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5 deadly terms used by Woman

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Well, I'm not sure what to say about this image since it could be true for some people. So, I thought I'd share it to see other's views on this.

    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    Does anyone agree that these terms are pretty deadly? Or do you disagree?
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. i clicked this thread and the only word i could think of was 'misogynist' i cant imagine why though
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  3. Haha actually all of those are true statements for me. XD That is exactly how I express my feelings. Spot on! Whoever wrote that knows women very well. XD
  4. Exactly true for me :p
  5. [​IMG]

    I'm no crazy feminist or anything, but this is just stupid, not to mention every guy I know posts this on facebook like LOL SO TRUE WOMEN ARE SUCH TWO-TIMING BITCHES!!!
  6. No, I'm sorry but fuck that. My words mean exactly what they mean. I like being very to the point with my words, I don't dance around things.

    All I can think when guys insist these are LOLOLOL SO TRUE OMG:

    Attached Files:

    #6 CometTheMicroraptor, Jun 28, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2012
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  7. And true for some on my facebook lady friends:
  8. My boyfriend isn't a pile of shit, so I don't need to skirt around how the way I really feel.
    I just tell him.
    And when we have an argument, we reach a conclusion before we step forwards.
    I don't trick him, he doesn't trick me and we don't treat each other pathetically like children. =/
  9. Anyone want to make a graphic out of this?

    Shit Men Say:

    1. Get back in the kitchen! = I'm superior to you because I was born with a penis!
    2. My ex girlfriend was crazy! = My ex-girlfriend told me things I didn't want to hear and called me out when I did something wrong or offensive!
    3. Man I just raped him on Halo! = Rape is normal and okay, not to mention hilarious!

    Anyone care to add to this list? :)
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  10. or we can play an alternative game called 'dont be sexist'
    its really great both men and women can play no matter what age they are isnt that neat
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  11. Make a list. =D Here's something to help you

    Here's a video to help support your idea of "shit men say"
    @uglytrollsuglytrolls @GabbyGabby @FlyingApeFlyingApe - what's everyone opinion on the video? Did it make you laugh?
    #11 cpvr, Jun 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. What really bugs me about this is the fact that this is considered acceptable, or funny.

    As a guy, I'd appreciate if what I was told was what I was told.
    No one can decipher cryptic messages on the fly, when they are expecting what is said to mean what is said, and when the speaker is the only one with the decoder.

    Also, not all women are like this.

    Literally none of that means anything like that.

    Maybe the vibe I'm getting from this is a bit different than everyone else's, but I hate these kinds of things.
    I took this like the woman is saying that a man should know this things, and that they have to abide by them.
    #12 FlyingApe, Jun 28, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2012
  13. You're right, feminists are morons, rape jokes are hilarious.
    Sorry for the confusion :(
  14. I saw this last year on facebook, one of my female farmer friends posted it up, I thought it was hilarious cause our Lise is always saying "Its ok" to me. XD
  15. why was i pinged back here @cpvrcpvr
    i mean correct me if im wrong but didnt i just make a post saying 'lets not be sexist' or did i imagine that
    or is making fun of the opposite sex to the one you just made fun of considered not being sexist now

    i dont understand
    where am i
    #15 uglytrolls, Jun 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  16. This is very true for me. All except the last two.
    More or less because I never win in arguments so I end up just giving up and saying "Fine" or "Whatever" and then if I'm still upset I deny it becuase I'm not gonna tell someone who just overpowered me in an argument how I feel. That's just like. asking for bad news. Go ahead I use playfully. XD

    Don't be condescending, this was meant to be funny and humorous. It's true among MANY women as evident here, and if you take offense to it than ignore it. XD There's no need to make rude comments about how all men think rape is funny. Just because YOU don't agree with the graphic doesn't mean everyone doesn't agree.
    #16 Avalanche, Jun 28, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2012
  17. ..Or we could play a game called "it's a joke, stop being butthurt" \o/ This site is too much like tumblr and it makes me sad

    I am so guilty of the bonus word XD I'm not sure how often I've ever actually used "wow" in the way it was intended
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  18. Im sure my wife has used everyone of those terms to me :eek:
  19. I'm only condescending to people who deserve it :c

    (I don't think the gif actually fits but I've been looking for an excuse to use it)
    #19 Lauren, Jun 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2012
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  20. Because that's exactly what I said.
    What you need to understand is that, not only can MEN be raped as well, but that when a guy says "I just raped you!" in HALO, they are not making fun of the actual act of raping them. It is a JOKE about beating the person in the game. It isn't making fun of rape. Rape is very serious, halo isn't.

    "My ex-girlfriend was crazy!" Maybe she was? I know mine was. Literally. She tried to change everything about me then broke up with me because "her dad said we'd be better as friends". You know nothing about their personal experiences, so saying they are wrong is wrong. If they said "All women are crazy!" THEN they are a misogynist, and in the wrong.

    "Get back in the kitchen!" Much like ginger jokes, it's making fun of racism, and sexism. I put a 99% guarantee on this one that the guy is joking. Really. I know girls that jokingly say this too.

    Both sides here a idiots.
    Feminists, and women haters.
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