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Any fellow owners of the original Digimon?

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Mantis, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. I have two of the original Digimon pets that were released sometime in the late '90s. One is blue and the other is yellow. I've seen some of these go for around £40 (around $60) on eBay, but although tempted I'd find it difficult to part from them. I haven't actually used them since I was a kid. I ought to pop a fresh battery in one of them. I have fond memories of battling others' Digimon in my primary school. I remember how awesome it was when my rookie Agumon defeated a friend's Greymon. There was a very rare probability of success, but I did it, and my friend had to start from square one. That was the fun thing about Digimon: risks, and also longevity since there were many Digimon yours could branch towards.
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  2. [​IMG]
    I have this one and it my all time FAVORITE. Veemon is my favorite digimon too.
    Would keep playing it if the sound could be turned off.
  3. Unfortunately your image was blocked for hotlinking by Tripod. But I retrieved it and uploaded it to Imgur.


    Yeah, that Digimon is a few series in. The original ones are rectangular. The two I own:



    Yours looks pretty cool however. But I don't think Veemon was in the original Digimon virtual pets.
  4. [SUB]I have three of these:

    I miss old school digimon. T_T I dont get the series anymore. XD[/SUB]
  5. Mine is the second in line, so it isn't one of the originals but the game play is identical with added digimon.

    Ty for the image fix.
  6. My siblings and I got these (the square ones, with the little silver lock thing on them) for Christmas when we were itty bitty! Of course they beat mine up all the time but it was wonderful and they were so much fun. My brother had the blue one and I had the yellow one, not sure what my sister had.
    A while ago I was feeling nostalgic and decided to ebay them in hopes of picking up a cheap one ;-; That did not end well. I've gotta dig through my closet and see if they're shoved in a box somewhere. Definitely one of my favourite virtual pets <3
  7. I remember I really wanted one of those when I was a kid. There was this period when I was super addicted to Digimon.

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