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Zowie Blaze
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Jan 31, 2013
Mar 25, 2011
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October 2
United States
Housekeeping at veterinarian's

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Zowie Blaze

Approved Artist, from United States

Approved Artist VPL Member
Zowie Blaze was last seen:
Jan 31, 2013
    1. cpvr
      Hey, is there anyway we could get a mention and/or paragraph about us on your Tumblr?
    2. Coppy
      Riku :D omg hai
    3. Emma
      Should be fixed now! :)
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  • About

    October 2
    United States
    Housekeeping at veterinarian's
    Pet sites you play/work for:
    Position, site, and username. :3

    Advanced artist on Chibipaws.com. Xemnas
    Co-owner and artist on Chibicorner.com
    User on Neopets.com toocool2day
    User on Aywas.com Zowie (I think)
    User on Subeta (I don't remember ^^; )
    User on Rescreatu Zowie (Can't log in...)
    Following is copied from my first post here. >< Bunch of image tags left on 'cause I'm too lazy to remove...

    All of these images are from Chibipaws, made by me, so no theififying, please. :)

    Hi der! I'm new here, so I'm -hoping- I won't forget to keep checking this often. <3 Also don't know how things are done around here. Anyway, doing pet art, like the above, or any art really. Mostly pet art, though, 'cause I likey that.

    Commissions are as follows:
    $10+ for 500+x500+ with background. (Determined by how difficult the background is.)

    $10 for 500x500 with Gradient/no background

    $7 for original 200x200 pet site-like art

    $5 for 200x200 pet site-like art

    $3 for original 100x100 pet site-like item

    $2 for 200x200 pet-site pet recolor/trace
    This: [​IMG] to this: [​IMG]

    $2 for 100x100 pet site-like item art

    $1 per simple re-coloring of pet site image

    By original I mean that you expect me to make all/most of it up.
    Non-original like a re-drawing of an image or by a detailed description.
    Recoloring is traced/brushed up image of a non-original.

    Would prefer payment before image is handed over. If image is not done in time money will be refunded.

    I'm generally a fast worker, but sometimes life gets in the way.

    Paypal only at the moment.

    Also not sure how to accept monies or whatever on Paypal, soo.... D: I need help with that, first...

    Tips and donations are <3'd!

    Also up for hire, if I were to be so lucky. Only real monies, though. I do have school with bunches of hard classes, so I won't be at complete top speed, but I have heard that I do work fast.

    drawing, reading, writing, anime, manga


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