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Big family vs. an only child

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, May 28, 2012.

  1. I've always been a part of a big family, so I don't know what its like to be an only child, but I guess being an only child could have its advantages because you get all the attention from your parents or something.

    Anyways, is anyone here an only child or do you have a lot of siblings?
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  2. I'm not an only child, but for a while, I felt like it. My sister is eight years older than me. While I was growing up I felt like she was my older niece or something. I don't have any nieces or nephews. My aunt never married, never had kids, etc. Neither did any other aunts/uncles of mine. I do have cousins, but not very strongly connected with them. I'm withdrawn about my family, and I think it's because I was never raised with a lot of people. My family isn't that big, but it has its own volume I guess... :p

    My fiance is a part of a large family. Two of his great aunts had 10-12 kids. In his direct family, his mom had 3 kids (including him).
  3. When you go back in our family tree, we're catholic, my nan came from a family of 9 kids. When she was with my granddad (hes dead now) she had 5 kids my mum was the 4th. But then my mum only had me and my sister to the same guy, and then she had Lydia to a different man.

    But I don't have many memories, happy memories, from when I was younger so I can't remember what it was like. And when I moved out I dropped contact with most of my family anyway.

    But my mate Dax comes from a family of 7 (one for every day of the week!) he's the oldest (cept he's super immature) his sis is his full sis as well, cause after those two his mum then got with someone else and had another two kids, split from that guy and then had another kid, split from him. Those three kids in the middle I might have got wrong. But now his mum is with the current guy and they've had a baby together so thats kids #6 and kid #7 is 100% non-blood related to Dax because she comes from the current guy's other like family side. And she is older than Dax. But Dax is the oldest out of the ones that he has a blood relation to.

    And I know that he hated it, but he has a bad relation with his mum he thinks shes a bitch cause she basically is, told him that years ago.
  4. I can't imagine being an only child. I have a pretty big family. They are also VERY loud lol. So experiencing quietness is always an awkward thing for me.
  5. I'm an only child but my step dad has a son who is much older than I am so I have a half brother in a sense. Its just easier to call him bro or something else. I'm 17 (almost 18) while he's about 27 or 28. My parents don't pay very much attention to me. Never see my dad anymore since I told him I want him out of my life (he was abusive towards me) and my mom is always off somewhere or sleeping, step dad works all the time or is sleeping and I don't really like him at all. The rest of my family ignores me too. So I'm kind of alone which is alright since I'm used to it but it sucks sometimes.

    Many of my friends are only children so we kind of formed our own little family in a sense.
  6. I only have a younger sister, although my mother had 17 siblings and my biological father had around the same amount. I think a larger family is a much better experience, it feels weird to even think of being an only child.

    With that said. I stopped counting the number of cousins I have, It would serve my mind no good to even attempt. I have a couple of step sliblings I've never met, and when I say a couple, I mean... probably quite a few.
  7. I'm an only child! I have no siblings, by blood or by marriage. I used to get a little lonely when I was younger, not having any constant companions, but I think now I'm pretty content. I like having my own space and my own things. I'm not spoiled at all and I hate when people make that assumption. If anything, I like to share MORE than people I know who have grown up with siblings!

    Its sad that I will never be an auntie though.
  8. Sharing is caring, do you agree?:thumbup:
  9. my oldest daughter was an only child for 4 years... she was spoiled by 90% of my family... I TRIED to prevent this but it failed... now there's more kids (adopted ones to) and she's a self centered brat and at 20 you think she'd know better... so yeah if the issue is 1 or more... go with more from the get go... cause with one they tend to think the world is centered around them and most don't learn it doesn't.
  10. I was spoiled silly when I was the only child, but then it could get lonely. I asked for a baby bro at the age of 10, and poof! My spoiled-ness sort of melted away because I was very willing to take care of my bro. Love the little guy so much. <3 Aww yee~
  11. see there's where you're different Van, my daughter thought I should have ASKED her if she wanted a sibling as if it was a right for her not me... when her brother was born she beat him with keys and told me to take him back to the pound... for years after that apparently (I ONLY recently found this out) she abused him... she's the only one of my kids that turned out to be a little Chithead... (I still love her but man I could kick her arse)
  12. That's pretty bad and I know exactly where your child was coming from, but its not up to her, its your decision. Everytime she abused the little one, she should have been put in time-out, and things taken away. I know that type of actions wouldn't fly in my household because all the kids and adults respect the baby boy, Jace. He's the sweetheart of the house, he'll put a smile on your face if you're feeling down, and also run to you and hug you if he wants to.
  13. I have a little sister (15) and a little brother (10). I don't think that this number is the best for adults who want children though.

    Me: expected to always act responsible and never ever misbehave at all, no matter what
    Sister: always getting in trouble for stuff she didn't do and receives theharshest punishments
    Brother: can get away with murder and is a spoiled brat

    If I'm ever going to have a child, he is going to be an only child or extra care would be taken to ensure all had to listen to the same rules and restrictions. No exceptions. :K (It bugs me how often parents treat their children differently than another... *has seen other examples as well*)
  14. For those that have siblings, how close are you to your siblings? Like, how any of ya'll close in age or anything? Some of my brothers and sisters are close to age with me, but I'm the oldest at 22.
  15. Big family is always an option
  16. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a big family. I have so many family members across the United States and in Cape Verde. I keep in touch with all them via Facebook and phone calls really. Its really hard when you miss a lot of your family members because you haven't gone to visit them in years. That's the boat I'm in.
  17. I have a big family. I have three younger siblings, two brothers who are 17 and 5, and a sister who's 9. And that's not even counting my mom's boyfriend's kids, who are 10, 7, and 2. I'm the oldest at 19. I'm also the oldest of all my cousins too. One of my aunts have twins who are 12, another aunt has three kids that are 10, 13, and 16, and my other aunt has two stepkids who are are in their teens. Oh, my uncle also has a little girl who's 8. I'm always the go to babysitter whenever we're all together. XD
  18. I'm an only child, and it was fantastic. My parents could take me anywhere with them because there was only myself to care for, so antique stores with giant walls of glass items weren't a problem to sneak me into, same with bars. People are much more understanding if you only have one child to watch over and let you get into more places. I wasn't spoiled even though my parents were able to give me almost anything I wanted, they taught me the value of things and respect very early on. I never got lonely because I made friends with the other adults in my life- my parents friends, aunts friends, uncles friends, everyone pretty much treated me like a small adult since there were no other children to play with. It was great, and I think I turned out pretty well.
  19. Being the only child is so much pressure in my opinion.
    I have a younger sister who is around 10 years younger than me, so I sort of know what it feels like to be an only child as well as having siblings. And let me tell you, having someone else to take your parents' attention away from time to time is a godsend

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