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Dark Align: First Reveal

Discussion in 'Sneak Peeks' started by Dzhelasi, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Ever wonder what lies in the shadows or what lurks in the darkness?
    Follow me to a land where only the strongest survive.

    Every society has the right to live in peace, even the notoriously evil.

    There has always been tales of how evil tries to taint the world and demolish all that is good and pure.
    Do-gooders arent always the victims.

    No matter how sick and twisted our chaotic reality is, its our Home.
    Respect our way of life and none will be harmed.

    Join our world and learn where the Dark Align.

    We fight to protect what is ours, and the goodies have no right to step on our ground.

    [size=+2]Eye Candy[/size]



    Vocab. Lesson
    Goodies aka do-gooders: Anything or anyone good. Those who reject evil, horror, gore, etc.
    Hellsman: The guardians of the land of Dark Align. They protect the outer gates of the land and commonly roam the inner streets to abuse their high authority.
    Spawnlings: Your pets.
    Thievery: A spawnling stat-the higher this stat is the more of a chance your pet has to steal a higher rarity item
    Guard: A human stat- (intelligence/defense) Will effect the training of your pets as well as how you act in battle/steals. Dumber people (low guard stat) have increased chance of getting things stolen and can become confused when they send spawnlings to steal from others resulting in a less chance of stealing and a higher chance of being stole from.


    I am hoping for a beta release of some sort in October, where I will have an event kinda like most sites have an advent calendar for December, just more evil. :)
    I will probably do another reveal soon, I am waiting on some features to be completed for the human avatars.
    A new layout will be done as soon as I get the new logo for the site.
    I am possibly looking for some staff. I will post or you can message me if you are interested.

    Hope you like this sneak peek my lil darklings.


    #1 Dzhelasi, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
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  2. Thanks @LewisLewis. I'm excited for this. :)
    #3 Dzhelasi, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  3. I am glad someone is bringing my dark site idea to life, I sadly dont have time for it. :<
    Good luck can't wait to see more!
    #4 Lain, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2011
  4. Interesting. ^^
    I can't say I'm not looking forward to this - for some reason, I've been wanting some sort of dark/halloweenish type site.​
  5. Ah, my horror loving side just did a major happy dance.
  6. @LainLain, aww. We'll see if that changes when it opens and you cant help but take a peek. It will be an addiction. Muhahaha.
    @JoyJoy, thanks. <3 I hope I don't disappoint with this site. I was getting kindda bored on other sites so I decided to make my own and cater to what I think others may be lacking.
    @clubanimonclubanimon My horror loving side doesnt dance, but you have some killer moves. ;)
    #7 Dzhelasi, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. wow, this is looking awesome xD
  8. Eeeeeeheheheheeh. My lil darklings, that's adorable.

    I've been waiting for something this badass since Teripets and their underground feature isn't on the net anymore. <3
  9. This is looking and sounding super-awesome. haha. :D
  10. Need any musician?
    -loves this idea of a dark site- <3
  11. Anyone heard any more about this? I know they were hoping to open this month.
  12. Thanks for all the great responses to the site.
    @MartynMartyn, if I need music I would definitely give you a ring.

    The site was supposed to open with a beta this month but there has been ALOT of issues with my coders.
    I am looking for some honest and reliable people to keep this moving.
    #13 Dzhelasi, Oct 19, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. Sadly I can't code worth a hill of beans, but I can say this at least, the content and idea of the site interests me so much, I don't mind having to wait for it.
    Keep going Dzhelasi! It seems too cool an idea to let go.
  14. @clubanimonclubanimon thanks so much I really appreciate that. I will definitely keep it going. I will even add a new sneak peek in the first post of a NPC.
    #15 Dzhelasi, Oct 19, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. Yay for sneak peeks!
    -goes to look at it-
  16. Bah I cant edit it, I think its too old but here ya go.

  17. Ooo the Doc got finished! The eyes are really striking.

    one little problem, is there is a really obvious smear of flesh tone coming off his arm into the space between the arm and torso.
  18. Yea I know, Good eye ya got there. I will fix it in due time. Muhaha. -is lazy-
  19. Did you draw him up yourself?

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