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Bitten by an animal?

Discussion in 'Health' started by Gabby, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Ever been bitten by an animal? Whether it be a dog, cat (scratched usually), ferret, rat, mouse, hamster, whatever it may be.

    How did you handle it? What was some of the advice given to you by health professionals?
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  2. Only been stung by a bee. It died right after but that shit still hurt!
  3. Never been bitten by a wild or stray animal, but I have been bitten by my pet rabbit. When I got her at first, she never bit or was aggressive.. But then my little sister tormented her and thus, biting. 'Least for a little while.. I often got bit trying to clean her cage. Now the biting is mostly stopped, but I'll tell ya, rabbit bites really hurt XD
    As far any medical attention.. None whatsoever, as the bites were never serious. Just slapped a bandage on it and moved on~
  4. My kitten is a nightmare for biting. He bites for fun so he doesn't bite hard. He loves biting feet :D I got stuck on the bed not long ago as he was circling it like a shark!
  5. I went to give my old dog a miss when I was like 7, it bit straight through my lip.xD
    andweirdly enough, my cat bit my cheek last night, it was soo painful. (my face cheek) lol
  6. Oh god. I've been bitten so much. Let's see:

    Lizards (various kinds)
    Snakes (various species)
    A rat
    Nipped by a dog
    A budgie
    Various insect/arachnid bites/stings

    ... it may not sound like it, but animals are actually really okay with me.
    Never sought medical attention, because they were not really that serious.
    #6 StarRot, Aug 5, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2012
  7. When you volunteer at an animal shelter, you can expect to be nommed on a lot by dogs :| Well, puppies and dogs that need some work toning down their excitement xD I've never gotten a serious bite, though.

    And I get scratched or bitten by cats only when we have to cut their nails, clean their ears, or wipe their eyes... some cats do NOT like to be held TT__TT The worst I've gotten was a huge scratch on my arm by a cat that launched itself off of my arm. It just healed and disappeared not too long ago.

    When I was little, my rabbit scratched me a lot xD I think out of all the bites, I remember the most pain with my hamsters.

    But yeah, I never really did anything c: I hardly use bandaids but I try to when there's bites or whatever on my fingers.
  8. I got lot of scratches and nommings from both cats and dogs while I was growing up.

    Around 15 years old on my birthday, a neighbor came over to my house and her rottweiler followed her, then broke into the living room to fight with our female dog (lab/pitbull mix). I was in a bad spot in front of her and got attacked on my right forearm. She shook my arm like a newspaper and my dog launch herself over on her to stop her from attacking me any further. She finally let me go. I still have the scars from the dog's bite.

    That dog was impounded and had her checked for rabies which She didn't have. Two weeks later, she was released back to her owner, but she was careless to let her to roam around outside without leash. She stalked on my parents one night and attacked step-dad on his leg before he shoot her to injure her and he did, but she bolted. We contracted the police, and he had to put her down because of two incident to classified her as a vicious dog. :/ It was very saddening to see. It was owner's fault for being so careless. She believe dogs are free to roam around whatever they please since we live outside of the city.
  9. Its really a remarkable issue about the animal byte. First tell that either you are talking about the pets or wandering
    animals like dogs and other ones.
    Never beat in response if a dog attacks on you. Just surrender and try to escape yourself. You harsh behaviour can
    make the dog more angry and you can face more loss.
    I think you have got the puppy treats
    #9 Deshawn, Aug 7, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2012
  10. I've been stung by a swarm of bees. Hurt so bad the next day -.-

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