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Flight Rising

Discussion in 'Sneak Peeks' started by Undel, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    If you're a member of flight rising, please leave a review or a comment on their profile.

    This topic was created prior to the launch of Flight rising and their creators were able to grow a larger fan base from our community.

    On the horizon is an exciting world of dragons, creatures, and exploration. Currently in development, Flight Rising will be a web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, warfare, adventuring, and collecting. Make friends, play games, and grow your clan!

    Video Preview - 9.7.12- Element Selection + First Dragon

    Video Preview - 9.14.12 - Blueprints, Genes, & Patterns

    Video Preview 9.21.12 - Apparel

    Video Preview 9.28.12 - Coliseum Part 1

    Video Preview 10.5.12 - Coliseum Part 2: Abilitystones

    Video Preview 10.19.12 - Gathering & Energy

    Video Preview 11.2.12 - Familiars

    Video Preview 12.1.12 - Skins

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    Flight Rising

    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
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    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Dragon Species

    Just a few of the dragon breeds available in Flight Rising.

    Fae Dragons
    Fae dragons are small, highly active creatures. They live in massive colonies with populations that number in the tens of thousands. Fae dragons spin their homes of tree sap that they cure with magic to become a beautiful golden amber. Their colonies are built on the sides of sheer cliffs or the trunks of massive trees, far out of the reach of other predators. Older colonies will often meet catastrophic ends, when the weight of too many dens takes the cliff side or tree down.

    Fae dragons eat insect type food exclusively, so you'd better be prepared to cater to their needs if you wish to add these tiny terrors to your flight!

    Physical Attributes
    Fae Dragons are the smallest existing dragon breed as of the alpha, weighing up to 3lbs. These tiny creatures have large wings and crests. Their claws are long and thin, and they have eyes that are extremely large in comparison to their head.

    Guardian Dragons
    Guardian dragons are true to their namesake. Upon coming of age and and leaving their nests, fledglings will seek out a worthy person, treasure, or location to stand watch over for the remainder of their considerable lives. Guardian dragons see the failure to keep their chosen charge safe as a terrible blight to their honor, and most will pine away rather than live with the shame of their failure.

    Guardian Dragons are not picky eaters, and will happily eat just about anything. You can feed them meat seafood plants, or insects. As such they're a low-maintenance addition to any flight.

    Physical Attributes
    Guardian Dragons are the largest existing dragon breed as of the alpha. They can weigh up to 16 tons and are up to 30 feet in length from neck to tail. Guardian dragons are quadrupeds and do not have opposable thumbs. They have batlike wings with 4 spines at the "hand" of the wing and 2 spines at the "elbow". These dragons have strong jaws, an underbite, and stiff fan-like armored plates along their face, limbs, and chest. Males have a beard under their chin.

    Mirror Dragons
    Mirror dragons are ravenous, feral creatures that consume their body weight in meat every month. Their four eyes serve two purposes; the larger back set allows them to see light, while the smaller front set allows them to see heat as they hunt. Mirror dragons are migratory hunters that run in large packs. After they deplete prey in one territory, they'll move onto the next. Other dragons view them as a nuisance.

    Mirror Dragons will eat a diet of meat and seafood. While they're not the pickiest of eaters, running out of both food types will leave them hungry, and they'd sooner starve then pick at plants or bugs. Make sure to keep your lair well-stocked, or you'll have a very toothy bit of trouble in your flight!

    Physical Attributes
    Mirror dragons are a muscular, medium-sized dragon breed, weighing up to 700lbs. They have a tough, leathery hide, and two pairs of eyes set in a hard, armored skull.

    After hatching, pearlcatcher dragons will immediately proceed to consume their eggshells before their wings have finished drying. Several hours later, they will regurgitate up a large, lustrous pearl that they carry with them throughout their lives. They are highly protective of these pearls; if presented with the dilemma of choosing to save their eggs or save their pearl, they will choose their pearl without fail.

    Pearlcatcher dragons will consume any plants or insects they can get their claws on. Keeping your lair well-stocked in these foods will mean that no one goes hungry.

    Physical Attributes
    Pearlcatcher dragons are a smaller dragon that can grow to the size of a very large horse. Females have a single horn on their forehead, while males have two, with a much smaller horn preceding the main one. Pearlcatchers have compact bodies and leathery wings. A short mane runs down the length of their head and neck, and tufts of fur can be found on their elbows, ankles, and tail tips.. Two long, sensitive whiskers grow from their muzzles, and they have large, mobile ears.

    Ridgeback Dragons
    The easy-going Ridgeback dragon is covered long spines. These dragons live in small family groups that they will spend the rest of their lives with. Ridgeback dragons rarely venture out into the world. On the rare occasions when they encounter a stranger, they will try their best to be friendly, inviting individual to stop and fish. The freshness of the fish may be a question worth asking.

    Ridgeback dragons are excellent fishers and eat seafood type food items. They're not adverse to fish that's been sitting around the lair for a day or ten: The aging just adds a little bit of extra kick!

    Physical Attributes
    The ridgeback dragon is a very large, tall dragon. They have spikes running down the length of their body and limbs, and males have a large forward-facing horn that continues to grow their entire life.

    Tundra Dragons
    The gentle tundra dragons are covered in thick, coarse fur. Tundra dragons are not the brightest of creatures. They survive by virtue of their toughness and ability to eat almost anything that grows. This allows them to have non-contested domain over harsh, barren tracts of land that other dragons are pleased to avoid. Tundra dragons are generally friendly, if lacking in manners.

    Tundra Dragons eat plantlife exclusively. If you wish to include these gentle dragons in your flight, be sure to have a good stock of veggies on hand, because they won't last long with these guys about!

    Physical Attributes
    Tundra dragons are one of the few furred dragon breeds native to Flight Rising. The males have lion-like manes that encircle their neck, while the females have a shorter chin ruff. Tundra dragons are one of the four starter breeds.

    Wildclaw Dragons

    Imperial Dragons

    Spiral Dragons

    Snapper Dragons
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  3. Items

    A handful of the items you might find while playing Flight Rising. In our development state we’re sitting on 750+ items. Pictured here are a few of the icons for our apparel, battlestone, gene changing items, treasure chests, and orphaned eggs.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Time Lapse Art

    Illustration Time-Lapse
    Every Friday Flight Rising's youtube channel releases a video. Some weeks it is a video previewing the gameplay of Flight Rising, on other weeks it may be an illustration time-lapse or Q & A. Here's a few of the time-lapses we've released. They showcase a little bit of the love that goes into each piece of our artwork.

    #4 Undel, Sep 7, 2012
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  5. Reserved. (All done reserving now. Just wanted a few posts on the front page for when there's updates. We'd rather post our updates in one thread rather than spam up multiple ones. :) )
    #6 Undel, Sep 7, 2012
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  6. Ahh! This looks so promising! This is the first time in quite some time I've been intrigued by a site


    "Inevitable E-Drama". Yes.
    #7 que, Sep 7, 2012
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  7. Yes, I remember spotting this on your tumblr and immediately followed the fb page. Very interested in watching the progress and can't wait to be able to play! :)
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  8. Now. I will stalk this thread like no tomorrow. 8I
    You have NO idea how long I've been stalking Flight Rising.

    It's not even funny anymore.
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  9. Very nice! I will definitely play it when it comes out.
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  10. It looks fantastic. =)
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  11. Hee hee. I might have half an idea of how long you've been stalking, jakdacrowe. We've been working on this forever. The entire website (art included) has been scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up 2.5 times >.>;;;; DERP

    Thank you for the nice comments! We've been working our hardest to provide a fun internet diversion that sucks up too much time. Next week's preview will showcase some of the blueprints you can use to unlock additional breeds & patterns, and previews of what those breeds and patterns look like. We'll also have an update with what happened with Leaf and Grumblecorns egg. I'm going to try and remember to keep it alive >.>;;;;; I have a poor track record with bebe dragons. I operate under the philosophy that if the eggs are able survive my horrible parenting, they'll be able to survive anything. No weakling dragons in my lair! *terrible parent*
    #12 Undel, Sep 8, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012
  12. EDIT: Actually, maybe even longer than that. I've had it in my bookmarks for so long, I had forgotten where I found the site.

    Now the scrapping and rebuilding, I obviously had no idea about. But I was guessing. 8I
    But I've had this site in my bookmarks for more than... 2-3 years I believe.

    #13 jakdacrowe, Sep 8, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012
  13. This should be a great one!:style
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  14. I am very, very impressed! Looking forward to the Battlestones & Coliseum video.
  15. Geez @UndelUndel. The choices you have in that poll.
    I AM TORN. /sob
    #17 jakdacrowe, Sep 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  16. We recut our preview video to be 3.5 minute shorter and to feature some of the music from the coliseum and journey portions of the game. :) It's slightly less painful then before, haha. I updated the first post to have the correct video.

    @jakdacrowejakdacrowe It's pretty hard to go wrong with choosing an element. So I wouldn't worry too much about it! =D
    @CorleoneCorleone We are too! That's probably the portion we're most excited to show off.
    #18 Undel, Sep 10, 2012
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  17. I can't wait for this. @.@
    It all looks fantastic.
  18. This is, without a doubt, the most professional pet game I've ever seen. The art is simply amazing. I am so excited for this - I think I have an idea of which element I'd like to play with already.

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