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Ancient Rome simulation game

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by TheWizard, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I've been thinking about getting my games company to work on a simulation game set in Ancient Rome - or more specifically, in an alternate universe of Ancient Rome. Obviously historical accuracy tends to go out of the window with these types of games, as it's hard to be historically accurate all of the time and still have fun (Assassin's Creed series aside!), and obviously some historical events would occur differently in an alternate universe.

    Having looked at various potential settings, I think the time period after the assassination of Julius Caesar seems like a good place to set it - the pendelum could've swung either way at that point: towards increasing the strength of the Roman Republic, or towards its transformation into an Empire, and obviously the alternate universe would explore these potential scenarios through player-generated decisions.

    I suppose it's like a pet site, without all the pets - and the focus being on you, the player, and your influence is visible in the game.

    Does that sound interesting, or should I not bother sending it into research mode (before development)?
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  2. Sounds like an interesting game concept. I would say go for it.
  3. Well, we've been conducting research and have set up a brief landing page explaining the game here: http://roma.redmagegames.com -- it is intentionally minimalist as we want the focus on the content, and not on pretty graphics. :)

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