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Aywas: A detailed Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Lyrakish, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    Where to begin?:-

    I found Aywas through being referred by a friend. I think they only wanted the referral points to get...something. I haven't heard much from them in that sense on the site DX But none the less I am glad that I joined.

    If anyone is willing to join Aywas thanks to this guide or they just wanna try it out, click the banner at the head of this post. Referral points for me and you get to join a great site. I promise I will talk to you XD


    You start by following the instructions to join the site. To start with you only need an e-mail and a name to sign in with, because you are given a password to join with if you are accepted onto the site. Yes folks, they monitor who joins. My request took about a day or so because they are busy at the moment, but they are very very swift in terms of how many requests they get. When you join, there is a section where you state why you want to join and all that good stuff. This needs to be literate and make sense, Aywas loves people that can use the English language to their best ability, but they are not Grammar Nazis.

    SO! You then get an e-mail if successful that your account has been approved and you get a sign in password. Once you have fully joined, you can go to your settings and set a new password.


    Now you are one of us (chants) you get a wonderful newbie welcome page that teaches you the very very basics. You get the base newbie welcome package that has some very useful items:-

    • A Random Egg: This item hatches into a random pet, but only of a lower rarity.
    • A Blue Orb: An item that gives you 5 pet slots
    • An Energy Refill item and a Hunger Refill item: Hunger and Energy come into use when Exploring, check below for the respective section
    • A Blue Tranq: To help catch pets in Explore
    • An Attack item and a Defence item: Again for Explore
    • Ragged Pants and a Ragged Shirt: For your human avatar, explained later

    To start with I would open your pack and head to the Phoenix Tree to hatch your random egg. Then to use your Blue Orb. As you use the site, you will find more items that give you more slots. Check the aforementioned page to see what items give what, so you can save up for them. Some are sold in the Cash Shop, others are found by Exploring.
    With a new account you get 5k 'Blue Paws' (now to be referred as BP). BP is the currency earnt by playing games and other site events. This can be used in almost all shops and is used in the auctions. It is VERY easy to make this currency.

    With your BP you should head here... That is the pet shop. As you get more pets the price of the ones on sale here goes up. I would go ahead and buy whatever pet you want. Then head here... and adopt a pet. Just F5 if you want to see more. Recently, some lovely people have been releasing pets there for free just so the selection looks pretty. You can get 1 pet a day from there.

    We'll now touch upon the Cash Shop, otherwise known as the 'Gold Paws' Shop. 'Gold Paws' (hereby known as GP from now on) is $1 pet GP and can be bought from or from other users for a certain amount of BP. (right now the price of BP to GP is fluctuating because of the lack of GP in the market. Only buy GP with BP if you are HAPPY with the price). GP can be used to pay other users for custom designs, in the GP shop to buy custom making items and all sorts of other goodies and to buy Premium (covered later). People LOVE GP. You can find sellers of everything for BP, but GP is the preferred currency. So try and save for some if you can or donate to the site if you have the dough.
    The GP shop houses pets too, these change every month and sometimes more pets are added in the month if there is a site event. The wonderfully brilliant thing is that a lot of those pets are coloured by artists on site, as in users. Yes, you can earn some GP by colouring your own site pets. This part of the site lets you download the PSDs FOR FREE and colour your own. You will need a programme like GIMP or Photoshop to manipulate them, but all images are easy to manipulate and the layers used on the PSDs are easy to see and use. I have made a few pets this way and I am getting better all the time. I'll give more info on Customs later, to give you the full idea.
    This little beauty here is an example of user talent. Grand eh?

    Now I will mention 'Silver Paws' (SP from this point onwards). SP is the event currency. You can earn this by entering the artist gallery, writing competition, various site events and completing some collections. SP pays for very very rare items. I won't post the shop yet because you don't need to worry about this currency yet. It cannot be transferred and is very hard to get, but well worth it.

    When it comes to your inventory you start with 10 slots, but for 10BP pet slot you can expand your inventory as much as you need. I have around 150 slots so I can hoard loads. You also have an unlimited Safety Deposit box. This is where items go if you get a gift, you then transfer it to your inventory to use it.

    Also, there are some items in Aywas that have multiple uses and some regenerate after an amount of time. You will see this when you click on an item, it tells you how many charges you have and if it regenerates. If it regens, the item will disappear from your inventory until the time it regens.


    In the Aywas Bank there are two sides. One is a low yield account but you can withdraw multiple times a day. The other side is a high yield account that allows only one withdrawl. I use the latter, as I like my BP. You can choose higher interest rates when you have more BP in the bank. So you cane save lots!
    There is a section to transfer BP and GP to other users, you just need their unique ID number to transfer.
    Then there are CD's. CDs are Certificates that mean you put in an amount of BP and save it for an amount of days. You can then collect a higher interest from it, than if you simply saved it. This does however mean that you cannot use the BP/GP for that amount of days. On a couple of the CD types you can put GP in and get an increase in GP. So you can make GP if you have enough to save.

    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    In here you can sell pets and items for GP and BP. You can collect your profits from the top button when you edit your stock.


    There are a great number of games on Aywas, some of them are every hour, others are once a day and one or two are every 6 hours.

    Lets go through them, I'll start with Dailies. (these are ones that I do every day, there are more but I don't touch them much):-

    • Raffle Crystal: Every week there is a new raffle for various rare items and custom coloured pets. Every hour you can click on the crystal and get 100BP plus a crystal. At the end of the week a random user is selected that has got at least 1 crystal and they win a prize. All crystals are then erased from the system and the process starts again. You can buy and sell theses but it will not have any positive effect if you have more than anyone else, it is totally random and the BP is nice to have.
    • Throwing Bones: Simple as. You click a button and pay 10BP a turn to see what the bones say. You go up levels which is good, you can gain EXP for your pet, BP, food and random items. You can also add to a grandprize pot which you can collect at any time in the game. However it is best if you just keep mashing that play again button until you get to level...5 I think, and win the 25k big prize. You will lose, a lot. You also get an achievement (again, mentioned later).
    • Pick a Leaf: Click one of the three leaves and pay 100BP. You can either win an item, some BP or 5k BP. Very simple and can be played once an hour.
    • Crystal Ball: Enter 100BP and see what your future holds. You either get BP back, items or it shuts down and you get nada. Can be played once an hour.
    • Scratchcards: Play 2,500 BP and you get one random card from the list on the page. You then click your card and play. You can win a wide range of items. From the jackpot (which is shown just above the card when playing) to breeding coins to a random item. Lots of fun. can be played every 6 hours but you can buy cards from users.


    If you have Premium you can click on the rock quarry and pick up a Geode. Dependant on the colour dictates how many points it is worth when redeemed for the Premium points shop. Blue is the highest and metal is the lowest. In the Premium points shop you can get a selection of pets, breeding coins or Explore items. Very useful to do, once a day. But you can buy the Geodes from other users.
    Guess the number is what it says, however there is a thread in the forums that users monitor what the number is by trial and error. Keep an eye on it to get 1k BP from the game once a day.
    Trivia is updated every week and looks at knowledge of the site. Like when a pet was released and such. I just put in random answers if I am stuck, you have 10 questions so you are bound to get one. For each correct answer you get BP, but as you get more answers right you can get an item. I recently got a random Lacer potion ( a site pet) and received a rare pet from the potion. So it is worth it. Once a week when the trivia is released, keep an eye on the news.


    Aywas has a host of moody NPCs that are ready to help you:-
    • Talk to Xero: This guy has a lot of issues and needs someone to rant at. Once a day you can listen to his bitching and get some BP. As you visit more and more the amount goes up. If you go every day, once a day the amount can get quite nice.
    • Kaz and Shoe: If you read up on the characters Kaz and Shoe are two halves of one person, referred as the Gods of Aywas. Kaz is a moody bastard and either makes your active pet faint, tells you to shoo or throws a random item at you. The random items can be of very very high rarity. So keep going to him, once a day. The other half of the day is used by Shoe. He likes shiny things and will hand BP or items to you if you talk to him. Or he will bounce around so much and not notice you. Kaz is the better of the two so try and grab him.
    • Free Food: Zave loves food and keeps a lot of it. Depending on how many pets you have and how many open inventory slots you have he will not only fill all the hunger of your pets (no matter how hungry they are) and give you up to 10 random food items. Some of these are of rare quality or are needed for cooking (covered below). Make sure you have lots of open inventory slots.
    • Cooking:Chaos is a master cook and wants to teach your pet. He will ask for up to 6 items to make a dish. You need to find all of these or he will fail your pet and lower them back to level one. Sometimes there are very rare items he asks for, like baking soda. While some have multiple uses others are one use. You can ask on a thread in the forums to ask if people have a particular item for cheap, but otherwise just play carefully. If you really get into cooking, save all food items you get.

    That's all the people I use right now. There are others, such as Tak's CD's. These can be found around Aywas and he will give you a random item dependant on the colour of the CD. Turn them in often to get lots of good items. Otherwise, you can just explore around and find what everyone does.


    These are lots of fun. There are three right now:-

    • Classic Snake: That old fav. Move your snake around to eat the mice, your snake gets longer the more you eat. You can send 3 scores a day, 6 if you are premium. Payouts isn't as good as others but still fun.
    • Falling Blocks: Another classic fav. Move the blocks to create lines, they then disappear. Gets faster as you play. Payout is ok.
    • GraveRobber: My favourite!!! You are shown a board with various graves, showing images of items that exist on site. On the lower row there is a series of blank graves. To your right is a candle. When you light the candle, the lower blank row generates random combinations of the items above. If you look down the rows, some items match. Click those and they disappear giving you points. The aim of the game is to clear the board, or at least clear lines to earn multiple points. The NPC's of Aywas come into play too. One character will reveal a grave, you can click any grave along that row and he will make it disappear. One character gives you points. Another gives you more candles and of course Kaz tells you to sod off and halves your points. (hates on hiiimm). game ends when you run out of candles or you clear the board. Payout can be awesome. Don't send a score under 10k points. This transfers directly into BP (10k points = 10k BP).


    Explore is the main way of making BP after Games. You take your active pet (made active by clicking on it's profile to make it active) and run around like mad things XD. Explore however is being phased out. It is not as well made as Adventure, which is the updated version. Explore refreshes the page as you move, where adventure does not. I would advise starting on Adventure.

    Your pet's energy and hunger is counted like Health Points. You can see this number under your pet on site. Keep these topped up. In my opinion you should buy or get a pet from another user rather than slogging through, as this can be quite upsetting at how slowly things are going. You can get free pets that are good for Explore and Adventure (both counted as two very different stats) from the Newbie Giveaway board. Simply look through the threads there and follow the rules for people's threads. DO NOT BEG.

    Once you have a pet, just start mashing the button. You will get random items you can pick up, pets that want to battle and you can capture, monsters that you have to fight for EXP (to gain levels and earn higher levels of attacks, health, hunger and energy) and merchants that will try and sell you things. If you do not have a lot of BP do not buy from the merchants. Most of the stuff is utter crap, you only get rarer items...rarely. If you get me. Later in your time on the site you can buy an Invisible Item Seeker. This shows you whatever the merchant is selling. This is useful when site events are on, because this shows you event items when they are being sold. Some events mean that you have to collect items to either make pets or spend them in the seasonal shop. You can make a lot of BP (even GP) when these events happen. So explore often.

    In adventure you can assign stats and skills to a pet when you start off and get more points when you have gone up a level. In Explore and Adventure you buy attacks, dependant on how high leveled your pet is. You get more as you battle.

    In Explore and Adventure you can catch pets by battling them and lowering their HP till you can capture them, throw Tranqs at them until the pet drops (takes aaaaages) or you can save up 20k BP for a net from the Explore shop. These work in both areas. They have a 50% chance of catching a pet but an 8% chance of breaking. Just keep swiping the net at the pet until you get it and have at least 2-3 nets when you are out catching.

    In both areas you need a catching permit to get the pets. WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE 100K BP!!!! This means you can get the highest licence and catch more pets. You are limited on the higher rarity pets and will get a poaching fine of 100k if you disobey the pop up when it says you will be poaching.

    I like to go into Explore/Adventure and collect rare pets to sell off for BP, therefore I can buy what I want. Some items as well are worth a lot and can be used for Collections (talked about below). There are also treasure chests that can be opened with keys. You can get keys from defeated pets/monsters, found on the ground or sold by merchants. Items contained in the chests can be good or bad. I would wait until you have explored more before you use a key.

    To advance through the areas you must complete quests. The further you go through an area the better the payout. In Explore you have to defeat a certain amount of monsters for someone, they then clear the path for you. In Adventure there are a great many tasks. Some want you to see (as in encounter) a number of pets before they let you advance, others want you to buy from a number of merchants, or bring them items and some want you to find a merchant that is carrying a package for them. If you do not complete the Adventure ones you are sent back a level, this is not the same in Explore.


    These are in the Museum. If you get all the items for the woman she will give you a rare and sought after item. Collections come and go so try and do them as fast as possible. Click on a collection to review what you have already got and what you need. Some are very very rare, so watch out if you decide to buy the collection. The items are well worth it.


    Aywas offers a unique take on breeding. Two pets (male, female....genderless, whatever) can breed with another pet as long as they are breedable. Users can breed with one another or out of their own lair. Users use coins. These can be easy to get, others are harder to get. All coins haver specific conditions to their use. A Metal Breeding Coin (MBC for short) can only breed two same species pets together if they have the same line-art.

    You submit your breeding with your coin and then WAIT!!! These can take a while to come back because Aywas has a number of paid artists that make the pets for you. You can pay another user to make Predicts for your breeding. These take a little less time and you can get a kick back from the coin in GP or BP for making the artist's life easier. The pet (pets in some cases) that come back will be YOUR CUSTOMS!! Unique pets with unique markings from both parents. They will come back in eggs that take three days to hatch, like the random eggs.

    Some breedings make Hybrids. The tutorial is there if you wanna nose. And other breedings make mutants. These are random cut-offs from pets to make the most random of pets.


    I touched upon customs a few times. Like I said you can make your own with the PSD's, or you can buy them from other users (in PSD form or ready made) and you can also win them from various contests and site events. If you take a look at the Genus page it tells you the type of custom making item you need. There are Crystals, Orbs and Coins. There are also other rarer custom making items, but I have just covered the basics.

    Some custom making items are expensive but are easy to earn or win. So keep an eye out.

    Once a custom is made it stays FOREVER. You can sell them, breed them, keep them, roleplay with them. Whatever.


    Your Human Avatar can be made by clicking on the male and female looking icon on your page if you have not made one yet. You can choose a male or female base, eyes, hair, eyebrows, mouth and colours for both hair and eyes. Clothing can be bought everywhere and can also be made by you, the user. This requires a custom item package. So if you are good at art, make your own.


    This is where everyone can chat, sell pets, or just generally be crazy. Lots of fun and happy people here. So have fun and follow the rules, introduce yourself and look for newvbie giveaway threads.

    I think thats everything (that took like over an hour to write ¬_¬) if you need anything you can contact me here or on Aywas. I'd love it if you joined me XD

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  2. ... So confusing. Dx Not that you haven't explained it well, just... so much. Aywas has always been confusing to me. @_@
  3. Excellent guide!:D
  4. It is a lot to take in. But it's so different when on site. Going in and just throwing yourself in does help. I still don't know it all but people are very ready to help.

    @cpvrcpvr: Thanks for the reply :) Glad you liked.
    #4 Lyrakish, Mar 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. @LyrakishLyrakish
    Does Aywas have forum pinging like this website?
    #5 Pelican, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. It doesn't no. But because of the smaller user base people usually see when you have replied back to them. A lot of people use the 'newest posts' feature to see when people have posted.

    Otherwise, we comment or PM people if we need to get their attention over something. I haven't had an issue with getting in contact with a user :)

    Why do you ask?
  7. Are you sure Aywas doesn't have pinging? I could have sworn when I left they had implemented it.

    I could easily be wrong though, lol. Might be something to check out though.
  8. Not that I know of, or have used. They might have had it once before but I have never seen it.
  9. They should implement it though. If I see Slash on MSN or AIM, I'll try to alert them.

    Pinging is great because it also helps the users come back to forum topics - I also think subscribing to the threads would also be cool, it would just send you an alert like a ping would.

    Like if a user tags you anywhere - in a forum post, news comments, or anywhere else on the site, you'll receive a link to where they pinged you at and you can reply. I'd honestly say that it promotes user activity among one another.
  10. I agree. It is useful one Subeta when used correctly. However I hate pinging groups because it creates this clique that I cannot stand.

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