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Aywas - Welcome to April

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by Joy, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    April is here!
    Let's start off our new month with a parade of fresh pets!

    You'll find this spring troop in the GP Shop!

    Following right behind them in our blossoming parade is the BP Shop group!

    If you colored one of these stunning pets, please contact Visark (#185) for your payment!
    Note: I moved a few pets around, but you get the prize for the contest you entered, just let Visark know.

    This potion made from the finest diamond is the Essence of April 2012!
    When you feed this sparkling elixir to your pet, it will be changed into one of the 18 pets above.

    The Essence of April 2012 is also the monthly item for our premium members since there's a lot of spendy hybrids again this time!


    Fancy trying your hand at getting a pet color featured for the month like the ones you see above? Then check out our new monthly contests!

    May Monthly Pets - BP Shop

    May Monthly Pets - GP Shop

    May Monthly Customs - Recycle
    Your goal is to design a pet that is "made" from recycled pieces or things that are environmentally friendly.

    Hmm.. it looks like not all storms are the light, refreshing rain we think of with spring.
    Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming Ara region--the Wasteland--which will be released this month!

    Our goal for April is to really squash the bugs with Adventure so that we can start utilizing old, uncoded items and take advantage of the unique platform that the Adventure system offers us over Explore. We have so many exciting ideas that we can't wait to implement, but we want a smooth, working system first!

    In honor of our new Ara region coinciding with hybrid breeding season, we bring you two Ara hybrids!

    April 2012 Breeding Season
    April 3rd - April 10th
    (It's not quite the third, but I'm giving you a little head start.)


    Meet the Poofle and Zephyr!
    Woolith x Bumble || Drylis x Arion

    You can find the Pinata Poofle and the Temple Zephyr in the SP Shop for 2 SP each!

    The Breeding Coin can be found in the Cash Shop for its normal price of 75 GP!
    For the health of the breeding queue, we are making these coins available for the duration of hybrid breeding season, but are not offering the packages or deals.

    We are, however, entering Custom Talisman Madness!
    April 3rd - April 10th
    If you aren't familiar with these talismans, they contain 3 items, and each one is 25% off its normal price!

    If you're an avid custom maker or want to have some to tuck away for a rainy day, this is the perfect time to buy in bulk! It's also a great time to pick up some orbs or crystals for those piles of designs I know some of you are sitting on. I SEE YOU.

    The crystal talismans are now in the Cash Shop!

    The orb talismans are now in the BP Shop!

    What else do we have going on this month?

    Easter! You will have a lot more updates about this upcoming holiday shortly.

    A mysterious user event toward the end of April/beginning of May is also on the horizon...

    You will also soon be seeing the return of the plush series!

    Not to mention all the coding fixes, changes and suggestions we'll be implementing.

    April is going to be an AWESOME month for us and very busy. Are you ready?

    (Monthly customs and the new Lunaris still to come!)

    - Eri
    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. Darn you, after reading this post I went on Aywas and bought a new pet. xD
  3. I really don't like most of the pets on Aywas, but the Poofle is quite cute. : )
  4. That Poofle is so cute!
  5. I agree that poofle is lovely

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