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Beginner's Guide to Misticpets.com

Discussion in 'Guides' started by fyrkant, May 13, 2011.

  1. Beginner's Guide to Misticpets.com


    Joining the Site
    Register your account, await your confirmation e-mail, then validate your account and you're good to go! When you log in for the first time, you'll receive a message on the site with a few useful forum links, and the link to collect your free welcome pack of items.

    Looking Around
    You find some of the site navigation links to your left (for example, "Explore") and some at the top (for example, "Items"). Click around a bit and see what you can find! Why not go look at your items to see your shiny new stuff from the welcome pack? You might also want to visit the preferences (around the bottom of the left navigation) and change anything that you want to - you do this by clicking the big buttons at the bottom of the "Preferences" page, such as "Profile Setup".

    Exploring the World
    There's a big world to explore, but be aware that some of the locations haven't been fully discovered yet and so you can't visit them for the moment.

    Shopping and Trading
    You can find the shops in their different locations on the map, but easier than that is to just visit the Shops page to see them all! Buy some food to feed your pet, or some toys for it to play with. Another option is to trade your items with other users, possibly a way to get some good deals.

    Your Shop and Your Gallery
    You can keep your own shop to sell items to other users in, and also an item gallery to show off your finds. Your shop can be a good way to make some money! Price comparison is available when setting prices, so you can see how your prices compare to other users' shops.


    Create a pet
    Go to this page if you wish to create a new pet, to pick its species, colour, name, personality traits and gender. There are many species and colours available, so take a good look before choosing! You may have up to 5 pets.

    Pet Pound
    In the "Adopt" option, you can adopt pets that other users have abandoned, for a fee. On the "Abandon" page, you can abandon your pet for a fee instead! In the "Donate" section, you can help the pets in the pound out by donating the requested item, which will also gain you loyalty points.

    Taking Care of Your Pet
    Your pet's hunger and mood will decrease over time, and to take good care of your pet you'll need to feed it and play with it. Food and toys can be bought in the shops, or alternately be received from the Pomme Tree, Giveaway, and other means. You can use your items on your pet from your inventory page, but you can also choose to place the items in your Toy Box or Food Box, shown on the right sidebar beneath your pet - this gives you easy access to the items whenever your pet needs them. To use the items, click the appropriate box, and then the item that you wish to use.

    Increasing Your Pet's Stats
    In the Training Room, you can train your pet for a fee. It's possible to increase all stats except intellect this way - intellect is increased by reading books to your pet.


    The Pomme Tree
    Pick a free pomme every day - it's a food that you could feed to your pet, or sell if you got a rare one!

    The Bamboo Beach Resort
    Make a quick visit for a daily good surprise. Extended stay costs 500 MC per day, and if you're having trouble taking care of your pet, it might be a good option.

    The Forest Finds
    Search the forest and hunt for birds. If you find one, you get to keep it! Birds are among the items that can be attached to your pet, as a sort of "pet pet".


    Be aware that you won't be able to play the games unless you first create or adopt a pet!

    Games: Quests

    Strange Traveler
    When you accept his quest, the Strange Traveler will ask you for an item. If you manage to get the item and return with it to him, he will give you MC in return - usually a greater value than the cost of the item, but if you bought an overpriced item in the user shops, that's not always the case. Remember to always look in the Mistica Shops and maybe a few other places first!

    Volcan's Quest
    Just like the strange traveler, Volcan will ask you for an item, and if you give it to him he will reward you with some MC.

    Games: Flash Games

    Nokwi's Kiwi
    Snake-game, collect the kiwi fruit without crashing into anything.

    Draklaita's Blocks
    Tetris-game, stack the blocks and line them up in a row to clear them. Reach the top and you lose.

    Click "Spin" to have four symbols generated at the bottom. If they show up on your board (above), click them on your board to empty that square. The goal is to empty your board.

    Try to get one of every number between 1-9 to appear once in every row on the board, both horizontally and vertically. Click the square you want to change to change it.

    Mandoran Memory Match
    A simple memory game, click the cards and try to match them up!

    Shoot and avoid all the enemies. Left and right arrow keys to move, space button to fire.

    Games: Non-Flash Games

    Just what it sounds like - pull out a ticket and win a prize!

    The stocks have crashed at the time of writing, the guide may be updated with information on this at a later time.

    The Giveaway usually consists of an item and some MC, and you can collect it once every week. The prizes change every Wednesday.

    Flower's Number Guess
    Correctly guess what number Flower is thinking of and you win. You get several tries, and a hint on whether it's a number higher or lower than what you guessed.

    Higher or Lower
    You guess whether your card is higher or lower than Holli's card. Costs 100 MC to play.

    Heads or Tails
    For 100 MC, you start a game of guessing whether the Mistica Coin will be heads or tails. Each time you guess right, 100 MC is added to your pot and you can continue, or choose to collect your winnings. If you get it wrong, you lose your winnings.

    Vending Machine
    For use with Vending Tokens, that can be purchased from the Credit Shop.

    Buy tickets for 100 MC each, and hope to win the jackpot. The weekly winner is chosen on Sundays.

    Slot Machine
    Pull the slot arm and hope to win. Each play costs 25 MC, and if three icons line up you could win - but you could also lose! There's also a jackpot to go for.

    Battling Znakes
    It's Rock, Paper, Scissors but with an Oceanic, Overgrown, and Inferno Znake. Oceanic beats Inferno, Overgrown beats Oceanic, and Inferno beats Overgrown - two of the same kind is a draw. If you beat the other Znake, you win 1000 MC.

    Percy's Pantry
    Guess what food item Percy is thinking of, and you may be rewarded.

    Raynas' Rainbow
    Guess what colour Raynas is thinking of, and you may be rewarded.

    Pop the Poppet
    It costs 250 MC to pop a poppet, and if you do, you may win some MC or items.

    Try to grab some of the treasure Crunch is guarding without him noticing, and you may win some MC. If you fail, you could lose some!

    Games: Contests & Trivias

    Artist Entry
    An artwork contest.

    Poetry Entry
    A poetry contest.

    Writing Entry
    A writing contest.

    News Desk
    Submit an article for consideration to be featured in the Mistica Chronicles.

    A new question/puzzle is posted each Monday. If you get the right answer, you could win a prize.

    Distorted Pix
    Guess right on what the distorted picture originally was, and you can win a prize.

    Who/What/Where am I?
    A contest, updated every Thursday, where you guess the solution to the three clues that tell you what you're looking for. Guess right and win a prize.

    Totally Random
    A random contest that is updated every Friday.

    Poll Booth
    Submit your vote in the current poll.


    This is the end of the guide for now, have fun while playing!
    The guide may be updated at a later point if necessary.
    Feel free to tell me about any errors that I may have made! :p
    #1 fyrkant, May 13, 2011
    Last edited: May 13, 2011
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