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Any Three Words That Make you Feel Good

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. So, what three words come to mind that make you feel good about yourself?

    You can post more that come to your mind after the next poster, I'll start.

    I have dreams..
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  2. hmmm..

    Chocolate Addicted Maniac


  3. Larry, Sanji, God! D'X I am a sad sad person.. (I have more though.)
  4. jejune serfs rioting
  5. I love food... LOLz xD
  6. I love you! :)
  7. These 3 words makes me happy when my best male-friend told me that a few months ago ^^
  8. When my love says "ich liebe dich!" or "you are beautiful." :)

    Yea. Feels wonderful. It also feels fantastic saying them to him. :)
  9. Fluffy, Tea, and Kittens.
    - Don't Ask -

    Personally I think I love you is to cliche for me, still feels good but not as good as everyone intends.
  10. Fluffy and Kittens!!! <3 they make me happy too xD and paws <3
  11. There are many sentences which include 3 words, but this one is pretty cool for me. “I miss you”.
  12. serendipity, doodle, simply

    There are probably others that rank higher but those are nice. If I figure out a "Top Three Countdown" later on I may come back and post again.
  13. After reading other peoples; the words fluffy, doodle and food are my favourites so far!

    Regards, Paul.
  14. You are amazing/fantastic/beautiful/wonderful. <3​
  15. I don't care~ C:
  16. That is a combination I wouldn't expect. Does it make you feel good when you are able to say it and walk away from stress, or when you hear those words?
  17. Mainly when I'm able to say it and walk away from stress. xD
  18. That does make a lot of sense. I am usually one of those nosy and helpful people... which I need to get past.
  19. I love telling my girlfriend that she's beautiful. :) I also tell her that she's sexy, but I like saying beautiful more. ^^
    Kinda reminds me of myself. I love helping others when I'm able to. Like if someone is having a relationship problem, or something else, I try my best to help them.

    The words "You are amazing" also make me feel good.
  20. Love, Truth, Sex

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