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Fauna for sale-full pet game

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by sammysmee, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Due to unforseen circumstances i am having to sell Fauna. I can no longer work on it and it is laying to waste on my server.

    I would like to sell it to a serious buyer who plans on reopening it or at least using the artwork and recoding it.

    It is a huge full game with art, towns, flash games, PHPBB forums and all the usual pet game features.

    What you get
    - Over 40 Gorgeous Pets which are colour customizable.
    - 100's of images, including Items, pet morphs and NPCS.
    - Full working php game with community forums intergrated.
    - Full database. (game is ready to run)

    Game Features

    - Pet colour system*
    - FLASH avatars
    - Ajax technology. (loading pages)
    - Bug and Fish collection
    - Token System (paypal)
    - Training Grounds
    - Nursery
    - Premium Membership
    - Hatchery & Adoption center
    - Breeding
    - Battle Arena
    - Explore (beta)
    - 5 Flash games
    - 10 non flash games
    - Auction House
    - Marketplace
    - Shops
    - Quests
    - world map
    - Full inventory (feed, play, heal etc.)
    - All item types (food, toy, potion, boosters, treasure chests...)
    - Live Shoutbo
    - Mail
    - Guilds
    - Display Cabinet

    * I am selling the rights to use this feature , but not exclusive rights, which means i may want to use this php code in any future projects.

    Game stats

    Players: 1,835
    Items: 384
    Pets: 43
    User shops: 245
    Pets owned: 2242

    Screenshots & Example Images:


    I can add more screenshots of any of the features so just ask :)

    Obviously i am only looking for serious Buyers who wish to do something with this.
    If you are serious and would like to purchace please EMAIL ME ONLY at

    I am accepting offers.

    I will be selling exclusive rights to this game, which includes the url
    Please email for more info.

    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    Still for sale as of 23/12/11 - Please contact me with offers. Looking for a quick sale now as had alot of time wasters.
    #1 sammysmee, Nov 13, 2011
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2011
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    I'm not intending to buy your website, however would you care to share with potential buyers how much you think the site is worth? How much are you expecting to sell it for?

    Have you considered selling off parts of it if unsold? (For example, the games, the images etc).
  3. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    I'm looking for something in the range of at least $2000-$4000 for the entire game. This is a completly ready to go game, with high quality artwork, unique avatar and pet colouring systems, so i feel it's definatly worth it.
  4. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    Preview of the pet colouring system:


    You can change 4 areas of your pets design. Body colour, eye colour, Patch 1 and Patch 2.
  5. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    2000-4000 seems like a great deal, especially for the features and adorable art.
    I loved this game.
  6. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    Thanks Bexxy.. i loved making it, though i just don't have time now, and it'll get lost on my harddrive :( i want to sell it onto someone who can really make something of it :)
  7. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    This seems full of potential. :) At least you're selling it so it still stays alive!
    Sorry I already have the basic for my virtual pet site. D: Love the art though!
  8. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    Game with "default" theme applied.

  9. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    That is only the cutest thing I have ever seen! ;W;

    I have the money, but I don't know if I'm quite experienced enough yet to know how to devote time to it properly.

    It's my dream to own my own site like this, so I will definitely think about it... :D

    Do you think you can give me an estimate of how much it takes to run per month?
  10. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    I didn't spend any money on it due to the fact I did both code and art, the staff were voluntary :)
  11. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    This virtual pet site is an excellent pet site.
    If I had the money at this time, I would almost certainly buy it.

    But.. unfortunately I do not.
    If Eeviechu buys it, I'm sure a lot of pet site owners would help her with how to run it.

    Hope this amazing virtual pet site gets sold to someone good!
    You've done a good job on it Sammysmee. : )
  12. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    Any interest in selling on contract? I used to do programming for TeriPets before things got..... ridiculous with the owner. I'd love to open up a petsite. I have full stock of flash games custom made just for the occasion. Cant send Pm. I lost my old account info on here . Its been a while since I been so I had to make a new one. Thanks.
  13. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    I may be interested in purchasing this, I will shoot an email.
  14. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    It's really nice site! I'm sad you don't want to continue with it though, it looks like it has real potential :(
  15. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    Make 5 posts and you'll be able to send PMs.
  16. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    Oh wow, that's pretty awesome then! But what I wanted to know is how much things like the domain and webserver and such cost each month. Gotta think about how much it's going to cost me so I can discuss with my fiance xD
  17. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    I sent you a message about it but haven't heard back...still interested in selling?
  18. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)


    She said email only :)
    #18 marvelhose, Nov 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    You can tell my reading comprehension is really impressive....

  20. Re: Fauna for sale (full pet game!)

    Fauna is open again, feel free to take a good look around it :)

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