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Favorite ice cream

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Ice cream is so good sometimes. I like Rocky road, bomb sticks, cookies in cream, sherbet, and others.

    What's your favorite ice cream though? Do you eat ice cream often? I'll admit, I use to eat ice cream a lot more than I do now. I only have a bowl of ice cream every two weeks or something, its a great snack.

    So, what's your favorite ice cream? Feel free to share some brands, images and names!
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  2. I had a Ferrero Rocher flavour ice cream yesterday. I can't even remember the last time I had ice cream before then.
  3. Moosetracks is my favorite : ) I also like cookies and cream and cookie dough.
  4. O.O I wants!!!! Ive never seen that :(

    I love mint chocolate chip and balies haggardness :)
  5. Cake Batter, Cookie Dough, Moosetracks, Panda Paws, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum and anything with Chocolate and Peanut butter inside of it are my fav ice creams xD
  6. Anything Ben and Jerrys for me, particular brownie or caramel one.

    Regards, Paul.
  7. Strawberry <3
    I also like Mint-chocolate.
  8. Hands down, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The best ice cream I've ever had, that nothing else would ever compare. :wub2:
  9. we dont get flavours like the ones you are all describing (cookie dough sounds amazing<3 )
    but my favourite is cookies and cream:)
  10. Cookies and Cream, Green Tea, Ferrero Rocher, Mars, Tim Tam.. these are just a few of my favourite flavours! I used to eat ice cream all the time, but I haven't had any for a while. I've cut back on sugar a lot!
  11. I like that one too. If I go to Dairy queen, I put reese's peanut butter cups in it as well. My family bought this ice cream the other day and it was so good:

    Cookies and cream is so good. I don't think I've tried green tea ice cream yet though.
  12. God damn, cpvr, that looks incredibly decadent!! *w*

    Green tea ice-cream or froyo is fabulous with delicious chewy mochi. Maybe some red bean if I'm feeling for it.

    I also remembered this childhood favorite called Chocolate Cake. It's a Hong Kong brand I think. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup swirls, studded with chunks of chocolate cake. <3 Daayum.
  13. Do you have any pictures of them? When its my birthday, I always have ice-cream cake. It's a whole lot than regular cake - in my book. ^.^ Ya, that ice cream box was gone in like two days. My brothers and I killed it.:style
  14. Strong chocolate and strawberry!! Gosh I love those flavors.
  15. I love coffee ice-cream with cookie bits. It's just de-lish! I also love chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream, but I prefer coffee over it. ^^
  16. Coffee ice-cream is so good as well!

    So, when you're craving ice cream - where do you go to buy it?
  17. I am a bit worried of trying B&J as I might get addicted. :p

    I love anything to do with caramel.
  18. Ben n Jerry's, Talenti, Carvel, Mr. Softee, I love ice cream.. :)
  19. This ice cream was good hands down. I went out to eat with my girlfriend, and I got this:
    ice cream.jpg
  20. Chocolate, vanilla, caramel and kiwi are my faves.

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