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Commenting on news: do you allow this

Discussion in 'Virtual Pet Information' started by cpvr, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. I've noticed that a few pet sites allow users to comment on news that is posted on the site - or a "like" or "dislike" button, so I'm curious - do you allow your users to comment on the news? If not, why don't you allow them to comment?
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  2. I think we will be allowing it :)
  3. I'm 100% for it, it's what makes the community spirit on pet sites.
    You need communication between members and staff, so that you can produce the best site. :)
  4. I just have a thumbs up button, people can yap all they want on the forums about it.
  5. I was just going to post something about that. Do you have a thumbs down button as well?
  6. I don't, because I feel that the thumbs down button would be heavily abused, which is why I think facebook won't allow it. People can gauge the interest on the lack of thumbs up and helpful comments.
  7. Ya, it is kinda. Youtube has one if someone/group of people don't like a certain artist, they hit the dislike button.
  8. BooPets allows commenting, a thumbs up button and a thumbs down button. so far, touch wood, the thumbs down button hasn't been abused.

    Regards, Paul.
  9. We allow comments. However, I think owners need to keep in mind that comments aren't the entire picture when it comes to gauging if something is successful or well liked.

    For example, we recently posted news for our "turn-in month" on khimeros, where users can turn in unwanted extra items from monthly treasure (cash shop) packs for a chance to get new items. There were a lot of complaints about some of the available items like the coloured filters - you'd have thought, by reading the news comments, that everyone hated the event and it would be a flop.

    The reality though, is that we BLASTED through the entire previous *year's* number of turned-in items (5000-ish), with 7500 items being traded in in the first 12 hours after opening the event. Obviously, it's been a HUGE success with many more items turned in since then, and some of the items that users were complaining about in the news have been big hits, with people scrambling to get their hands on them practically offering their right arms and legs in trade.

    We always read what people say, but we make decisions more by what people DO. Because people are much more likely to speak up if they don't like something than if they do like it, and there are always a few people who complain no matter what you do. And, the vast majority of people just never speak up at all. So it's much more useful to see what users DO instead of just what they SAY, to see whether they like/are making use of a feature or not.
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