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Come and get it! (request free items, NPC, and pets)

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by Drksoulgambler, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Just ask me any you want me to draw either item, NPC (anthro only), or re-made pet. I'm trying to hone my hone my skills and practice on my weakness areas such as weapons, books, and some tools. So, feel free to ask me what you like me to draw as long as you provide me with details.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    For the pet, I can only do one or maybe two so, if you want it, then you need to reserve that spot fast. Same thing goes for NPC.

    One item per user.

    Be happy with what you have from me. The only main reason why I do this is to get myself portolio of Items/Pets/NPC for the future whenever I get hired.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. May I have an Easter book please? Size 80x80, transparent background (.png)
  3. Of course! I will try my best with book. x3
  4. can i have a potion please? :D

    Thanks! :D
  5. I don't want anything but it is very nice of you, just wanted to say that. : )
  6. could I have a paw print cookie (feline) please. Size 100x100 or whatever looks best.
    Do we get the psd with it? :)
    thank you.
  7. That's so nice of you. <3 Hope it helps you build a lot more examples for art. I don't need anything but I'm sure others do.

    Thanks for doing this!:D
  8. A cuddly Dragon toy please :3
  9. By anthro do you mean humans?
  10. I'm back!

    I'm very sorry for not replying to this thread and do any of the requests here due to my IRL issues. I went through Hell and back and now things are getting settle down.
  11. Well, welcome back. Is everything okay now though? I hope your health wasn't having problems!

    And also, I'd like a request, an NPC with a sword, perhaps? Using our mascot?

    Thank you so much!:biggrin:
  12. I'm diabetic, and my control isn't so great, but still trying my best to maintain it due to the stress I'm under for few months. Lot of problems I'm facing is very personal. All I can said is I get severed from my immediate family and I get the professional help with me dealing my past problems, and also I had to agree with my ex-fiancee as a primary to take care of our son in different state because I care a lot about him with his education and future. He will be leaving in end of July. ><;

    I'm managing myself all right now. I need something to keep my mind distracted for a while.

    Of course, I can draw your mascot! :3 I'm in mood for drawing anthro characters. xD
  13. I'm so sorry to hear that, will you still be able to see your son in the future? I know the pain from this, because I recently got "Standard visitations" for my daughter, who is 4 years old. You can see here, on this thread, cpvr's daughter Harmony.

    And also, do you have to take pills for your diabetes? Or do you have to take a shot of Insulin? Sorry for the questions, my dad is diabetic as well.

    Thank you so much! <3
  14. I have to take shot of insulin. I have what is called Juvenile diabetes, or diabetes type one. I got diagnosed since I was 17 years old. My control was pretty well until over a year ago I stopped caring so much about myself because of the stress and depression. I'm trying to get myself healthy as I can, but it is difficult sometimes in the current situation I am in. Hopefully I will be when I am in treatment plan with my counselor, and anti-depressant medication I'm taking. I'm still having the visitation right of my son. I will see him every summer, and Winter break. I'm going to miss my little boy.

    Aw, your daughter is so cute! She is 4 already? Nice! My son is recently turned 3 last May 28th. <3
  15. Ya, I missed my daughter dearly. It was about a year and half before I got to see her again. Her mom was keeping her away from me because she was bitter over me, because I cheated on her, and also, did her wrong because I didn't like the way she treated me, but anyways, what anti-depressant do they have you on? Is it helping you?

    That's good to hear, will you have him for a whole month in the summer?

    Thank you so much, and ya, she turned 4 in March. And happy late birthday to him - do you have any pictures of him? We have a picture thread where everyone shares their pictures. :D

    What's your son's name if you don't me asking?
  16. I can relate to that feelings. My ex didn't treat me well, and he did what he thought was right was just irrational to me. He isn't very bright and very manipulative of me by using my emotions to make me feel guilty. I met my good friend who is an artist and we got to know each other as a friend until one day he admitted me that he likes me a lot. I like him too. He was very sweet, loving and know how to have fun. My ex still didn't know that I cheated on him. Everything fell apart soon after and I decided to move out to live with my family, but my step-father never changed. He is still manipulative person I know since I was little. Anyway, I only stayed with my family for couple months before I moved with my grandparents now. My ex fought for the custody of our son, but I wasn't giving up and we both finally agreed on jointed custody and we both had been exchanging every 2 weeks since last August. Now, we both agreed that it is best for our son's eduction is with his father because of great programs in school he is enrolling in and to have him socialize as much as possible with his relatives and friends.

    My friend want to take a break from our friendship because of stress he is dealing with until 4 months ago. He want to get back together again, and want to take to the next level in relationship. He lives 4 hours away from here and I went to see see him and stayed for 2 weeks last month. My ex still didn't know about this, but it is not his business anymore. I don't care if he have girlfriend.

    My son name is Marlo. ^^


    This picture took little over a year ago.
  17. Your son is so cute! :biggrin: Thank you for sharing the picture with us as well! When you first heard that you were going to become a dad, how did you feel?
    That's good that you guys decided on joint custody - before having to take it to court.

    Glad to hear that your relationship is going well though!
  18. You mean when I first heard that I was going to become a MOM? Honestly at first I was in disbelief and I refused to believe myself that I was pregnant, it took a little while for me to accept. I wasn't ready to have a child at that time when I was 21 years old and it was accident. After he was born, he is my little bundle of joy. He is my only child, my own flesh and blood. I love him dearly just like any mother could. He look more like me. xD

    A recent picture of me:
  19. Oh, sorry about that, my apologies. I had my daughter at the age of 18, and it was on purpose. By accident, I know what you mean XD
    And yes, your baby boy looks just like you! I bet he's going to be a momma's boy. :) All sons usually are!

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