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Flight Rising Community [7/19/13]

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by Des, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone,

    We'd like to start out by saying we want to ensure that Flight Rising is a welcoming place for all races, cultures, religions, sexual indentities, gender identities and handicaps. We will not condone bigotry or hatred towards any group for any reason.

    It came to our attention that Thrage made offensive comments on his personal facebook. While he has apologized for his comments, things that are said cannot be unsaid. We would like to make it very clear that these comments do not represent the views of Flight Rising. As such, he has opted to step down from his role as a site administrator. In addition, we have made contributions to the Epilepsy Foundation andPoint Foundation.

    Thrage's statements were harmful and hurtful. We therefore believe it is fair that he resign from his position of authority. Our players should never feel uncomfortable talking to an admin or bringing issues to staff attention. Thrage will be taking a leave of absence from the site. However, in the future he will return in a programming capacity to continue work on the coliseum and systems he created for Flight Rising, not as an administrator, and purely on the back end. @Undel, @Xhaztol, and myself will still be here to assist everyone and keep everyone informed of goings-on, so please do not be afraid to speak with us.

    We wanted to be up-front about what is happening so there is no misinformation about who is working on the site, and in what capacity. If you decide you no longer wish to play Flight Rising due to this, that is something that we both respect and understand (although we will be sad to see you go!).

    It is our highest hope that Thrage, and others, learn from this experience. If you were one of the people hurt by his comments, we encourage that you take him up on his offer to speak to him directly if you feel you have things he needs to hear. No good can come from situations like this unless people make an effort to talk with one another and learn from their mistakes. It is hard to do when you have been hurt, but it does not stop the cycle.

    For our photosensitive friends:
    Our games will always bear the photosensitive/epilepsy warning; however we will do our best to make our games as accessible to as many people as possible. Shock Switch Beta has been given a trial no-effects mode with the flashes and visual effects removed to better accomodate our sensitive players. (Warning: the blocks will move slowly upward, fall downward when their supporting structures have been removed, and swap position when you click them them. There is still movement in the game. If you begin to experience any of the symptoms of a seizure, immediately stop playing and consult a doctor.) In the Jigsaw revamp with larger working area and puzzle tray, Thrage has been working on a mid-tone background; the white background and dark puzzle pieces created issues for some users, and this change should help to make Jigsaw more accessible.

    Thank you for playing our game.

    Flight Rising Admin Team.


    lmfao this pisses me off so much, bunch of whiney ass kids and staff.
    People need to mind their own business and leave offsite matters offsite. I feel bad for thrage, complete invasion of virtual pet site origins kickstarter
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  2. I don't know how to feel about this considering the fact that the community and userbase are probably the main reason that the majority of people who are done playing have stopped playing. I know I'm going to be ignoring the forum from now on. It really is like stepping into the depths of the worst social justice blog and trying to claw your way out with facts and differing (but not harmful) opinions only to be beaten back down with claws and spit and piss and negativity. The real disgusting part is the self-congratulating for all their hateful. Like someone said before in another thread, it's also probably what a typical Westboro Baptist Church gathering is like. Just because you're fighting for issues on the other side of the fence doesn't make your approach any more noble. ;)

    I think Flight Rising did everything right with Thrage, but they need to do something about the community and do it fast.
  3. ....I'm probably going to get hammered for this (go nuts if you dare) but I've been following the madness on tumblr and I think it really got blown out of proportion. People were selectively taking "the worst" pieces out and cropping out the rest, where are when you looked at it as a whole... the dude's entitled to his own damn opinion. If that's how he feels about his own personal preferences... then let him be. I don't think it that "unprofessional" that he had his own opinion off site. I mean, who doesn't? Everyone has their own opinions and no one is going to like everything you say. I think he got lynched, to be honest. I think the FR staff did everything they could do to save face, but they shouldn't have had to. Amazing how people fly off the handle and how fast mobs start...

  4. I don't like what he said about trans* and pansexual people, but I can kind of grudgingly accept that's his view, and as long as he doesn't mistreat me for my identity or discriminate, we'll get along. But that's my own personal mantra, because I don't want to confront every single person who disagrees with my identity. Life's too short for all that stress and given where I live and how close-minded people can be here IRL, I'm too used to people not caring anyway and being unwilling to learn and understand. I respect other marginalized individuals' right to confront people and do so aggressively - I'm just not one of them to do it.

    But he did joke about causing his users with epilepsy to suffer seizures, and then blamed them for their suffering. That is FR related and unprofessional.
  5. I cannot help but feel unimpressed but at the same time impressed...Giving them their due, they acted and showed no mercy which a few sites I have seen in the past have given people multiple second chances. This shows their willingness to act and are unbiased towards others BUT I do not play the game so I have no clue what the community is like. May someone explain the community to me?
  6. @CitadelCitadel
    It seems like right now it's pretty much separated.
    Some send deaththreats, and made public blacklists of the people who didn't think Thrage should be treated so harshly.
    Idk, it was just a mess.
    #6 The Little Tree, Jul 20, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. That does sound horrifically out of control... :/
  8. I do feel like the admin were unnecessarily bullied into making that announcement. In my opinion, it should have been enough for Thrage to announce himself that he was going to leave his position as admin.

    After reading some of the vitriol coming from that userbase I will not be participating in the forums at all. I love the game mechanics, art and the FR team too much to leave.
  9. Can anyone link me to the(se) posts Thrage made?

    I feel like I can't give a very good answer cause I don't know what was said.
  10. I think there's fault on both sides. Thrage very much caused all the mess by not only having dangerous views on Trans* and Pansexual people, but also bullying and laughing about the epilepsy fits people were having. I myself have no issues with light sensitivity but I suffered headaches directly after playing their shock switch game. Then the situation was blown out of proportion by Users on site.

    I think a lot of people need to get their panties out of a knot and let Thrage finish a few of the games and coding. Then the site needs to buy the coding from him and he needs to be sent off. Either that, or conform to a equality course on how to conduct yourself.
  11. Bad staff member with terrible views who had it made public (for some unknown reason, probably by competition you know hmmm?)
    Staff who are bullied by the players and are forced to make a public announcement when him stepping down should of been enough.
    A nasty community who are ran by no staff members so they think they have some sort of power.
    Everyone is running around flinging shit and acting like their head is cut off.

    Need I say more.
  12. Seriously lol. Honestly it feels like Thrage is not only being bullied by the community considering they went out of their way to expose his facebook on FR. But now he's being point out upfront in the new post, making it seem like all of it was his fault. Gotta be kidding me.

    People have differing views, the world isn't perfect and not everyone will get along with one another. If his facebook wasn't part of FR then it had no business being exposed as such being related. He's allowed to think and do as he wishes, I don't see any reason why he should be getting crap from FR when it has no relation to begin with.

    The epilepsy thing was bad, yes. And that is FR related, so action could be done against it. But the other mess? No, people need to suck it up and live their own lives. One guys opinion isn't going to make the world stop spinning.
  13. Personally I think that Thrage expressed himself way too bluntly and without regard for the fact that someone would be hurt. That's a choice you can make when you are a private individual, not so much when you are affiliated with a parent company, particularly one that is heavily invested in public relations. On the other hand, I did not see anything that could be construed as "dangerous views" or any "bullying and laughing" about the epilepsy fit that one person apparently suffered.

    The fact that someone has a view that disagrees with your views does not make them dangerous. I've seen a lot of comments like "people who say things like this are the ones that hurt people irl!" and personally I feel that these comments are just as out of line as Thrage's comments ever were. Those who are claiming that they promote tolerance and open-mindedness on the one hand while maintaining that others with opposing views are dangerous, criminal, etc., expose themselves as hypocrites. I'm also seeing a lot of cases of people taking his comments out of context and misrepresenting them, either intentionally or by people simply caught up in the drama.

    Yes, the comments he made were wince-worthy and very ill-advised and hurtful.

    He also made negative comments regarding religion. Well, I'm a Christian. But I can tolerate the fact that not every person has positive views of religion, and that some people in fact have extremely poisonous views of it. If you think that the situation is different because "Christians don't get bashed the way pansexuals/trans/bi etc. people do" well, think again. Times have changed. Depending on where you live and what sites you frequent online, Christians these days are routinely subjected to harassment, are belittled and flamed, are instantly judged by others simply based on the fact that they are Christians. I have been through a situation where I was living in a house where the upstairs tenant who was sub-letting the basement suite turned out to be rabidly anti-Christian, and I was subjected to screaming verbal abuse, being treated with disdain and disrespect, and he continually threatened to kick me out and not return my damage deposit, which would have left me homeless and unable to afford the deposit for another place to live. That's just ONE example of the kind of experiences I've had at the hands of those who hate Christians.

    There's a difference between someone who verbally, physically or emotionally ATTACKS another person because of a clash of beliefs, and a person who simply does not share your beliefs. The fact that a person who owns a site, business, restaurant, etc that you frequent has beliefs that you find to be offensive, or who finds YOUR beliefs to be offensive, does not mean that they are automatically "dangerous" or that they are somehow out to attack you.

    Tolerance is about respecting the RIGHT of other people to have their own beliefs - tolerance does not mean forcing other people to accept YOUR beliefs. Tolerance does not mean setting up a series of beliefs that are considered "right" and that everyone must accept as "right and good" in order to be accepted by society.

    While I did find his views to be offensive, the fact that other people have views that I find offensive is not going to kill me. It certainly doesn't make the site somehow "unsafe" or "dangerous", especially considering his remarks were not even POSTED on the site.

    I think this whole thing was blown waaaaaaaaaay out of proportion, mostly because there is currently a "Lord of the Flies" dynamic going on on the FR forums, with a whole lot of users, many of whom appear to be young and/or immature, and no moderation. The nonsense with the death threats, crude remarks, harassment and public blacklisting should have been stopped immediately and appropriate actions taken against the offenders. I think the dialogue would have remained a lot more cool and mature if that had been the case. Hopefully once a batch of mods are hired, that will prevent this sort of thing from getting out of control in future.

    As for those who want Thrage to be "fired" from the parent company... he is part OWNER of the company. Even if they wanted to, it's not as simple as "kicking him out/firing him", not that I necessarily think this would be appropriate in any case.
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  14. @Onyx
    Well put my friend, well put.
    I don't even know what is going on, but I looked at the link posted in this forum to the tumblr that had the screenshots of the convo. This was all blown way out of proportion as far as I can tell from a third party view.
    So one guy has a different opinion that another. Oh no. How about we all agree to disagree? :/
  15. Though he himself is getting bullied and shoved in the dirt, I agree with. Their doing the exact opposite of defending. But he got his own ass in trouble. He should of hid his real name from everyone but people he knew, specially with opinions like his.

    I'm really glad this is made public because I really don't want to be supporting someone who thinks transgendered people are just "confused" and their genitals are mangled. I also don't want to support someone who laughs at people that are hurt from the games he made. I think people are allowed to have their own opinion, wrong or not, but if you make it viral and even include FR in one of your post then I do not feel bad for you.

    I think people are upset not because it's someone "one person thinks" but he's a admin of his own site, hes getting a LARGE income of their money that hes able to spend on food for himself. Their supporting someone who thinks their dirt, that's like shopping at Salvation Army knowing that they support churches and organizations that are anti-gay.

    But more importantly it's messed up on all sides. The community has no staff, the staff doesn't know how to keep their shit covered. Even though their trying to be professional, behind the curtain it's a joke.
  16. OK, but. Think of it this way for a moment.

    I grew up in a time when gay/bi/trans etc. people were considered to be social deviants by most of society and were treated very cruelly. And the number one reason that people figured it was OK to bully and belittle them was that "they brought it on themselves" for a variety of reasons.

    When we make excuses as to why it's OK to make an exception and bash on someone, or to take satisfaction from their being bashed... we're not promoting tolerance. We're merely defending our own set of beliefs.
  17. I dunno, I just think he has a right to his own opinions.
    In my head it's not any different than a bunch of christians telling people they're going to hell for sinning.

    It's all the same, one way or another it all goes down the same road.

    I'm just not bothered by any of it, but mostly because I grew a tolerance to it after being bullied and such over homosexuality.
    After a while it just got silly, I was wasting my time getting worked up over someone else's beliefs.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way saying what he said and such isn't wrong. It is. But I'm not going to waste my time making a big deal over one guy.
    I don't see why anyone else should, it should have just ended with a minimal step down from position. Not a huge ass post talking about how much he screwed up.
  18. It was one person making a mistake. I've no opinion on whether it should have been publicised but the way the special snowflakes in the community keep going on, I'm surprised the staff even still want to work at FR.

    They need Moderators to start patrolling the forums (this should've been in place WHEN the site launched, NOT afterwards). There's also nothing anyone can do about Thrage - if he's a shareholder of Stormlight Workshop, he'll still be entitled to a share of all and any profits generated by the game, regardless of whether people think otherwise.

    All FR staff should've revised their social media profiles and privacy settings when they launched the game.
  19. To be honest, if he's spending his pay on food.
    Is it really that worrying? I mean. You work to support yourself, naturally.

    But yes, FR needs a great deal of mods. Asap. I'll even do it.
    It's a community run site, with some major flaws in attitude here and there.
    It's not just this, other slight disagreements seem to be ready to be blown out of proportion.

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