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Disappointment moments

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ajax, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I know I was disappointed when I found out I couldn't go to college my first semester last year :/, but I finally got in and I am doing a great job.
    What are some of yours?
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  2. My really big disappointment was when I was 15 and moved from MA to Texas. I was disappointed because I was leaving some of my family behind. I was also very disappointed in myself when I had my last relapse for my Bipolar. And before that, when I got locked up for 3 and a half months, got home, and had to restart everything from the ground up.

    It was a long road for me, but I eventually got back on track. Another thing that disappointed me was when I saw my weight skyrocket to 350 pounds. That made me say "Oh shit, I have a problem!".
  3. I never moved from Texas but I moved from a city called Franklin when I was 12.
  4. Where is that at though near Dallas or Galveston? I've moved around Spring twice, but it didn't disappointment because I was looking forward to being in a different environment and going to a different school.
  5. Nah it's close to temple/hearne
  6. Gotcha, I'll find it one day. Another disappointment to me is the price of gas.:mad:
  7. You didn't lie there but at least its not $4 like last year haha.
  8. Man, I heard its going back up again so that's ridiculous. But, hey, I would hate to go back to those $4 gas days. =/

    Right now I'm good with putting $10 in the tank it gives me about 80 miles, and it lasts me a week or so.
  9. You get Highway miles, we get street miles lol stopping every 5 seconds at lights and junk.
  10. I don't go on the highway too much, I always ride on the feeter roads every since those major accidents happened on the highways in the Woodlands. I hate the lights. They always seem to turn red on me.
  11. I never catch a green one haha.
  12. It really sucks though. I know we have one in front on my neighborhood and people drive slow, so the light always changes to red by the time you get there.

    Another disappointment was when Disney channel stop airing Smart Guy, and HBO stopped airing The Wire.
  13. Ikr? TV thus day and age is just pure disappointment.
  14. Especially when YTV stopped playing cartoons and opted for back-to-back episodes of iCarly.... D:
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  15. YTV must be like Nick? Yea I hate iCarly and Victorious the crude humor pisses me off.
  16. Yeah, it's like Nick; YTV's aired from Toronto, Canada I think. I don't have Nick though, because I don't have satellite tv for the extra channels. xD

    The humor isn't spontaneous or funny; to me, it's just... seems like its so forced. xD Don't get me started about Victorious or Drake & Josh...
  17. Exactly, its like you already know what's going to happen insults wise and it just makes you angry. It all started with Drake and Josh too lol.
  18. Haha, I prefer tense tv shows, thrillers and action stuff... I like comedy too but it just has to be done right. xD

    I never understood the appeal of Drake and Josh. xD
  19. I love all those movies as well, and I really didn't get the show, all that happened was something great to Drake and something horrible to Josh lol.
  20. [SUB]I feel that a lot of the tween-ish sit-coms are operate on the basis that yelling and loud sounds makes things funny. There's a lot of yelling from iCarly. Lol.


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