd like to, its not a problem.
    8. Martyn
      I'm doing great, what you been up to lately? c:
    9. Martyn
      Hey there Tom, how you doing? c:
    10. Lion
      I barely go on paladore anymore, Ole hasnt updated us for a month. Im VP site-less :(
    11. Lion
      p.s - its ricky from paladore :3
    12. Lion
      Hi tom, I miss u loads :(
    13. santamynana
      oh yes i love glitch its awesome
    14. santamynana
      Ye it was me Tom but I changed it for Christmas period and think I might keep it
    15. santamynana
      Santa Clause is my username on glitch
    16. Martyn
      So what you been up to since the Celendria thing? : o
    17. Martyn
      -insert stupid name mixups-

      Yes.. I am Martyn. -facepalm-
      I'm very tired right now.. so I get my usernames mixed up. lol
    18. Martyn
      Hey Tom, it's Zyrotza.. from Celendria.
      How you been? We ain't talked in... ages.
    19. GGitzOle
      Yeah... a lot of people don't realise how much time you have to spend working on things, talking to staff, looking for artists, planning very far ahead for features etc XP I don't like to tell new petsite owners this as it usually just sounds like I'm being negative and wanting to "crush" their dreams xP
    20. GGitzOle
      He's defo a guy :P And yeah, he is very hard to get into contact and super unreliable :P If you do manage to get hold of him though, he can produced super fast- but usually happens for up to a week and then he'll disappear again. Last I heard he moved onto something else.
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    Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 114)