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★ Join Kasaria's Staff Team! [Round 2]

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by Pepper-Head, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Join Kasaria
    (As staff. We're not open yet ;D)

    Do you want to work on an in-development petsite? (Of course you do!) ★★★
    ★Well let me introduce you to Kasaria!★

    The Earth is overpopulated and barely habitable due to the high population and excessive polution... GaeaCorp, a green company with Earth's best interest in sight, has found an answer! Introducing a new world.... Kasaria! The world is filled with friendly creatures who want to help us with our problem, so GaeaCorp is offering to send you over for an extended vacation while they fix up Earth. But will everything go according to plan?

    ¿What positions are we looking for? Demand (★)?
    ♢ Artists ★★★★
    ♢ Graphic Designers ★
    ♢ Writers (and editors) ★★★
    ♢ Moderators ★
    NEW☚ Head Writer (Desc below)
    ♢ Have another skill you can bring to the team? Ask!
    (Forms in their respective content area. You may PM them.)
    Don't be afraid to apply for a position even if it has a low demand c:

    ϟ Head Writer
    I am only looking for one person to fill this position. The Head Writer must be able to communicate successfully between me, the admin, and all of the staff in the writing department. They must be able to give out tasks and identify which staff member is best with what. (Person A is better at descriptions, so I'll ask person A to work on descriptions more.) The Head Writer does not have to do normal writer tasks, such as creating stories and writing item descriptions, but they are expected to contribute new ideas while keeping things rolling in the writing department, as well as offer constructive criticism on other writer's works. I'll always be available to help you out, though! (Especially with getting used to things and learning what to do.) You *may* be a part of one or more pet sites, but you will need to be able to devote enough time to Kasaria.
    -Only one application will be accepted.
    -Application deadline 8-18-12.
    -Please PM a completed writer's application along with previous work experience, how often you'll be able to commit, and any questions.

    Kasaria is going to need a lot of help with this! : ) We already have a
    comfortable number of pets, but we are open to suggestions. Put the
    password, Peanut Butter, in your form. We need item artists, pet artists
    (will draw the pet in different poses), NPC artists, and landscape artists.
    We do have our own style (see the images in here), but we have tutorials,
    livestreams, and friendly artists to help you out if you need the help!

    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 500"]
    [TD]Name: What you want to be called!
    5-10 Examples of your art: Show me what you're proud of : )
    deviantArt: Or a link to any other type of portfolio so I can see more!
    Email: Keeping in touch is a HUGE thing with this job. Though we have our own forum.
    Best way to contact you: Email? DeviantArt? VPL? Just in case you forget about us D;

    Banners, avatars, and buttons... oh my! Are you talented with creating them?
    Then we could sure use your help! : ) As of right now in our designing process,
    there isn't a huge demand for graphic designers. But we'd like to have a pretty
    collection of avatars for everyone, and they're not just plain old boring ones!
    So work may take some time. Banners are also a huge need, so if you're good
    with those we'd appreciate it. Put Pickle Juice in your form somewhere so we
    know you read this.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 500"]
    [TD]Name: What you want to be called!
    5-10 Examples of your art: Show me what you're proud of : )
    deviantArt: Or a link to any other type of portfolio so I can see more!
    Email: Keeping in touch is a HUGE thing with this job. Though we have our own forum.
    Best way to contact you: Email? DeviantArt? VPL? Just in case you forget about us D;

    Writers will help create plots, item descriptions, general descriptions, NPC dialog,
    and so much more! If you're interested, put drumstick. Let me just say that if you
    love writing in general (any form, poetry included), then you'll love this cozy spot
    in the staff team : )

    FORM: (Quality > Quantity in writing)
    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 500"]
    [TD]Name/Nickname: To whom do we owe the honor?
    Write short story about 'death by fire' A few paragraphs.
    Create an item by describing it in 1-3 sentences (I should be able to clearly 'see' it)
    Write a short description for [​IMG]
    Correct the grammatical errors (or if it's that bad, rewrite it!) :
    u silenty aproach into a small pitchbalck chamber. U hear a scream. U TUrn round to se it coming and run.
    Best way to contact you AND your email: You're famous, dahlin'! We need to keep in touch!

    Moderators need to be trustworthy, and know how to deal with users having
    an argument, how to tell what spam is, and know the rules of Kasaria well, etc.
    All the information needed WILL be supplied! Use the password 'Righteous'
    somewhere in the form. Right now there's no 'moderating' to do, so you have
    to be able to come up with ideas for features on the site (we have a lot, but are
    always welcoming new ones!), comment on different threads in the development
    forums, and stay active. Perfect practice!

    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 500"]
    [TD]Name/Nickname: What should we call you by?
    Estimated hours per day: Please keep us updated as I understand this changes.
    Why do you want this position?
    Why do you think you should get this position?
    Two members are having a fight. Both of them are right, but this needs to be ended. What would you do?
    One member is breaking several rules... what do you do about it?
    [if you say anything, what would you say?]
    Best way to contact you AND your email:
    In case something happens and we need to contact you : )

    ¡ PAYMENT !
    We have a new stance on payment! We are still on a tight budget, but are now offering payment based on your activity level. Any position can get paid. It will get changes in the future (such as higher pay rates and more areas to complete). You earn 'staff points' from completing tasks (there is a list on the site), and after you have accumulated enough, you can redeem it for money (paypal only), the cash shop currency, or other on-site prizes. Minimum withdrawal is $5. When Kasaria opens officially and turns profit, money will be awarded for each task.
    Again, this is mostly a volunteer position, but I'm trying to include some fun incentives :]

    Please please please do not waste both of our times by submitting an application only to disappear before even registering on the staff forums! This is very disrespectful and may hurt other's chances of becoming staff. I also hope that you can be fairly active! At least a visit daily, or even every other day is what I'm looking for. Vacations, hiatuses, etc are perfectly fine, but I like to be informed ahead of time :]

    Thank you for your time! :3 I can't wait to see you there!
    All content (c) Kasaria
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    #1 Pepper-Head, Jun 6, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2012
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. What should we put if we're interested in the writing position? :3
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  3. Shiny new thread c: Bumpity bump
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  4. Peanut Butter

    Name: Shade

    5-10 Examples of your art:
    Well, i've got a few different things i'm happy with on my art. But, i can't say they are of a small size to not eat up the boards in here.
    You can look into - and for my examples, of things i've done in the past if you would like.


    Best way to contact you: DeviantArt

    Write short story about 'death by fire' A few paragraphs.
    They've always told me, 'Never Play With Fire' when I was younger. I never listened. Instead, i learned the hard way one day when i burnt down the house while playing with, none other then, a light candle, in the house. I watched as the flames grew larger and larger, until it was a raging monster, burning everything it touched. "HELP!" I cried out, only to have no response. I was alone inside the belly of the flaming beast, known as my home. My mother had gone out for a quick run around the block, never knowing it would be the last she would see of me, and i of her.

    "CUJO!" Rang my name from my owner, who had burst into the house, his voice hardly able to be heard over the roaring of the flames.
    With a whimper that couldn't even be heard, as the crackling of burning wood burst into an angry flame between us, all i could do was watch my owner in horror as the flames closed in around him. I watched his attempts to reach me, only to watch him fail.

    "CUJO!" Came his cries, only this time filled with pain just as a burning beam pinned me down. This was my down fall, and his as well. 'Death by fire' was all that rang out in my mind. "NO!" I snapped with a growl as i pushed myself up, getting myself free, with only a bruised body and a few burnt hairs.
    "That a boy." My owner cheered as he watched me push myself forward to him, so that we could make for our escape from the roaring flames around us.

    Create an item by describing it in 1-3 sentences (I should be able to clearly 'see' it)
    A black bladed dagger, with a crimson crystal hilt, trimmed in a golden metal in a strip like structure around the hilt. The blade is slightly jagged, with a faint triable design imprinted into the middle of the blade. Attached to the hilt is a black and red mixed color of tassels.

    Write a short description for [​IMG]
    Blue Bouncy Ball. A fun toy that will leave your pet chasing after it for hours. All you have to do is bounce it the first time, and there off chasing it, until they are worn out.

    Correct the grammatical errors (or if it's that bad, rewrite it!) :
    u silenty aproach into a small pitchbalck chamber. U hear a scream. U TUrn round to se it coming and run.
    As you silently walk into a chamber as black as the night, a scream erupts suddenly. Spinning around to the sound, you can see it charging your way. Without hesitation, you find yourself quickly turning around and making your way quickly out of the chamber.​
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  5. @LaurenLauren - Whoops! That's embarrassing! x.x Fixed it!

    @Panda!Panda! - Yes! c: Thank you! <3

    (I thought I already posted this somewhere x_x I hope I didn't post it in the wrong place aha.)
    #5 Pepper-Head, Jun 7, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. Sent you a message =)
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  7. I might be interested in item / landscape art, do you have a sample of landscape style you'd be looking for? :)
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  8. If you ever need help adding new items to your site, I can help you, and I also can write descriptions for them.
    Good luck finding staff, can't wait to see this site get off the ground!:thumbup1:
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  9. Sorry for the late replies, guys! x_x

    Sure, I'll send you a PM : )

    Thanks! ^^ I'll keep that in mind!
    #9 Pepper-Head, Jun 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. Will most definitely be applying for a position. :}
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  11. Name/Nickname: Heather/Dawnshadow
    Write short story about 'death by fire'
    The full moon appeared to be a blood-red as the smoke from the blazing house attempted to choke out its life. Sirens filled the air as firemen arrived on the scene, ready for battle. The crowd of neighbors screamed and shouted, terrified for the lives of their friends and safety of their own homes. As the firefighters unwound the hose, the flames continued to devour the house. In a matter of moments, the new arrivals had the hose spraying the flames, however, the heat proved too hot to be doused. After hours of fighting, the firefighters finally won. With the rising sun the damage became apparent. All that was left of the house were ashes and the burnt remains of the family and their objects.

    Drake had waited in the tree long enough. After a brief few brief moments, Drake was on the ground. He padded over towards the destruction and let out a mew. The people of course made a huge deal over the event. For the meanwhile, Drake was taken to a local shelter.

    The next day, Drake sat in his new cage, grooming the fluff on his chest. To any observer he looked like a normal Siamese cat, lounging about. However, as he waited the day away, thoughts of hatred towards people buzzed about his head. He remembered being caught in a steel contraction as a kitten with his mother and taken to a scary place-far different than his familiar home in the wild. He recalled that this place was full of large two-legged creatures with odd hair-later he learned that they were known as people. Drake’s eyes narrowed and glistened when he recalled the moment the people removed him from his mother. The last time he saw was when her limp body was being placed in a trash bag for disposal.

    His ears went back and a growl rumbled through his throat, sending shivers through his body. It was only a matter of time before Drake could avenge his mother’s assassination. Drake forced himself to look calm as he laid down for a cat nap.

    When he awoke, the shelter was dark and empty. It was time. Drake padded forward and stuck a paw outside of the bars. Groping around, he managed to locate the latch on the door. With a few carefully placed paw movements he finally heard the click. A purr rumbled in Drake’s neck as he shoved the gate open and jumped to the cold floor.

    The Siamese began padding down the aisle of unwanted pets towards the room where they took his mother all of those years ago. The open door made Drake’s job all that much simpler. Silent as the night itself, Drake padded calmly into the shelter-people’s room. After scanning about, Drake found what he was looking for: a socket with several snake-like wires. Smirking in the process, he began to tear at the insulation surrounding the wire. After several minutes, the bronze-colored inside of the snake-like creature was exposed. With time, the wires began to spark and smoke began to form.

    Then a flame awoke. Drake waited until the inside of the wall was ablaze with the electrically started fire before he left the building. Finding a tree, Drake climbed to its upper branches to get a good look at the destruction of the building. After the flames had become visible to the outside world, firefighters arrived, but it was much too late. As the fire roared on, panicked sounds of human and animal alike reached Drake’s ears. Just as before, Drake’s eyes reflected the dancing flames. Throwing his head to the sky he let out a yowl of victory, declaring that this was only the beginning.

    Create an item by describing it in 1-3 sentences It sat upon the top shelf of the thrift store in a slouched position, covered in dust to the point that it's plush pelt was no longer white but a sickly gray. Beady button eyes stared out as if pleading for someone, anyone, to adjust its dull and battered red scarf to its proper position. It's right ear was hanging on by a thread and it's belly seam was split, exposing its stuffing; even so it never gave up hope that the children would come back for their old polar bear plush.
    Write a short description for [​IMG](I thought this was a marble when I first saw it so I'll write about it being a marble. :3)
    A bright green marble that many pets simply play with. However, every trickster knows that marbles are best when left on the ground for unsuspecting owners.
    Correct the grammatical errors (or if it's that bad, rewrite it!) :
    You have been trapped in these underground ruins for a few hours now and as you desperately search for a way out, you stumble upon the entrance to a small cavern that not even your flashlight can lighten. As you move towards it, a shrill scream echoes behind you; however, unlike the previous ones, it sounds closer than ever. You whip around and spot the creature that has been making the noises: a banshee
    . Dropping your flashlight in panic, you take off down the dark and crumbling tunnel.
    Best way to contact you AND your email: VPL. :p (I don't check it much but:

    I like to hit my brother with all kinds of drumsticks. :p
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  12. Thank you, Squid!

    I will be sending you a PM, Dawnshadow :)
  13. Before I apply to any site. I tend to look around about the owner of the site. I must say your blog about Staff. I love it! It show so much about your personality in it and how much you actually apperacate them. If you have any room. I would love to try and help and apply for Moderator. Or even just to even able to organize and do updates etc for you. Anyway I can help. I can't PM at the moment I believe but I could always send a email, or post here? Hehe ^^
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  14. @IchigoIchigo
    Wow, thank you! That means a lot to me : ) I've always said that you get out what you put in... and since I'm not the only one putting in effort, I'd like all of my staff to enjoy working with Kasaria and to do their best!
    You can post your form here or send me an email (, either way would be fine c:
    #14 Pepper-Head, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. Name/Nickname: Tiffany/Ichigo or Adore (Any would be fine)

    Estimated hours per day: 2-8/9hours a day. If unable to get online. I do make sure I at least have enough time to sign in, read and catch up on everything each day.

    Why do you want this position? To help the site, the staff, and owners to make the site a safe place for all players on it and to help improve the site to its full potential.

    Why do you think you should get this position? I have a very well open mind. I take each thought and try to improve it as much as I can. I love helping users, if it is personal or about the site itself. I have a creative mind and love solving problems. If they are challenging especially. I’m quick at working and getting things done.

    Two members are having a fight. Both of them are right, but this needs to be ended. What would you do? I would kindly ask for it to stop and the subject to be drop and change. If continue on, would give the user a time out/give a warning (depending what they site rules call it and say).

    One member is breaking several rules... what do you do about it? Every site have a certain amount of rules a user can break or which one can cause them ban. But being far, everyone gets at least 1 warning. I would send in a warning saying something like “Warning, you have been breaking several rules. Please review the rules while your account is frozen/time out for something mins/hours.” And add the link of the rules in the message.

    Best way to contact you AND your email: I’m always on Skype or MSN when I’m on the computer. Even when I’m not on pet sites or doing something unimportant. But mainly Skype. I even got my MSN connected to my xbox so even I can see messages on there while I’m playing game. X)

    -Won't let me add my email...'Righteous'
    #15 Ichigo, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  16. @IchigoIchigo
    Thank you! I'll contact you via PM shortly~
    Maybe put spaces in between...? Or go ahead and send me an email and I'll reply to that if you can't PM yet.
    #16 Pepper-Head, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  17. @Pepper-HeadPepper-Head
    Name: BlueFire
    5-10 Examples of your art: ugh... Five examples? I can do five custom examples, gimme five items! XD
    deviantArt: but its new and i do multiple styles
    Email: pm me
    Best way to contact you: vpl or deviantart
    #17 Sno, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  18. @SnoSno
    Just do 5 random items of anything you want. Fruits, toys, hats?
    #18 Pepper-Head, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. Name: Kio. Just Kio c:
    5-10 Examples of your art: but I can change my shading style if it will be needed c: I love experiments : D Any other examples are on my dA c:
    Best way to contact you: deviantArt c: I rarely check my email, since there is a lot of spamm I hate.
  20. Ok, I'll send a email tomorrow. I had my first college class for summer today so I just saw this now. ><

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