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Business Name Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by entaie, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. My uncle and I are planning to start a business asap, but we need a name.

    About the business:
    So far we plan on just doing web design and development, including games. My game Equirealm will be our first and be joint owned by us both, as well as Zeltopia (a game I have lots of plans for but am yet to start development), Kazzira (a work in progress, but might be sold) and Age of Kings (a game my uncle is working on to help boost his programming knowledge).
    Not only will we be designing and coding/programming, we hope to get into the art side of things too. I have my digital art (photomanips, but I'm trying to get into doing speedpaint and digital painting - which'll be so much easier if I had a scanner), and my uncle is pretty much trying out the same. So we can then fully develop games without needing to rely on an artist (for equirealm, don't worry it's too late to ask Aomori to stop with the artwork ^^).
    In the business's future I hope that my uncle and I can build the business up enough to buy a shop. From there we can fix customers pc's, sell parts and make custom pc's (and gaming ones) as well as doing our online work.

    Names we've thought of so far:
    Gemons, Gesang, Hanong, Vasing, Sasitt, Ayzber, Juzsit, Arthesy, Anthosy, Jazmef, Artbare, Jelmen, Janten, Jazmar, Jarthony, Nycom, Antaz, Jazant, Jazny, Jazartony, Antjuz, Aldaiz, Juzant, Jozand, Jucint, Auzans, Janops, Auzitt, Jazont, Jazthony, Jazanut, Hoonaz, Jathon, Jathmin, Aztho, Zantae.
    (these are just some random ones and mixes of our names, Anthony & Jazmin)

    So any suggestions? :confused:

    I'm holding this as a contest on a game I play, so I'm quite happy to compensate you (web design, coding, graphic art, etc - within reason), if we pick a suggestion from you ^^
    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. No suggestions anyone?
  3. Well, your name is everything - this is how people will get to know you, and find you. Don't you think a name that describes what the company is about is best?

    I like the name Zantea.

    Like, Zantae Games sounds pretty good.

    /isn't so good with names
  4. Age Of Kings is already a game I believe.

    Remember, you need a name thats easy to pronounce, not that huge to write, and describes your company.
    Some company names (Just as examples of names that work, these are all already used): Skullienx, Binery Inertia, Zaroff Network, Mezzra Programming.

    Maybe one of the following: Anthony & Jazmin CO, Jazthony Games (I like this one :D), Minthony Media (I also like this), The Jaztony Network, Jaz Ant Games (eep, I like this, it has a nice ring to it).
  5. Oh thanks for your suggestions Anjwalker :) I really like them and they've been added to my list of names ^^
  6. Some of those names are really hard to announce :p How about Jazony Games ?

    I'm going to be calling my new business name wispengine.com :D
  7. Still taking suggestions :D

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