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Actionscript Learning Resources?

Discussion in 'Programming General' started by Peanut, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Okay I have a book on Actionscript. Very frustrating and confusing.. it's probably because I can't even start to CODE actionscript at all because I don't know one bit about frames and the timeline for Flash.
    Everytime I go through a game tutorial for Actionscript, they just run through creating the objects and everything without even explaining what they are doing..

    Is there any good resources out there that people recommend to learn how to create Actionscript games? I don't mind starting out with super simple ones, but for godsake, I couldn't even do the Balloon Shooter here:
    I know it's because I don't even know how to use Flash. This is the first time I've ever opened this program from the months that I've had it.

    Or do people recommend using HTML5? I know HTML5 seems to be better to most people, but I still have a strong love for Actionscript from the Neopet days XD
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  2. I'm in the same boat as you are. I have looked at tutorials and everything for actionscript, to try to code flash games, and I don't understand any of it. If I were you I would try HTML5. It was a lot easier for me to grasp. If you already know javascript it will make it a lot easier.
  3. Yeah I know Javascript very well. I thought HTML5 required a canvas to make games like Flash has??
    Wow if I can just get straight to the code within minutes, I rather do HTML5. This Flash Professional program makes me want to throw my computer :p I want Photoshop lol.
  4. Yes it does. But it is just an element. ex: "<canvas id='canvas' width='400' height='300'></canvas>". Really simple. Then there are functions to draw images, shapes, text, etc. on the canvas which take a little bit to get used to but are really easy. The more complex stuff is just when you start with game logic.
  5. You can't import like Photoshop images? How do you do intense graphics with code?.. D: I would think you would need a program for that. Can you only do like triangles and stuff? XD
  6. #6 cpvr, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. What do you mean? You can just add normal images, such as .png's, .jpg's, etc.
  8. Oh maybe I just don't understand the whole concept of drawing images with Canvas then XD I thought you had to draw images with code or something..
    Where do you start out learning this if you don't mind me asking?
  9. a simple example of drawing an image would be.
    var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');
    var ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');
    var image = new Image();
    image.src = 'test.png';
    ctx.drawImage(image, 0, 0, image.width, image.height);
    That's a pretty basic example of how to draw 'test.png' starting at 0,0 on the canvas. I'll look for a good tutorial for you.
  10. Yeah :) I'm reading my HTML5 Games book finally that I bought a while ago. :) I learned how to draw a smiley face XD
  11. Um, I have a simple flash game tutorial and source code on my blog and I can give you a link to a lot of the sites I like, but most of them also assume you understand how flash works, especially tutorials with AS3 since AS3 is completely event driven and most people using AS3 have been programming in AS2 for years at this point. Have you tried taking some basic flash tutorials on the Adobe website?

    Flash forums/programming sites I like: -- good for mathematical equations you need to re-write in actionscript

    And of course the Adobe flash docs will have reference for everything you need to know but it's hard to search for something specific unless you know package info:
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  12. Awe thank you for all the resources. I've kind of adapted myself to HTML5 though since I can still use Photoshop with it and such. :) Thank you though!
    I may get into Actionscript when I have more time to learn a whole entire program. I was getting so frustrated because I had to look up simple steps like adding a stroke to text and.. the layers with converting symbols just did not make any sense to me. Same with the keyframes.. I had no idea what it was even doing and then when I converted a symbol, it wouldn't let me select it and write AS3 code on it because it was considered an 'object' and you can't write code while selecting an object.. but that's what the tutorial was telling me and then it made no sense XD Don't know.
    I'll definitely learn it when I'm graduated so I can take the hours to sit down and just learn a whole new program.
  13. It sounds like the book you were using was for AS2 and not AS3. In AS3 you can't write code on specific assets, only on frames or by loading an actionscript class file. Best of luck to you in the future :)
  14. No it was designed for AS3. I was using a tutorial that might have been AS2.. it didn't say. But I Have Flash CS5 and the tools and locations are way different than what they were using so that might have been the reason I couldn't follow along that great.
  15. Yeah if they were telling you to put the actionscript on the symbol then it's an AS2 tutorial. There's actually a setting in CS4 and CS5 that will let you pick if you want to do a AS2 or AS3 project. If you'd picked the AS2 one you wouldn't have had trouble with the tutorial from the sounds of it. Just something to keep in mind if you ever go back to it in the future. I would switch to HTML5 myself but until it gets better support on all browsers and the sound issues are ironed out I think Flash is still the better choice. You also have the problem that there's no great way to include/not include files and you can view source on everything unless you obfuscate it which still isn't 100% fool proof.

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