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Bad Experience with Ebay? Yup

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MichaelCrystal, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. So I just sold something on the site for 75 Dollars, an Ipod 4 Used No Warranty No Returns. Everything worked, the buyer paid, I sent it out in bubble wrapped in a box, they received it, said it worked, then replied later saying it doesn't work anymore, now I know it in fact did too! They asked me for a refund I said I could have them send it to me and I would repair it. They said they would rather keep it with them and figure out what to do. It's been days now.

    I obviously couldn't give the refund because once they pay the money into the paypal account, paypal takes part of it out for themselves, then it took part of it out for ebay fees, + shipping for the item. I wouldn't nearly have enough money to give a full refund for the item.

    It's not my fault that he broke the item, he said the screen just turned white. :p The screen just doesn't turn white. He had to if dropped it or something. So I just told him striaght a little while ago. I would help him repair it as much as I could not because I have too, but because I felt sorry for him that it broke (in the event that it just did, and he didn't do it to it himself). And that I couldn't offer a refund because I didn't have all the money because of all the fees.

    He hasn't responded yet, but I don't think i'm wrong in this am I? I mean like I said No Returns, No Warranty (Incase it broke later on), and said what it was.

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  2. Anyone else have any experiences like this?
  3. If you specifically said No warranty and No returns on the item as a seller, then as a buyer, he should've read everything you wrote and known that he was taking the risk for buying your ipod.
    I don't think you're really in the wrong. 8( If he gives you a bad feedback on ebay, then you could probably dispute it too, since you did specifically say it up front.
  4. He said it worked when he got it. That means that you sent a working product that successfully made it through the mail. He claims he broke it, but refuses to send it back and still demands a refund? Sounds like he's scamming honestly. He wants to keep a working iPod and get his money back by saying it's broken! I've seen people do this before too.
  5. Ya, they tend to do it with a lot of expensive products. I personally wouldn't issue him a refund, I'd be an asshole and tell him to fuck off - since it worked prior to shipping and after.
  6. The trick is finding something expensive enough to be worth your time, and cheap enough that there's no point in going to a small claims court about it.
  7. That sucks man. But as previously expressed, you have enough evidence to counter his claims. If you buyer explained to you that it worked fine through eBay's messaging system, then that data is on record. I had a problem with a seller recently. I called their disputes team and they helped me out. You might be put on the phone to an android who just reads stuff off the screen, but I'd recommend giving them a call, explaining the circumstances, telling them that the buyer already confessed the device was in full working order and try and settle things.
  8. I sure will be calling them if they tell me to refund it, because I don't have the whole funds + I wouldn't do in anyways because I listed what it was, and he bought it knowing there were no refunds.

    And to make it worse his username is : mohammed.khalil50 (and has a score of 2, so hes new)

    Lol, I didn't pay much attention to his username because some people are strange like that, maybe he is a scammer. I just know Ebay seems to almost always side with the buyer which ticks me off. The proofs there. I just got worried eariler because if they automately take money out of my Paypal account (Putting me negative 75 dollars because I already requested a check for the money since I thought it was mine when he told me it worked fine), and then he keeps the ipod without sending it back. :p Because then I lost both. and then i'll be very mad. I heard of that happening before.
  9. So, what ended up happening with this issue?
  10. I told him that it's not my fault that it broke after he bought it, and he's like "ok, I'll just get someone to fix it", and he hasn't sent feedback but I think if he does it he probably will put up bad feedback. Oh well at least I didn't have to refund or anything.
  11. Ya, because really it isn't your fault it broke, and then worked when he had it. He probably did something to it and wanted to see if you'd be stupid enough to issue a refund. Good job though on standing on your ground.
  12. Yea, he probably dropped it or something, awh just glad it's over. :)

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