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Are parents more protective/strict on daughters than sons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Well, after dating for a few years, I've noticed that parents will sometimes do anything to protect their daughter and/or be strict about them - especially going out to movies or dinner. So, in your opinion - are parents more strict on daughters than sons? Do you think sons get less rules than daughters do? What do you think about this?
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    #1 cpvr, Jul 1, 2012
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  2. Let's see. I come from a family of three girls and one boy.
    My mom is the least caring mother I've ever met; BUT I honestly feel she was more protective of specific children.
    My oldest sister: She cared less.
    My brother: She cared quite a bit.
    My other sister: She cared the most.
    Myself: She didn't care at all.

    I think with /some parents/ it depends on the child.
    I know my mom cared so much about my one sister because she was clumsy and didn't use common sense a lot. She was also the kid who refused to have 'the talk' where as myself for example; I didn't want boyfriends for the longest time, and I wasn't about to let a boy touch me until I was damn good and ready.
    (Which is ironically why my boyfriend and i get along so well, since he's literally the exact same lol)
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  3. I grew up in a household with two girls, but I have a bunch of really close cousins and I've actually read books on siblings and similar subjects so I think I can give an informed opinion. Obviously this changes household to household but I think parents are more protective or stricter on girls in general, and also the eldest child.

    There are things my sister does that I am horrified at because if I had done that my dad would have taken me out back and shot me(hypothetically!) or my laptop(XD). So even just in my family there's a difference between how my parents treat my sister verses me. It also may seem stricter for a child with a tendency to rebel against the rules. My sister thinks my parents are strict on her when the reality is she get's away with ALOT more, but she pushes the limits so she get's in trouble more too. Whereas I didn't test as much and tried to follow rules.

    Now as to my gender statement, I think parents tend to protect girls more than boys for a simple reason: Boys tend to be raised to BE protectors, while girls are most often considered in need of protection. Now that may sound sexist but it really isn't, it's just how our brains are hardwired as different genders. Most men have varying levels of protectiveness that's considered a personality trait, while MANY women inadvertantly search for some sort of security in a mate. That said, those kinds of personality differences from a set of parents will also be portrayed in how they raise their children.

    Sexually as well, girls tend to have far worse consequences for having sex(like becoming pregnant, or cancer even) outsite a stable relationship which would be another reason to protect young girls, especially if they don't understand how to really protect themselves from those kinds of consequences.

    My input. XD
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  4. With my mom, she was less strict than my father. My father never let me go anywhere or be with any of my friends. As I got older and my dad was out of my life, my mom eased up a lot more but she still cared a lot about me and where I went. Pretty much, if I tell my mom where I am or who I'm with, she doesn't care if I come home at 5 am or the next day or a few days later.

    My one friends parents are very strict with her, mostly because of her older sister ruining things for her. It took a lot of convincing to let her hang out with me and my friends. Her mom was worried that we were druggies and everything even though she never met us. They are extremely over protective of her.
  5. i've always thought they were, just because of the problem of them getting pregnant. It's terrible to say, but Idk how else to explain it x_X Like, if your daughter gets pregnant, she can't run away from it. I feel like parents of sons are less worried about that

    I mean, I can't really say otherwise from my own experience. I have a brother and he's younger than me; he gets to do whatever he wants basically, but I attribute this to him just being the second child. (For example, I had to wait until I was in high school to get a cell phone and he got one in middle school, and when I was his age I had an hour limit on the computer and he doesn't have any)
  6. This is certainly a hard topic to approach.. x_X

    I always thought parents were less harsh on sons than daughters - mostly because daughters have so much more of a standard to live to - while sons are expected to know their own standard off the bat.

    *sighs* King of the Hill jokes around a lot about this. Though I don't really know, being my entire family is pretty much full of females, I'd have to say yeah.
    [HR][/HR] @SirkowskiiSirkowskii You explained it really well. My family was like that also.

    I guess it really depends on the person and the family you live in. Statistically and traditionally? I'd have to say yes, parents are stricter on daughter than sons.
    #6 Gabby, Jul 1, 2012
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  7. Lol, not terrible at all. That's the standard I was talking about - pregnancy. My fiance jokes around about it all the time. He says if we had a girl she would be locked up in our house for the rest of his life. Now, I know he isn't being serious, but it does make sense where the joke started because of the pregnancy factor.

    Go to 6:15 on that one ^^ I highly recommend it if you're interested in this topic, it's actually really helpful lol
  8. My dad was pretty strict with my sister, but my mom covered her ass a few times. He wasn't so strict with me though. His main worry was about my sister getting her heart-broken or getting pregnant. She got abused by one of her boyfriends before, and we had to stir her mind away from that sucker. My parents weren't strict on me though. All my dad told me was "Be careful and don't get anyone pregnant", I only got one girl pregnant and I was pretty young when it happened, but I don't regret being a dad.

    My other sisters on the other hand, they're still quite young to be thinking about dating. And since my dad is usually at work a lot, I'm the next man in the house to be kind of strict, ya know?:p

    I see what you mean here and a lot of dads are worried about that, they don't want to see their daughter growing up and dating. Like for an example, when I was with my daughter's mom - they were strict, they would call the cops on us and everything else. It was about 4 months into our relationship before I even spoke to her dad, and he hated me. But, he was still there when we got married and had our child. He become supportive, he didn't hate anymore because he grown to know me.

    And a lot of dads try to stir their daughters away from heart-break, but what about the son? What if he gets his heart-broken, shouldn't it be the same?
  9. @cpvr Whenever you get a moment, let me know what you think about that KOTH clip. :3 It pertains to the topic
  10. Definitely. My dad expects my sister and I to follow all rules (he says because we're older, but yeah right) while my brother can get away with anything.

    Another example, it is perfectly acceptable for my sister's boyfriend to tag along with us all day, but wouldn't be for her to tag along with his family without tons of questions and such.

    My mom is pretty hard on my sister but loose on my brother. She's pretty loose on me too, but I think that is because I'll do what I want (she has no form of punishment that'll work with me anyways) and I often (if not almost always) do the right thing (or that I'm nearly an adult; as if that'll magically make me more mature. -_-).

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