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Firefox 13

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Evolution, Jun 11, 2012.

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  2. Chrome for the win. I haven't used Firefox in a long time.:laugh:
  3. I solely use Chrome, but for firefox I use for website testing basically.
  4. I haven't used Firefox in a while. Chrome FTW!
    Gawds. I used to remember when it was faster. @_@
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  5. I use Rockmelt, which is just Chrome with some nifty bars on the side to let me know when certain favorite websites have updated. I can turn off these 'bars' and then it'll just look like Chrome all over again.

    I only use Firefox to play games that Chrome or Rockmelt can't load, like Kongregate.
  6. I like the new smooth scrolling; bout time too since Chrome has had it forver.
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  7. Voice 1:

    I've had no issue loading things on Kongregate, or any other Flash content, while using Chrome. Is it only particular games? Otherwise, something sounds wrong on your end.
  8. There is actually! I can't even load Chrome's store for apps and it even gives me the red screen if I go on their own sites like Google or Gmail. Silly right? Apparently it had to do with my laptop's clock, but I've tried again and again to fix it.. Alas, to no avail. So I'm stuck with this method of jumping through browsers until I get a new laptop.
  9. Voice 1:

    I'm guessing you've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and disabling your extensions/plugins. You're right, it's odd for something like that to be the result of a clock. Is the clock out of sync?
  10. Aaalll those, even as far as downloading software and inputting codes that was supposed to make everything okay. I was even so close to formatting my entire computer!

    I know, it was really hard for me to believe that the problem was actually my clock but this answer just showed up in a ton of forums. I'm not sure if my laptop clock is out of sync or not anymore - I hitch it up to sync with different internet clocks to just help get it right, and even manually tried to fix it (staring at the internet clock and clicking OK when the time is right).
  11. Voice 1:

    Reformatting seems like a bit of a hassle for something that would only possibly help. Is it all Flash content that doesn't work?
  12. Hmm, my Chrome is really picky. Some flash games work, some don't. Like Kongregate. It hates Kongregate, but it likes Newgrounds for some odd reason.
  13. The biggest peeve about Firefox 13 is how Google Toolbar isn't compatible with it. It's very annoying. *sighs*

    I've been contemplating moving over to Chrome, but I remember Firefox before it became famous. That was around the time Mozilla had a browser just called "Mozilla" lol.

    Anyway, it's hard thinking of letting it go. I'm sentimental to it.. A lot of memories, y'know? D:
  14. Voice 1:


    It's particularly baffling that it's not even consistent. There's a few other vague guesses I could make that might alleviate something, but you've probably tried all of it already. Well, at least you have a workaround for now.


    I was partial to Firefox right up until the moment I tried Chrome and saw all my issues with Firefox solved, and a return to the very reason I first moved to Firefox. If you really want to be thorough, spending a few days or a week using alternative browsers ought to give you some perspective. It's why I keep the latest version of four major browsers around, anyway.
    #14 electric_blue_kirby, Jun 11, 2012
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