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Euromillions 100 UK Millionaires

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Earth, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Tonight the Euromillions will be making 100 UK residents millionaires in a celebration for the olympic games. Anyone doing tonights Euromillions and from the UK? If you won a million, what would you do with it?

    I would pay my mortgage, may parents and my partners parents :) The rest would be invested in property and my site. I would still stay at work as a million wouldn't last long however would allow for a lot of monthly disposable income.
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  2. I'd play it if I lived out there. I know @PaulSonnyPaulSonny is from the UK, so maybe he's playing?
    #2 cpvr, Jul 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  3. So. Did anyone win? I cant even get on the site to check mine. So much Lagg XD
  4. Here are the winning tickets (surprisingly enough, I didn't win XD)

    Bxd394843 cxl338999 cxl568665 cxl705287
    cxl855830 cxl910071 cxm070836 cxn913586
    cxq221095 cxr076135 dbb682009 dbc024628
    dbc582172 dbc683816 dbc924487 dbd729085
    dbd767698 dbf223689 dxz386148 dyb069526
    dyb149279 dyb216082 dyb222155 dyb295635
    dyd582030 dyd794391 dyf430791 dyf488624
    dyf602560 dyg039031 dyg109002 dyg535735
    dyh646460 dyh863518 dyj275829 dyj578732
    dyj916600 dyk403143 dyk622001 dyk770909
    dyl259574 dyl767212 dyl975230 dym522772
    dyn073509 dyn258230 dyn474182 dyp592253
    dyp960405 dyq119593 dyq305237 dyr571287
    dyt069672 dyv763714 dyv975068 dyw986250
    dyy385410 dyz107717 dzb407038 dzb436754
    dzd290005 dzd995253 dzf001849 dzf105475
    dzf398170 dzf490038 dzf843753 dzg075380
    dzg342499 dzg689173 dzh029638 dzh236459
    dzj570451 dzj960639 dzk113690 dzk725301
    dzl787851 dzm726639 dzn559995 dzp230302
    dzp459556 dzp698667 dzq031442 dzq721138
    dzq969560 dzs924728 dzt438893 dzv500935
    dzv672512 dzw095196 dzw253118 dzw675364
    dzx229549 dzx790356 dzy081499 dzy093428
    dzy838902 dzz531740 dzz767183 zwp889278
  5. Oh yeah I forgot all about that :/ oops. Oh well, I just did the usual scratchcard 1 in 4 chances of winning. Forgot to buy a TV Guide as well for next week though.
  6. I played but didn't win. :(
    #6 PaulSonny, Jul 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. I played three games, but didn't even get a single number on the main draw! :p
  8. I should start playing Lotto where I live.

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