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10 people who won't make it to heaven - a blogger wrote this

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cpvr, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Well, I thought I'd bring this topic up because this blogger - who is a follower of God, and has his own twitter handle @aheartforgod wrote about this, and this is what said about "10 people that won't make it to heaven." Obviously, its not his decision, its up to the lord [if you don't believe in religion, that's okay].

    After he sent this out as a tweet, I replied with this:
    But, anyways, here's what he said on his blog http://aheartforgod.blogspot.com/2009/09/10-people-who-wont-be-in-heaven-after.html
    This guy must be stupid or something because if you follow "christian values" and other religious values, the one key thing that pastors tell everybody "All your sins are forgiven, and were washed away by Jesus'

    So the point here - what religion do you think this guy follows? Because from what I remember, God loves everyone, and if he get into trouble, that's okay because you can always stir back on the right track - who is the guy to judge others? Obviously a nobody, but according to his Twitter followers, he has a lot of people that believe in the crap that he tries to preach, and its not powerful - because even drunks get drunk, and perhaps, have a relationship with God.

    But, telling people who can't enter heaven? That's not his business, nor his place to say.

    So, after reading his 10 lists, what does everyone think?
    #1 cpvr, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  2. What I think?

    From that guy's perceptive, with this top 10 list, almost everyone on Earth won't be able to go to this 'Heaven'. So it's a load of BS, to be honest.

    I don't follow a religion, but I do remember the 'God will forgive your sins' part from school.... long time ago. Which always made me ask 'Wait a sec.... if God forgive our sins, then why the heck we are told to live a good life sin-free in the first place? If that guy forgives all, why should I be afraid of going to hell? o_O '

    Thought it was a loophole, and I found others, which led me to being atheist right now.
  3. Ehh nothing new. A lot of Christians I know are like this. "God loves everyone--except if you're this"

    I agree. People shouldn't go around saying who's going to heaven/hell or not. It's fine if you believe that, but can't you keep it to yourself? In fact, isn't it some sort of sin to do God's bidding for him?

    I'm sure these people wouldn't take kindly to someone of another religion saying they weren't going to heaven.

    edit: I also like how some of these and a lot of other reasons I've seen are things that people flat-out can't control. God made them that way, but they're not going to heaven? Soo did he specifically make people who go to hell?
  4. @cpvrcpvr. What do I think? I think his a asshole.

    Heaven or Hell, I'll have fun a both.
    #4 Rj, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. I don't believe any of this bullshit.

    I know some christian people are like that. How can you live a completely sin-less life? It is impossible to do and only Jesus can do that. He is the son of Heaven father and he is very devoted to saving people from going to Hell. Before Christ was born, all people who died went to hell. if it wasn't for him, we are all going to Hell.

    I believe god forgive us all for the sins, but only the certain sins he don't forgive.

    My grandma told me if I have tattoo on me, I will go to Hell because my body is supposed to be my temple.... That doesn't make any sense.
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  6. These christians are idiots as well, but they don't know anything - and some pastors even back up a lot of these things that this blogger said, and plus, the only person that can judge you is God himself, nobody can tell you "Oh, you're going to hell for this, or heaven", they say all they want, because its not up to them, and plus, I think this blogger has his head up his ass, because one of them are sins - and they're forgiven.

    I've committed adultery before, and when my ex found out through me, I confessed my sins to the Pastor, and he told me everything is okay, and that I wouldn't be judge about going into Heaven, so thus, I'm not sure what to call this blogger because he claims he's about "god", then why is he judging people and saying certain people can't make it to heaven? He's an idiot, I tell you.

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