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A $200 date where are you going

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cpvr, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Let's say you just got paid and have $200 to spend on you and your significant other for one night. What are you doing? Where are you going to eat at?

    Personally, I'd use $100 and go to Olive Garden and then go to the Cheesecake Factory to end the night strong. I'd also probably decorate my apartment to have a romance feeling and all that.

    So, if you had $200 to spend on one night or a date, where are you going to eat or better yet, what are you going to do?
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  2. @cpvrcpvr
    Ahaha, I'd shove that in the bank and go to the beach. 8,D Hawaii has its perks!
    But, all joking aside, I am way too scared to spend money on dates. Like, if I'm buying gifts? I buy EXPENSIVE gifts.
    I'm the subby in my relationship, though, so he wants to spend ALL the money.
    Which just makes me feel GUILTY.
    #2 Archfiend, Mar 5, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  3. Dinner on the beach would be really cool. Then when the sunsets, kissing until midnight. Oh, that's a journey I'll have to take one day. My girlfriend wants to go on a Cruise next year, so we'll see where that on goes. I've never been on a cruise before, so it should be fun. Expensive gifts? I got a nice chain for Christmas that cost a lot. I'm grateful and very appreciative of whatever my girlfriend buys me. ^.^ It goes both ways, too.
    #3 cpvr, Mar 7, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. I'm planning to do something like that for me and my guy at the end of this month for our bday! (both of our bdays are on March 31!) There is this amazing camp site where you can rent a cabin, go hiking, fishing, boating, and they have a restaurant too! Id love to book a cabin there for a night - or two! :D
  5. id probably take us on a romantic dinner date im really fruity wtf
  6. Buy half a dozen Hot N' Spicy's, rent a few redbox movies, clean the room and some flowers... xD
    MAYBE I'd make the bed :p ahahaha, in my fiance's current state I can't take her anywhere with the smell of food or she gets sick!
  7. That's ridiculous amount of money to spend on one night if it doesn't include a hotel room, but I guess my options would be Greenfield Village (in Michigan, it's a history-themed tourist museum/village thing, it's awesome) or a mediaval faire with a shopping budget for some nice garb or some bottles of mead, or an amusement park, again with a shopping budget thrown in. I love shopping so a date where I was supposed to shop would be pretty awesome. A convention might be fun, they usually have a good party atmosphere going on by the final day, except it's difficult to spend time together at one of those, you always end up splitting up to go to different panels. A big art or natural history museum, or a conservatory or zoo/aviary/aquarium, can be a fun and memorable place to visit, if you both like that kind of thing.

    A concert or opera or something would be a second choice for me, if the other person liked that.
  8. Assuming my mom was ok with it (maybe in an alternate universe aha) or we were on our own, I'd probably take her to the movies, maybe we'd walk through the park before or after that, and then I'd take her to the best Japanese Steakhouse to get hibachi c:
  9. We better be going to a Designer Outlet for the day.
  10. Oh! We'd go to the fancy theater here in town. Leather seats, expensive (Very expensive) food (from snacks to full meals) and liquor. No children! They seat you, then take your order and bring it back to you! Very epic! We could easily spend $200 there!
  11. Casual restaurant, take a nice long walk somewhere relaxing, save all the extra money for plenty more dates xD
  12. An awesome italian resturant that Mike and I have been addicted to for years. :D

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