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Dino Ranchers

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Woobaa, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Back from Singapore. And thought I would drop by and say hello and give Dino Ranchers a plug :)
    We are starting to sign up closed beta testers and would love to get feedback from members here. You can sign up at www.dinorancher.com
    Look forward to hearing what everyone thinks,

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  2. Do you have any art to show, or screenshots of your features?
  3. I've registered :D
  4. *clicks website* COMIC SAAAAANS D<

    Just kidding, looks alright! I'll look around here..

    EDIT: Signed up, waiting for email once we can start playing..

    Seriously though, the huge comic sans font is bugging me.
    #4 vanillaeclair, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2012
  5. Hi,
    Still cannot load images for some reason. My allotted file space is 14K :p
    I also put up a dinorancher page on facebook. It has some of the images there
  6. @WoobaaWoobaa, I've applied for beta :)
    When will Beta testers be chosen?

    #6 Rj, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. You always try to upload those off-site with image hosting sites:
  8. Hi Ricky,
    Thanks for applying. Everyone is welcome. We will be unlocking the site for play hopefully in a few weeks.
    Thanks again,
  9. I am registered now :) I am Selendra on this game :)
  10. thank you, I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback. I am now working on tuning the earning and burning and unlocking of items, dino energy, etc.
  11. Love the art work. Could you give a little information on what the site is, or what it is about? Is it a clickable game, pet game, or? Is there a plot? What can you do in the game? Any more info you could give would be great.
  12. thanks. glad you like the art.
    It is a web browser based game. Running in flash. Fully interactive with mouse gestures. We are using Drupal 7 for our site. Right now in Phase 1 we have focused on hatching and raising the dinosaurs. We also built a community around the game. So players can have friends, send gifts, vote on each others dinosaurs. There is also a full functional avatar editor and virtual room for each player.
    You earn by caring for the dinosaur, and participating in the community in order to buy cool things to upgrade your terrarium and buy new dinosaur eggs to hatch.
    I am working on a story line now that revolves around players with pet dinosaurs. Kinda like Jurassic Park meets Pokemon.
    Dinosaurs have full FSM (finite state machine) to control behaviors and allow them to interact with player and things that happen to them.
    Our goal is to create very interactive experience, and then build upon that to allow players to train and compete with one another, go on cool adventures, breed their own dinosaurs, etc.
    Its been over two and a half years of development, with no outside funding. Pushing everyday to make things happen. I was thinking of starting a blog. "How to make a 6 month game in 3 years" "P
  13. Haha, very interesting concept. Would've never guessed it would be flashed based. Looking forward to checking it out. You said it would be out in a few weeks?
  14. Thanks I joined! Looking forward to it, looks cute!
  15. we plan out starting our beta testing in a few weeks. I hope to be out by September. Need the time to tune and tweak the game play.
    thanks for joining. I'm sure we will need all the feedback we can get to make sure its fun
  16. @Woobaa
    This looks positively adorable!
    I signed up as Wrath for Beta-testing-at least I think I did, I just signed up with the link you gave us in your first post there so I hope I did, looks like my ID will be 102.
  17. thank you. I'm glad you like the look. Hopefully I can now make sure its fun to play :)
  18. our lead artist Kevin.

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