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Do you trust your lover with your passwords

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. I know if my girlfriend asked for my password to any of the social networking sites like Facebook, I'd give it to her because I don't have anything to hide, and plus, I sometimes tell her who messages me and who tries to add me.

    So, do you trust your lover with your passwords? Or do you like being secretive and not giving him/her access?
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  2. I personaly don`t trust anyone with my password at all. I find that what you do should be private and no one elses buisness. I would not hide anything at home from someone I care about, but personaly I would never ask them for their password and stuff. To me it just seems not right.
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  3. I wouldn't give them all my passwords, to many people have been robbed and money taken from them by their lovers pretending to love them. I would give them some of my passwords, but none to important websites or websites that I admin and control.
  4. Most of my passwords are randomly generated, so if my girlfriend asked for them I'd tell her, but she wouldn't for the life of her remember them! The generic ones I sometimes use, she knows about.
  5. So since this is related to the topic - how many people here have a password lock on their phone?

    My girlfriend doesn't have my password for facebook nor my email, but if she uses my phone, she can get on my Facebook. I don't have my email set up on my phone though.

    I agree, now let's say your significant other was talking/chatting with someone else - and one of your friends told you, how would you approach the situation?
  6. I wouldn't share my passwords. I have a right to privacy and my own things that do not include my lover. And yes, I password-protect my phone and don't share that one, either.
  7. I have a password for my phone, and my girlfriend knows it, so I guess she does have access to my Facebook, Twitter, and so on.
  8. i don't think so :O I have my own privacy, he has his.. I'll never ask for his, so he should never ask for mine :D Although I don't have anything to hide, who is to say he wouldn't hack my account and do bad things to it if we had a fight? (( although i dont have one now xD ))
  9. I have my boyfriend's passwords to some things (He forgets them pretty easily hehe) but I don't actually have a need to check his messages / stuff?
    He also has my passwords, but often forgets them.
    I don't own a phone, so it's not like I'm texting or talking to people. My FB has like 10 friends because I just don't give a shit, and I use it to post my Subeta updates for a chance to get raffle tickets for cash shop stuff. Lol My boyfriend has a phone, but he uses it to check updates on his favorite games, and he doesn't have a FB.

    I have a right to my own privacy, as does he. Which is why we don't actually go onto each others accounts. But we also have the right to safety, and if something were to happen, we have the knowledge to help each other by spreading messages to important people.
    I trust him with my everything, I literally tell him everything that happens to me. So the worst thing he might find are some RP logs from like ten years ago that are hilariously dumb. xD
  10. My guy uses the same password for EVERYTHING. He gave me his for facebook so I could uh... cheat on some facebook games. XD But I used his password to hack into bank account just to see if it was the same. It was. T.T I only ever tried to use this information once, when he was teasing me about a Birthday gift he got me. He almost ALWAYS uses his debit card so I got online only to find nothing. His next text was that he bought it with cash because he knows I have access to his bank account. Plan thwarted.

    I don't like people messing with my phone but if he asked who I was texting or what I was saying I'd show him. I think he knows one password but I have a REALLY good memory so I tend to use passwords that are 10+ characters of random numbers combined with a mutated word. Somehow I always remember them.
  11. I have one of my best mate's PIN numbers for the bank, so pretty much if he gives me his bank card and asks me to go down to an ATM and take £20 out or so, I can go and do that for him. He did know mine as well until I changed it, but I had to change it cause of some security thing the bank was doing and it had to be changed for that.

    And then I have Dax's facebook email and password which he gave me to look after for when he loses them - which he did yesterday.
  12. I've never had that level of trust in a relationship. Sometimes it was a lack of trust, and sometimes I was the bad guy, acting on a hunch I had. Although I won't go through with such bad acts in the future, it's unfortunate that my hunches have been right every time. An ex-girlfriend (British, as am I) was talking to an American guy almost all the time. She denied that it was anything beyond friendship. I didn't trust her, so I transferred her chat logs to a USB drive when staying at her house once. Her conversations with him were almost on the intimate side, and the final nail in the coffin was her telling him she wished it was him a train ride away and me in another country.

    The fact she couldn't be honest with me about her feelings (or lack thereof) in the first place actually makes me feel little regret for what I did. But I don't plan on doing it again. The problem really is that despite changes in affection, a lot of people don't tell their partners about it to avoid hurting their feelings. When I broke up with said girlfriend, she told me she didn't love me for the last two years of our relationship. Yes, really. My reaction was "what the fudge?" too. She wasted so much time in both of our lives.

    I became close to another woman after this, but due to that being a bad experience I'm through with committed relationships. If you keep things casual and don't worry about the concept of love, you needn't worry about trust. The commitment which coexists with trust isn't there in the first place.
    #12 Mantis, Jul 5, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2012
  13. I really don't see a point in anyone having my facebook password especially since I don't have anything to hide, but information for the bank? That's okay to have especially if you and your partner are always spending one another's money on each other.
  14. @cpvrcpvr I'll probs end up with Daxter's bank details when/if he gets a bank account, write up plans etc with them cause that's what I do with mine, I have every month for this year written out, what come in on what days and what needs to be paid out on other days, which I stick to, anything else goes into Flex Saver aka 'emergency stash', which atm isn't quite working.
    #14 SpunkiSpirou, Aug 11, 2012
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