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10-liter-a-day Coca-Cola habit kills a New Zealand mom

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. And I thought I was bad at drinking a lot of soda - sometimes a liter or two a day, but dying from drinking it?
    Ouch. :(

    Source: http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/new...cola-habit-ncxdc-042012#.T5Fcdl4fTvE.facebook

    What does everyone think about this? Do you find it shocking that drinking that amount of soda can kill you?
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  2. Thats... kinda scary.
    I dunno how much soda a drink a day, no where near that.
    Maybe 6 12 oz. Cans a day. Depending on the day.

    "The first thing she would do in the morning was have a drink of Coke and the last thing she would do in the day was have a drink of Coke by her bed,"

    I read that, i was like.. Holy.. thats me :/
  3. I think 10 litres a day of anything would kill you..
  4. My step dad is like that =/. He just bought a 20 pack of Coke today to have one before he goes off to work since he likes it. Said I should do that too. I'll stick to my orange juice and chocolate milk in the morning. He drinks when he gets home too like a few cans of soda he mixes in with his whiskey.

    I'm not shocked soda can kill you. It's a horrible drink to begin with. Granted, I do like soda but damn...No one needs to drink 10 liters a day of it =/. I figure once the Coke and other soft drinks are gone form my house, I'm going to go back and quit it again. I lost like...5 lbs in 2 weeks cause I stopped drinking it and choose iced tea or watered down cranberry juice instead.

    Anyway, soda is bad. Verrry bad =/.
  5. I stay away from Coca-Cola, Fanta and stuff as much as I can. I do drink Coca-Cola on certain occasions, but as I've said before in another thread, I am a tea person. :p
  6. ... the amount of sugar in that amount of soda is just amazing. Drinking that much soda each day is a sure way to dehydrate you, too. I'm not even sure drinking 10 liters is physically possible... (goes to research) *bip*
  7. I wonder if it was caffeinated or not, since you can overdose on caffeine. And ten liters a day sounds like enough to make that happen.
  8. This makes me really appreciate that I've dropped my Coca-cola addiction. Now I drink several cups of water a day, and if I occasionally have soda it's usually Mountain Dew or a white soda (because brown soda is even worse for your health thanks to the caramel.)
  9. Voice 1:

    The article implies it was, stating that a doctor claimed her death was due in part to "too much caffeine," although it doesn't explicitly state it was from the Coke. Although it almost certainly was.
  10. I can barely drink a can a day...

    Still, people need to drink healthier. Water, tea, juice, and the occasional soda is far better than what I see people consume on a daily basis.​
  11. I don't know how it's possible to drink 10 liters; I can only do a can and I'm done. I don't think the drink should be blamed, but the woman's habits instead. Everything can kill you if you have too much.
  12. Indeed. *frzt* There are so many terrible things that come when you consume a large amount of soda like that... One thing that is partially responsible for the "obesity epidemic" is the amount of empty calories that we take in through sweetened drinks and foods. Not only does it contribute to obesity and all of its related ailments but it provides needless grams of refined sugars that are hard on the body.

    What's even worse is when people turn to diet drinks containing artificial sweeteners that have positive correlations with cancers and other health disorders. It seems as though they should simply drink better overall rather than replace one bad habit with another. Drinking tea sweetened with lemon or citrus juice is tasty and a great way to get Vitamin C and after drinking it for a few weeks tastes just as good as soda. Even drinking water in a metal bottle tastes great once you get used to it. *bip* Everything in moderation....
  13. I drink about one pepsi a day :)

    As for tea @JoyJoy depends on what kind. You can buy it already made in the store but it's not that good for you either. Teabags? OK better, but not many people do that in the US

    My parents were addicted to Mountain Dew but thankfully I got my mom on half and half from Arizona tea. Not as good for her as water but it's still better than MD.

    Baby steps!
    #14 Addiction, Apr 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. Uh oooh, seems like I may be close to the 10-litre-a-day habit XD I drink a lot of caffiene, but not as much as I used to >.<

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