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Create your own ideal virtual petsite!

Discussion in 'Game Dev' started by Excel, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Let's say you had an infinite budget, and an infinite amount of time to create an ideal, perfect, and brand new virtual petsite. What would you do?

    What things bug you about the way current virtual pet sites are run?
    What things would you like to improve on?
    Any features that you feel could be expanded on? Or scratched all together.
    Those are just a few questions to get started, but really, anything related to creating the perfect petsite, what would you do, and how would yo do it?

    Remember, the universe is the limit.

    Go. Go. Go.
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  2. A 3D MMORPG pet site! (I already have a 2d one, but I'd prefer it 3D)
  3. My biggest peeve is "pet creation". I prefer sites where you have to catch, ressurect or breed in order to obtain them. There would also be some sort of roaming feature like the one in Ichumon. I would love to make a petsite, but unfortunately I don't know a lick of coding, which seems to be essential to success. Hired coders are hard to come by and charge alot, plus just from observing Subeta it seems like it's a B**** to run servers.
  4. I would tell you but then I would have to kill you (since I am loosely at this point already making it, but converting my C# skills to PHP isn't always sugar and plums, I do have some scripts though like the pet making script in similar vein of wajas/felisfire/khimeros/etc which was pretty easy and some other things which I haven't seen in a pet site thus far so hush hush....really need to look into php/mysql security though not remotely knowledgeable about it but I've only been playing with PHP for the past month so not too surprising)
  5. Continue with AfterDark c:
  6. How big do you really think a pet site like this could get?
  7. It could get as big as WoW I think =D as long as they have awesome coders and artists and such, there's hope ^~^
  8. And a good marketing approach - with a lot of money, yes. Because in order to make a pet site grow - sometimes you have to drop some money on an advertising campaign - but make sure your features are good enough for it - and if users join, they won't get bored. :p
  9. I don't remember what the program was called but awhile back I had looked into a language that could code 3d mmo's that would work in browsers. It would have been nice to have all our games in that.

    Instead I'm stuck with Pixel and flash. =(
  10. @DekkartDekkart create 3D animation to run on browsers ?

    Flash and Java
    #10 Gabriel, Jul 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. It was a program like flash but we would have had to learn a new language to use it. It used something special to it...and they wanted a ton of money to use it. I tried googling it and I can't find it.
  12. well, as far as i can think,


    As silverlight is from microsoft, probably you would have to put tons of greenies to use it :p
  13. Unity 3d????
  14. I think my ideal virtual pet site would be one that keeps users entertained - no matter if they're artists, writers, or just players. Something with a lot of pets, and be able to have a lot of features combating for the pets.
  15. What things bug you about the way current virtual pet sites are run?
    - Mostly the fact that most pet sites are either ... 1) way to difficult to start, let it be by making money, etc or 2) gets very boring very quickly.

    What things would you like to improve on?
    - Events. I'd like to see more events and things that everyone can take part in.

    Any features that you feel could be expanded on? Or scratched all together.
    - I'd like to see RP be a bigger feature of pet sites.
  16. The game I'd create if I had the money and skills would be a genetics based butterfly breeding sim.

    The butterflies would have fictional genetics that would determine their size, colours, patterns, wing shapes and other features, with all the art to match. Players would each have a graphical based garden or butterfly house where all their pets would be kept, and it would be able to be modified with certain plants, flowers, feeders, water features, decorations and other facilities to better look after the butterflies or extend its features or appearance. There would also be an adventure element to it, with a graphical 'world' that users could explore with a butterfly net and other tools they could find or purchase. They'd be able to use these to catch wild butterflies, collect plants and other materials for their butterfly house or garden, discover hidden quests, games, items and activities. There wouldn't be a map, all these things would be reached by navigating the world. Some things would have their location randomised, others would be in specific places. This world would have forests and glens, bubbling brooks, meadows, sunlit clearings and many different environments, each with different types of butterflies and plants that could be found there. Then of course there'd be the usual marketplace (not part of the world) where players could buy and sell pets, tools, plants, etc, or offer breedings. New players would start off with nothing but a butterfly net and a trowel for collecting plants, plus a small empty butterfly house, but no money. Everything would have to be found from the world initially, then they could start trading and breeding to obtain other pets or items.

    I'm just rambling. It would be nice to see a game like this but I certainly won't be able to create it.
  17. I love games where you can customise your pets. Things where there are only five colourations drive me mad. I love fully customisable, as far as the imagination can stretch it. I'd love to make a more adult-orientated game with fully customisable pets in many, many species, possibly with a slightly more off-beat/quirky/creepy edge to it (no fluffy dog pets, more like little ugly goblins and interesting, unique designed species). And darn it, I was an octopus species! :p I'd love something with some unique games, not the usual guess the number, click this 50 million times boring old clobber. I'd love a game that involves everyone equally, and appreciates people even if they aren't spiffy coders and/or artists.

    I'd love to have some sort of coing/artistic talent to actually make it happen. Unfortunately, I can only write, and be opinionated and poke others to distraction until they do things :p
  18. @UlyssesBlueUlyssesBlue: That actually sounds like a really, really good idea.
    #18 Amethysttiger, Jun 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. Hey, thanks! I can only hope someone gets some ideas from this. :)
    #19 UlyssesBlue, Jun 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  20. This is actually pretty doable except for the games and activities part. Butterflies, being basically 2D in real life, are perfectly suited for 2D art. The gameplay itself sounds like pocketfrogs, which is a pretty simple design.

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