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Corrupt a Wish

Discussion in 'The Playhouse' started by Someone, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Just as the title says.

    For example:
    Poster 1: I wish that it was summer already.
    Poster 2: Granted, but it's the 31st of August.
    I wish I had inspiration.

    I wish I could finish my NaNoWriMo novel. :p
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  2. Granted, but the novel stinks and nobody is ever going to read it.

    I wish I could be a real artificial humanoid.
  3. Yeah, you will, but it won't be finished until August 2013...
  4. Granted, but this isn't Ghost in Shell where you could transfer your brain into an artificial body.

    I wish I could drive.
  5. Granted, but you're inexperienced and get into a huge wreck first thing.

    I wish I could draw more quickly with the same skill.
  6. Granted, but your hand goes haywire drawing billions of things and you end up with a broken hand.

    I wish I had no acne.
  7. Granted, but everyone now notices how big your nose is and that you have a unibrow that grows like the speed of light.

    I wish that Quickman was real.
  8. Granted, but Quickman is a cartoon and therefor cannot be real.

    I wish I could be a dragon.
  9. Granted, but you can only fly.

    I wish I had millions of bucks :style
  10. Granted, but you'll probably only end up with 1/3 of the money cause of taxes.

    I wish I could shoot lazer beams but make tasty food appear.
  11. Kowskii your response to Quickman made me sad. : (

    Granted, but it burns all the tasty food.

    I wish that PS4s didn't have that stupid DRM thing.
  12. Granted, but now no companies want to sell their games for PS4 and you have nothing to play. :(

    I wish I could learn 3D modelling.
  13. Granted, but your modelling crumbles.

    I wish I could afford my dads meds.
  14. Granted, but suddenly you realize there is a better alternative that costs much less.

    I wish I had a grilled cheese sandwich.
  15. Granted, But your bread is burnt!

    I wish I had an extra 3 hours a day.
  16. Granted, but this means you live for fewer days and work hours are increased to compensate for those 3 hours.

    I wish Kami was here >|
  17. Granted :3 <3 But I angry for reason below:

    I wish they weren't remaking Total Recall >:C //won't be granted
  18. Granted, but only because they're claiming it isn't a remake. BD

    I wish I could type even faster.
  19. Granted! But as you type faster and faster, your finger bones begin to break, so you have to resort to a stubby hand. =(

    I wish I had a horse. =)
  20. HandGrow! Apply directly to the nubs. Right?

    Granted, but it doesn't have enough space to be wild and free, so you feel bad for it every day.

    I wish that I had less work to do.

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