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A site not living up to it's potential

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Corsair, May 25, 2012.

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  1. Have you ever been a member of a site for several years that's more then 3-8 years old yet it seem to hardly make any head way? A site that has a TON of potential yet is not living up to it. You feel like the site should really hire more staff instead of just existing. I mean I can understand if you don't have a lot off staff but when you go a year between major update and all the other updates are just art it seems like you need really rethink how you are running your site. If you don't have programmers hire some, not enough artists hire some. If you don't have enough money find some way of making it. If your just existing it's not much better then being dead.

    I dunno a certain site I love could be so much more but just.... ugh
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  2. That's how i feel about a site I use to love playing on. But all the updates were only art, so I kind of steered away from it although their art is beautiful.
  3. This happens a lot, I think. I'll join a lot of sites and not really get into it, then a year or two later I think "well maybe they did something cool..." only to log in and find out NOTHING'S changed or it's just the same old, same old.
  4. Which site?​
  5. I relate. Unfortunately, I don't relate to the "needing more staff." The site I'm thinking with the problem had too many administrators and staff for the amount of members they had. The overstaff left innocent members charged with several offenses all because they were being watched by 16 different people. 16 different opinions.

    It reminds me of Office Space, how the main character had several bosses and heard his job read to him several times by each and every one of them on a daily basis.

    Here's the clip..
  6. Wow, I can't see how to many staff can be a issue unless the staff is woefully unorganized.


    Really I'm not going to name the site. One of the staff is a member here and I A: don't want to hear excuses and B: don't want this thread to become either a bash thread or a long winded argument with the members and staff who want to fight because I have a opinion that's not to their liking. Ending in me losing my account because I "broke the rules". Pretty much like every thread about a certain site we all know ever. I'm not stupid I have been a member on this site long enough to know better.
  7. There are a few sites I can easily name that are like this, but like Corsair said, this isn't really a bashing thread so I'll keep them to myself as well. Owning and managing a website can be tough. One just has to be really compassionate and have the time (and often money) to dedicate to be able to run it and update it as often as they can.
  8. @Corsair It doesn't seem organized. I don't know if it is or if it isn't..

    Did you look at the Youtube video? Like that guy says, it's not even motivation to talk on the forums, it's motivation to not speak at all. To just avoid being hassled.
    #8 Gabby, May 25, 2012
    Last edited: May 25, 2012
  9. I may know which site you are talking about and if I'm correct I can guarantee you that the site is not popular simply because there are not much things to do in-site. It doesn't care how amazing the art and the community are, if there's no fun there are no users.
  10. You would be correct. They have a good concept but it needs to be regind and expanded on.
  11. *sigh* Oh @CorsairCorsair, I can relate a ton, especially if I have need referrals just to get in. x_x It's just really disappointing to see that I went through so much trouble to get nothing.
    #11 vanillaeclair, May 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. That's a main killer really. Content is what keeps users coming back. Personally I'm not afraid to speak on any names, but I believe Misticpets could be a lot bigger. Same with Verpets. They both push out a lot of updates - during the week, and they usually top 100 users online max. It would be nice to see them get bigger. In order for them to do that, they'll have to release more features - that users like and want to refer their friends. If Misticpets doesn't have a tagging feature yet for forums, or anything else, then I'd recommend that to help them. @ZarabeytheZarabeythe

    And really if you feel that a site is not living up to its potential, then speak on it and mention the names, that way, the staff can try to work through those issues and make their game better.:style

    It's only a matter of opinion, I don't see how it would turn into a bash thread unless you're straight up bashing. How can a site improve if you don't mention it?
    #12 cpvr, May 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. @cpvrcpvr

    The problem is defining "opinion". Some people CAN NOT take a opinion. Some people just don't know how to take a opinion more so if the opinion is one they don't like. They disregard what the opinion is about and only focus on the negative more about ego then the issue. It's not really about the opinion or even bashing it's their ego. It's why some sites never improve the owner doe not want to admit they make mistakes, need improvement or need to make sarifices for the betterment of their site. It's why some site people can't even make suggestions or post their concerns because staff shut them up. Then you have the misguided user of the site who will rush in and make things worse by trying to "defend" the site.

    So yah when people start showing they can swallow their pride and take criticism I'll start talking.

    On topic I have a issue with a site that's over 3 years old and still has issue with a lack of things to do.
    #13 Corsair, May 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. Just because we're not mentioning site names I'm not going to mention this one either.

    But a site I was on, played on it for years and left in 2006 or so, basically went on hiatus. I then went back 3 years later in 2009 ish. And honestly in 3 years NOTHING was new, no new pets, no new areas, no new items. And I was like pffft.
  15. It is a real shame that there are owners/staff in this community that can't take negative criticism (and I mean the healthy kind, not bashing or ridicule). Just hearing nothing but positive feedback will only make ones site worse. There NEEDS to be negative feedback for any site to improve. Obviously they can't make adjustments to make everyone happy, but nevertheless, even if it's just one member stating it, the issue should be addressed and responded to (regardless if that issue is fixed/changed, everyone should be listened to). But of course if it's multiple people, then it probably should be more looked into, haha.

    Sorry for the off topic post, I'll stop now xP
  16. @kamikami
    What bothers me is when a valid opinion or issue get lost in a big thread drama because staff and members keep fighting some times about things that are far removed from the topic.
    #16 Corsair, May 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  17. Yikes, staff and members fighting? That is not a good sign :/ It sucks when sites are basically ruined because of things like that. Even regardless of the opinion/issue lost amongst the post, just the general 'drama' between the members and staff is bad enough. One would hope they are trying to fix the problem and reevaluate the situation.
  18. Thanks for the ping. :) I'm always open to helpful crits or input. We are focusing on expanding gameplay and adding features. We've had forum pinging for over a year now I believe. ;) The battle revamp is almost ready to release, and Dyl is now on board and we have had some great convos about what we want to bring to life on Mistic for the future.

  19. That's great to hear. Is there any set release date for the new battle dome? What type of features is going to have? Is it going to be multiplayer?
  20. @CorsairCorsair, does this site happen to be that digis thing? or something else? please tell us :)
    feel free to PM me if you dont want to announce it to the whole of VPL.
    #20 Rj, May 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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