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Community Warning Emma/petadoptables Spamming Aywas' Forum

Discussion in 'Virtual Pet Buyer and Seller feedback' started by cpvr, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Emma has been "spamming" Petadoptables' link on Aywas' community - not only did she "bump" the topic herself - a few times, a few users said they joined the site, however, after many "spam bumps" by Emma, Slash finally responded to their thread.

    Here's all the posts from the Aywas thread as well: this thread is from Aywas' "junk pile" forum.

    She also posted this in Aywas' art forum - why can't she look for artists elsewhere?

    As you can see, Emma basically "joined" to spam the Petadoptables link around - which is quite stupid.

    Okay, so isn't it frown upon when a site's owner joins another site and spams their site's link all over the place? Common sense tells you it is not wise to go into someone's else playground and advertise - especially if you just spam, and not tell users why they should join your site to begin with.

    So, is anyone else having problems with Petadoptables' staff and/or users spamming their site? Perhaps, if this is such a major issue - sites all around should block their site's name from being posting - good idea or a bad one?
    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. A site owner did this, you're kidding right?
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but advertising/breaking another sites rules to promote your own is not only unprofessional, bt it gives the site that they are trying to adverise a bad name.
  3. Yes, Emma is one of the owners for Petadoptables - along side her uncle "Bob".
  4. Technically its not against Aywas rules to advertise or talk about other sites, but the fact she attacked Aywas users on her own site doesn't help her case much. But I think it might fall under the rule - not excessively advertise other websites or outside services, nor solicit for Staff members of a competing site on Aywas. Especially for the fact she made a board to hire artists for her site. I read her posts and only thing that comes up is bumping her board or advertising her site.
  5. Hmm...how do you know this isn't someone trying to make her look bad?

    Just trying to see it from all angles.
  6. [​IMG]
    It's the attack of the Petadoptables!
  7. Did Slash ban her yet? I don't see how she could bump it so many times, let alone create the topic, without getting banned for it.
  8. I don't see why someone would bother to try and hire artists on another site just for the hell of it with someone else's name. My opinion though.

    Most likely Slash finds it amusing and for the fact its on a part of the forum rarely looked at.
  9. Well, I think you may want to take a look at this thread: Petadoptables plagiarized content
  10. I honestly don't think Emma would ever do something like this, but I may be wrong D:
    I am kind of leaning towards @ShadowShadow 's suggestion..
    #10 Peanut, Jun 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. I thought Bob was her dad?

    There's always been drama with PetAdoptables; but, I wouldn't think they would spam.
  12. Who knows. Is there really any difference in the steps of causing drama with stealing to spamming? This isn't just some just recent stuff. Why would someone keep a farce up that long just to cause trouble to her? The post for the hiring artist thing was in Feb. Would a fake really keep it up that long just to spite the person?
  13. I think I remember seeing a few pretty ugly posts from emma on this forum months and months ago before she deleted her account in a showy display of angry words. Professional isn't a word I'd use.
  14. I'm a little confused but maybe it's because I don't play Aywas? Is this just one thread that was created? I mean, people are allowed to create threads to advertise other sites, on my sites and on many other pet sites, so I'm not really seeing the issue here unless Aywas specifically says you can't advertise other sites there. In which case I'm not sure why the thread would just not be deleted and the user warned, or whatever.
  15. Did she tell you that or something? I remember her saying Bob was her uncle, but I could be wrong.
  16. When there was drama on VPU I was pretty sure that it was stated that she was his daughter. I don't know... there was way too much drama with the both of them haha.
  17. One thread that is bumped not by the normal means. You are suppose to use the bump button, not type bump in the thread. Plus she also tried hiring an artist for the site which is against the rules.

    She has one other thread advertising it as well on another board, but not updated anymore since she moved to the new thread. Basically all her posts is to promote her site and does nothing else with the account.
  18. Let me put it this way it's like walking into a walmart and setting up a stand advertising Kmart. Some sites don't have a issue but it is done for the express purpose of luring members away from a popular site. It's frankly unprofessional when a owner of the site does it because it's really done to ride off the success of a more larger popular site.

    It's basicly no better then spam bots because it's doing the same thing.
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  19. Eh I dunno, I'm pretty sure that some of the owners that advertise their sites in the other games forum on khimeros don't actually play khimeros, but I never really thought it was a big deal. Who knows, maybe they'll see something they like on the site and stick around to play! I'm confident that my site is good enough that just someone posting about their site on my site is not going to lure away all my users, lol. If they weren't using the bump button I'd just PM them and tell them to do so...
  20. And she banned me from the PA forum Shoutbox for "promotion of other sites" when I was just "talking" about it without posting a link to them. *shakes her head*
    *also was banned from the forum for no define reason, but won't go there*
    I'm glad I ran away from that site now... I know Emma's only about my age, but really? Spaming another site?
    (Ok, my mini rant is over, back to seriousness. Sorry about this..)
    I never expected this to be honest. XD.

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