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Ever been to a haunted house before?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Has anyone here been to a haunted house before? What was it like? Was it scary or anything? lol. I've never been to one that's why I'm asking.
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  2. A make believe haunted house for Halloween where people dress up and try to scare you type? or a real haunted house where it really has spirits and such? I have been to both. The ones for Halloween that I have been to were not that scary.
  3. I have been to the winchester house, queen mary, and alcatraz. The queen mary was scary, never again.
  4. I've never been to an ACTUAL haunted house, but I have been to the haunted prison (Statesville). It was FUN!! I go there every year.
  5. Ive never been to an actual haunted house but I did go to one called the Haunted Hoochie. It takes about 15 minutes to get through and you have to walk in a single file line all the way through. There were people that randomly touched your head while you were walking and it was pitch black. But, it was more fun than scary. It was mostly things poppin up at random places.
  6. I remember going on a haunted hayride (in which I was curled up on the floor of the wagon) and a haunted house. I can't say I remember much of the house, because I went with my friend and her family. Let's just say the moment we walked into the house, I started bawling, and nothing had even happened yet. My friend's dad carried me through it and I remember one of the "scary" guys saying something like "Aww, is she scared?" I also remember wanting to punch him in the face.

    Keep in mind this around 6th grade time. I won't go to scary places. I already have bad paranoia that makes me have panic attacks.
  7. I have never been in a haunted house, I'm a total wimp... But my writing teacher had us do an exercise in class once where we told three stories, 2 made up, 1 true, and had the class attempt to guess which was the truth. I convinced an entire class I once lived in a house notoriously famous for being haunted... I told them we were broke, and because the house was famous for being haunted we got the rent cheap because nobody wanted to live there, and they did tours during the day time. Hehe
  8. Either or counts.

    @SlashmasterSlashmaster Haunted Prison, eh? Do talk :p
    #8 cpvr, Oct 14, 2011
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  9. Supposedly my friend had a haunted basement but I never went down there. I wanted to though! Other than that I've never went to a place that was known to be haunted but I would love to as it's interesting to me.

    As for halloween haunted houses I've been to alot. Last year I went to three and one of my friends (a guy) screamed and clung to me the entire way through and then didn't go in the other two. It was hilarious.
  10. Well I lived in a few places that haunted or had a bad entity(s) in it. Growing up my house had many sprites. My neighbors told me that our house and there house use to be a bar/restaurant, so there was a lot of residual haunting because of this. A lot of spirits re living day to day stuff they did at the bar/restaurant at my house. Also there was a little boy who use to live at my house way before I was born, and his mother was afraid he would get hit by a car living in a busy city street so they moved to the city. After they moved he was hit by a car, his spirit was in my house.

    Then when I lived in Illinois I am pretty sure I had a demonic entity there. First things would disappear, or other little things that would make you think you had a ghost...but later it turned out to be way more. Like one night I had a nightmare that something was coming at me very scary and before I woke up something got my face, and woke up and had scratches on my face. Then a few times something burnt its initials in my rug, things moved on there own right before me etc...

    Then the last house that I rented from had many spirits in it. People who lived there before me did devil worshiping and opened up a portal and did not close it. At first after moving in there we would see a shadow of a spirit and think oh it is just a ghost no big deal. And many times in my dreams I would hear from Indian spirits and was told things I could not possibly know, and later on it was confirmed. But after we moved there I started to get sick, and later was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. At times I would be depressed and sleep all the time and be suicidal. But at the time I thought it was my illness and having hormonal problems. Also a few times I saw a dark cloaked figure and second guessed it and thought my mind was playing tricks on me... but later on my husband said he saw it too. Also at one point in time I wondered if the spirits was making me sick and I demanded for them to stop and give me my health back, because one point in time I almost died... I got so sick off of my medicine and other things that I almost died, I went to the doctor right away and they told me I was very lucky to be alive and I almost had a stoke or heart attack. For awhile after that my heart hurt so bad and was afraid I would die for awhile. Anyway I demanded my health back, because watching this show I like they said you can ask the spirits to stop doing things and take back your space. The next day I was laying down and heard a growling sound, and in a growling voice I heard "How is your health!" That sacred the living shit out of me. I told my husband to play the religious Munk music he had. Also living in the house at times I could not hold the bible I would get all cold inside or I would just not want to go near the bible at all. I really think something was trying to attack me and take my health away. I know this sounds crazy but it is true.

    Now that we don't live in that house no more I am no longer tired no more or depressed, and I fine. I haven't even took my hormone medicine for over 3-4 months and I am fine. This really makes me think that there was something really evil in that house making me sick, draining me. Because now I am getting better, I have also started eating more salt to help my thyroid. I believe that house made me have an under active thyroid and the damage is already done...but now with my medicine and eating more salt and not living at that house no more, I am getting better. I really hope I don't sound insane, because I know some people don't believe in this stuff, but all I have posted is true.
    #10 Tantra, Oct 15, 2011
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2011
  11. Oooh. Spirits fascinate me!

    I've only had one 'true' encounter, everything else is just superstition.
    I was at my mates flat, everyone had left. He was leaving with his girlfriend and told me I could have his bedroom.
    So, I slept there with my boyfriend. He had to leave for work at 5.30am.

    After he left, I fell back asleep.
    My friend had always gone on about there being a ghost in his bedroom, but no one ever believed him.
    He's the type of person that likes to make up stories and impress people.
    I kept hearing noises like someone walking around, shuffling on paper next to me. I was half asleep and just assumed it was another flat mate trying to find something.
    I never opened my eyes.
    I fell back to sleep and I'm not sure how long after.. But I saw a figure against the curtain next to me. I'm pretty sure it was a he, and he reached out as if to give a hug or to wake someone up.
    I woke up bolt upright gasping for breath.
    The lightening and everything was exactly as I had envisioned in my 'dream', except there was no figure.

    Later I found out no one had been home but me so it couldn't have possibly been someone walking around the room.
    It was frickin' awesome.

    Now ages after that I'm just superstitious about things.
    A mate of mine died in a car crash and I'd been wondering if he still considered me a friend after I broke up with my long-term boyfriend.
    I broke up with him after he died. Don't really want to go into it.
    Anyway.. I've always had these magnets on my door. They'd been stuck on there for 10 years. Never fallen, nothing.
    One day I was sitting at the computer and one fell. It was the 'Special Friend' magnet. It goes on about you being a special friend and I just felt like HE did it.

    Recently, I've been having weird nightmares. I have never ever ever had a nightmare in my life.
    I use to LOVE this flat, but ever since we got another I've had uneasy feelings and just wanted to get out.
    Last night for example, I was dreaming about hiding from something ( Which I NEVER do in dreams. I will always escape.. Always just fly away).
    It didn't feel human. I was hiding behind some boxes and it just went through them. Suddenly I was thinking it's going to paralyse me.. I felt this.. Weird sensation on the back of my neck. I really can't figure out how to explain it. Like something unnatural touching it and I woke up gasping.

    My boyfriend and I have also heard weird noises. There was a few knocks on the window and he told me he's heard it a few times. There's never anything there.
    It's just weird and he doesn't really believe in ghosts and stuff, so yeah. I think he just likes pretending they don't exist. :p
  12. @LollyLolly several months before I moved from the house I use to live in I felt the same way as you did, like something didn't want me there and I just wanted to move...even though that was my dream house years ago and never ever thought I would move. I was just so happy when I finally got to move.

    I am pretty sure we have a ghost at my work. Last week I was going to close the registers and I saw a shadow of a person walk the opposite direction down another isle as I headed to the back room. I stopped and went looking for it just in case someone was still in the store, because we were closed and no customers should be there. I looked and looked no one was in there. Then we had a shoplifting experience and I went to go watch the video tape and on one of the cameras the office was shut and locked and the lights turned on by themselves and then this flash of light kept filling the office. I don't know if there is a logical explanation for this though...because sometimes kids run in our back room and mistake our office for the bathroom and try to open it then can't because it is locked. So maybe the light turned on because of the vibration of the door, and the lights maybe because the camera was malfunctioning...idk. But a couple of times before I heard someone call my name and everyone said they didn't call my name in the store, then again it is possible too that someone else had my name in the store too.
    #12 Tantra, Oct 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. I went to a make believe one, it was well done, but I'm not scared easily and they didn't really try once they realized I wasn't afraid of them at all. But I have also been to real ones, and seen some freaky things that are hard to explain. I want to make a documentary on it all one day. There is even a ghost from my home area that I want to investigate that my grandma told me about, it took me some research but I found that the "Greens Creek Ghost" is actually Mrs. McDow's from the story of McDow's hole, not that those names will mean anything to anyone not from there but basically even my grandma... who is extremely honest typical god fearing grandmother swore to me that a ghost with a burlap sack over their face and an old dress woke her up about 3-5 times.. can't remember the exact amount in the same night... on top of her looking at her and she couldn't move and was paralized.

    After researching it, I found the story of the McDow's and eventually pieced the two together. Mrs. McDow was supposedly beheaded by cattle rustlers and searches for her baby along the creeks. Typical screaming woman ghost story but there are many many accounts of stuff such as this in the area. I looked it up online and sure enough the "Greens Creek Ghost" is one and the same.

    Plus at least one house I was in I'm fairly certain was haunted.. one night it sounded like my whole closet crashed down to the floor... but when I opened it... nothing had moved..... I don't even...

    My friends son would talk about the man in the corner that just stood there and didn't say anything....

    The rocker on the porch would rock and stop with no wind at all... the stopping is what got me....

    One night I woke up and heard footsteps from my closet to beneath a table below my window where there was no door.... I could hear each and every crunch of the footsteps including the final one beneath the table...... the carpet didn't move.. I looked.. but you could hear a distinct step and crunch of the carpet... no explanation to this day...

    My friend stayed in my room... swears he was picked up 2 feet off the bed and dropped. I don't know if I believe him, but he never stayed in my room EVER again.

    Take it as you will, I can neither confirm nor deny, but I do think something strange was happening I wouldn't be so bold as to say I know exactly what it was however...
  14. Speaking of Ghosts at work... we had a girl die in front of my friends work once... and they started noticing weird things like flour on the floor with tracks and figures in the reflection of the glass on the toy machine (It was a pizza hut) and they recorded it saying a name... effin freaky... I have the device still.. I might actually have the recording?
  15. Ooooh those are some freaky stories about ghosts. I have one to share (I can't remember if I posted this here before or not).

    My cat died on Memorial Day this year. I don't know how it happened. I was hysterical. He was the most special cat I've ever had and we had a bond that was so close. About a week after he was gone something in the middle of the night woke me up slightly and I felt a cat jump on my bed and walk around on the blankets. It felt heavy like it was real. I instantly thought it was my cats spirit coming to see me but I was too tired to look and I fell back to sleep within seconds. I don't have any other cats so it couldn't have been that. It was such a cool experience and I love to believe that he is in spirit somewhere.
  16. @HazyHazy. I really believe in animal spirits and I have experienced it many times. When I was in my 20's my mother had our pet poodle put to sleep because she was getting old and suffering, couldn't see and had lots of issues. Anyway, before she died she would be downstairs every morning when I would get ready for work or school. My house was kind of creepy because we had spirits in it at times and I didn't really like being alone downstairs at times getting ready. Robin my dog would be there and would just watch me every morning getting ready. She was just fascinated when I would brush my hair. After she died I still felt her there watching me and it gave me comfort I would also hair the dog collar brush up against the floor or here her walk across the kitchen floor.

    Years later I was taking pictures of gerbil tanks I had to show friends online, and later on I looked at the picture and noticed in the background there was a hamster cage and a gray blur in it. I blew up the picture and realized it was a hamster in it that had pasted away, it was her spirit looking right at me as I took the picture. I don't have this picture no more, but I did post it years ago on a couple of websites.

    Also, in the house where I use to live, and the apartment I live now, I will see or hear my cats play with something then nothing is there. Also in the house I use to live my husband and I saw a few cats then they would vanish. And in the apartment I am now I saw a black cat or a dark gray cat at first I thought it was one of my cats but then it vanished. I think it is kind of neat that I have a ghost cat that may play with my cats. It is like them having an extra friend.
    #16 Tantra, Oct 19, 2011
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  17. Thats very cool @TantraTantra. I wish I had more signs of him but that's all I've experienced. It makes me sad to think he died on memorial day. Soon after, I started looking into pet reincarnation, I don't know if i should believe in it or not but it made me feel better. He was so unique I just don't want his spirit to disappear. I'm glad you believe in animal spirits, it's always nice to hear when people believe.
    #17 Hazy, Oct 19, 2011
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  18. @HazyHazy I am sorry you lost your cat/baby on memorial day. 7 years ago my cat got hit by a car, she was my first black cat. Her and I were so close. I literally wanted to be buried with her when she died, it hurt that bad. After that over the years she would appear in my dreams and show me warnings...then those things came true and because she warned me those bad things did not happen. So I think at times she is my spirit guide in my dreams, or my familiar. I really believe that if you have a strong bond like you did with your cat, they will still be with you looking after you even after they pass on.
    #18 Tantra, Oct 19, 2011
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  19. @TantraTantra thats so neat. I must not be spiritually aware or something lol I don't notice apparitions but it would be fascinating to see one every now and then.
    #19 Hazy, Oct 19, 2011
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  20. We all have the ability to do this. Through meditation and getting more in touch with the 5 senses you are already aware of and feeling them more, this helps open up the 6 sense more, and other meditation practices. I also read on another forum how to meditate and find out who your spirit guide is, and this has really helped me.
    #20 Tantra, Oct 19, 2011
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