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Ever Had Surgery

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, May 24, 2012.

  1. I've gone through my fair share of surgeries in my life - from the removal of a "piece" of metal from my left chest wall - to doing ECT-treatments, but now, I'm schedule to go under real soon to get my gallbladder removed.

    I also had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago.

    So have you ever had surgery? If so, what happened?
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  2. I've only had dentist treatmeant. I bet that cost you a fortune :eek:.
    Thank you lord for we have FREE NHS in the Uk.
  3. Health insurance is great. I didn't pay too much to get my wisdom teeth pulled.
  4. I got six (yes 6) wisdom teeth removed; 4 surgically. End of list ^^
  5. Just once myself. when my ankle was shattered, but the recover time was what killed me. XD But then again i was in a cast.
  6. I've never had any surgery before, but I want to eventually get some kind of laser eye surgery because I'm so blind without my glasses. Honestly, though, the idea is terrifying. Especially since you're awake during that kind of thing and I'd pretty much be blind until I recovered.
  7. Well, I had to get this flesh thing that connects your bottom lip with the part below your bottom teeth replaced to a lower place, as it would not allow my braces work according to my dentist. As a result, my chin went lower.
  8. I had my gallbladder out.

    I got it out because of the painful attacks I kept getting.

    Instead of gallbladder attacks, I now get little pockets of air from the surgery that travel around my body and cause me excruciating pain! :3
  9. [SUB]^^^^

    .. That.. that sounds painful. O___O

    The thought of surgery alone scares me. I vaguely remember one time when I was rushed to the hospital because I accidentally cracked my skull. -.-'' Only a little though, but I really don't remember what happened. Haha..[/SUB]
  10. I also had my gallbladder removed, but there were no complications with mine ):

    The women in my family have a history of gallstones, so I recognized what the terrible pains I was experiencing were rather quickly. I think I just ended up getting them at a younger age because of the BC I was taking, perhaps.

    Anyways, mine went very smoothly (Except I had a strangely rational panic attack after it) and the lack of frequent chest pains after eating is relieving.
  11. How long ago was it since you got it removed? Have you gone back to the doctor and told them about your new pain? If so, what did they give you?
    @EncodeEncode My mom had hers removed at 22. I'm 22. I wish I didn't have to get it done, but its for the better of my health. The burn/pain really sucks that is caused by gall bladder.
    #11 cpvr, May 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. Yeah, mine was when I was 19 :/ My mother didn't need hers removed until 5 years ago or so, so I think she was around 33.
    I had no qualms with having mine removed - by then those pains were happening so frequently that cost of surgery was well worth the result, I just wanted them gone XD Unfortunately it ended up costing me even more than it needed to, because I went to the ER about the pain twice, and they didn't believe me.
    #12 Encode, May 24, 2012
    Last edited: May 24, 2012
  13. I've had quite a few...lasik is the only "good" one, ha. The rest were all reproductive-related for cancer/pre-cancer, cysts, ectopic pregnancy, and similar. I've had a lot of issues with doctors not believing me when I'm in pain. After getting married, I finally had the opportunity to see some amazing doctors thanks to my husband being in the Navy. They basically said that I'm to expect pain/complications like this for life unless I get a hysterectomy...and since I desperately want kids, that's obviously not happening for a while :p

    I haven't been unconscious for any surgery...THAT is the part that scares me. The idea of possibly dying and never knowing it...yeesh. But then again, the idea of dying while I'm awake and can feel it isn't any more appealing, haha.

    When I had the cancerous cells removed, that was the worst surgery ever. I blame it completely on the doctor...she didn't keep her eyes on me (kept looking away) while the weapo--err, slicer...was cutting me. I actually felt the cutting and the anesthetic suddenly quit working. I screamed and kicked and the #$&@* laughed...she was like "oh, you couldn't have felt that, I used painkiller!"...UGH. I healed hella fast from it, though, so that was a relief. Most of the surgeries I've had I've felt the sensation and pretty much known what they were doing, but I haven't felt pain for them. Now THAT is a weird feeling, haha.
  14. Boo. I've never had surgery.
    And frankly, I'm interested on how it'll feel if I was going through one. /weirdjak

    I've got a friend who's been through a fair share of surgeries in her life. Mostly on her legs as she's in a wheelchair for life. Her dentist didn't believe her when she told him to up the dose on the anesthetic because she's built up some serious resistance against it. Took them like 4 regular doses before it kicked in. lulz "Told you so. :/"
    xD She's awesome.
  15. I've been to the ER twice already. Two weekends in a row because of my gall bladder. Those stupid "gall stones". Also, how long were you in recovery when you got yours removed? I'm trying to find out how long I'll be out of action - because I go to the gym like everyday and I know I might have to take a few days off because of the surgery.
  16. I've had minor surgeries to remove sebacious cysts from my head. Then I've also had a c-section now. The c-section while it was happening was the most terrible thing I've ever exerienced in my life it was so unimaginably painful. The recovery wasn't too bad though... sneezing was pretty unpleasant though.

    Josh had his gallbladder removed... it wasn't too bad he said. He has also had a hernia fixed and that was horrible for him.
  17. What type of hernia did he have? Where was it located? How did he get it? How long was Josh in recovery with the removal of his gallbladder? Did he have any restrictions? If so, what were they? (sorry, trying to get answers)
  18. I only had my wisdom teeth pulled but i wouldn't consider that surgery .
  19. Yeah, it's costly to go to the ER too many times, so I stopped even when I was in a lot of pain, because I knew they wouldn't do anything for me until my meeting with the surgeon. He said they should have sent me to him right away though .n.

    I was out for about 2.5 weeks, but I think it could be a lot less if you take your pain killers and don't move around much. I couldn't stand the feeling of being on Vicodin and stopped taking it, which led to more restlessness, which led to a longer recovery time.
  20. I've had my wisdom teeth removed (although I don't really ever think of that as surgery, even though it technically is) and had a microdiscectomy on L5-S1 in my back when I was 18. Herniated disc was pinching my sciatic nerve, making my left leg feel nearly completely numb unless I was in bed in certain positions that relieved the stress. I have felt pretty good ever since! If it happens again, I will need a spinal fusion, which scares the doo out of me. I'm too young for that, and I was a great athlete that same year that my back basically fell apart on me. It's just crazy how things can happen to your body that you never expect.

    The pain was awful, though. Never would I wish for anyone to go through that.

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