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5 reasons why to make a pet game

Discussion in 'Pet game management' started by cpvr, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Sometimes people are just so curious as to "What's the point of making a pet site?", and really the point is - to chase your dreams, and building a community for your pet site. Don't ever give up on your project though - let someone else come on in and help you, because you are the backbone behind your pet game, and that's a fact.
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    But, I'll post 5 reasons as to why people should make a pet game:

    1: Seeing others play on your game - instead of just you, and staff.
    2: You can make money - loads of it, if you know what're you doing. Like having a cash shop or ads.
    3: Watching your user's count and players online increase, its very exciting
    4) Gives you something to do.
    5) The community - after a while, your community will form. It'll take time, but it will happen.

    So, those are my 5 reasons as to why someone should make a pet game - so why don't you share yours? :punk:
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Here are mine.

    1) You'll get to be in charge of a large project, to test your managing skills, your PR skills and whatnot.
    2) If you get it done right, you will trace many people, even if the site eventually closes.
    3) The money part, which cpvr mentioned.
    4) You will be tested in many ways, your patience and maturity, therefore it will improve you as a person too.
    5) You'll stare at awesome art.
  3. This made me lol a bit.
  4. Ya, me too, because I've seen pet sites in the past that were created out of boredom from the owner - just to see if they could come up with something for the players, and then a few months after the summer - those sites are usually down for the count.

    I like this one. :rockon:
    #4 cpvr, Apr 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. 1] Making a social game that is challenging and enjoyable to play.
    2] Building a friendly community
    3] Watching your hard work blossom and grow.
    4] Touching at least one person's heart so even after years they remember the found times they had on my site.
    5] Gaining experience and learning team work

    It may seem cheesy and you can think it's idealistic all you want but it's the honest reasons I am making my site.
  6. Those are some great reasons!
    I especially like 2) 5) and 4).
    Great work!
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  7. 1) Having something to say when people ask what you do for a living
    2) The money *salivates*
    3) Being in control of a virtual world
    4) Artz XD
    5) To be recognised by a small selection of the internet.

    I am so egotistical.
  8. These reasons make me want to start a petsite, but it's not something I want to do on a whim. :p
  9. I don't think I would ever start a site :/
    I don't have the patience.
  10. You crack me up. Truth though. ;)
  11. Yup, lol, and there's so much time involved with the creation of a pet site, or a sim game. By the time you're ready to launch - to the first couple weeks - then the first couple months. It gets easier as time goes on though - as long as you have help - from a quality staff team because team-work is what makes most pet sites successful, in fact, I believe in that.
  12. 1. To meet new people
    2. To see everything come together
    3. Something to do/new challenge etc
    4. The art is awesome
    5. To compete against the other VPS
  13. Meeting new people is one of the best aspects of running your own site. Especially seeing the site grow from 20 members to more than 1k+.
  14. Good god that's a blast from the past.

    I was thinking, when did I write on this board?
    -Check date-
    Bloody hell.

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