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found this in my junk mail...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Liz, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. found this in my junk mail...
    From: "Jagex Ltd" <noreply@jagex.com>
    Subject: Your account has received an infraction
    Size: 2898

    is this a scam? i do not even know jagex.
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  2. It looks like a junk email from a RuneScape phisher.
    Take a look at what I found here. Apparently you're not the only one.
    I wouldn't worry about it. I doubt it's legitimate.
  3. I got something like that a while ago saying I needed to update my account details on the site, so I researched what it was cause I wasn't sure if I'd joined the site or not, I'd heard of it though. Anyway Norton alerted me to say it was a phishy (ha!) site. So I collected the stuff together and found a contact for Runescape and posted it to them to say how basically this is going on etc. Thought it would be helpful :)
  4. Good pun :laugh:
    And good call :)

    How many times does this company spam you? Or was it that one time?
  5. okay thank you every one :)
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  6. I had it once about a year ago, couldn't tell you which email it was, it weren't my main one though. I was just doing a sweep of the other to clean them up, like when I go through my ebay accounts.
  7. Oooh I gotcha. :) You have quite a lot of multiple accounts O-O xD
  8. I find a lot of these in my spam and I find that this website is a helpful resource in finding if something is a phisher or not.
  9. No problem, hehe. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you, okay? :)

    @sidorak95 Helpful link :3 Thank you, I've bookmarked it.
  10. I don't think there's a limit on how many email accounts you can have? If there is I missed that bit of info XD

    I've got 20 email accounts, 7 ebay accounts, (only 1 is for buying, the other 6 exist purely for watching items - which is ebays fault for only allowing 200 items to be watched on an account) 3 DA accounts, X Neopets accounts, (they accused me of this when I spent years on my original so I thought fine I'll make multis now) 2 Evony accounts, 2 Facebooks (me and my fursona acc).

    I can't think of anymore, and those are all the ones on file 'Acc and Pw 2012' so thats about as up to date as its gonna get.

    Actually there was 2 Goatling accounts but technically 1 of them is a lost cause.
    #10 SpunkiSpirou, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2012
  11. @LizLiz Most of the time emails like this hit your spam box. When in doubt, don't read it, or click it, just delete it.
    #11 cpvr, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. Oh, I don't care how many accounts you have. xDD I think I have more than that, honestly, lol! I just brought it up curiously - I have a lot of email accounts because I went through a lot of phases. How about you? Do you just do a lot of business or went through a lot of phases also?
    Haha, I was just about to ask about dA. xD That's interesting, though. I can't remember how many dA accounts I have.. I think I have more than one but I've only had access to the one I have now, so I'm not sure.

    Lost cause? How come?
  13. The very first ones were under Max Bandicoot, then I went to hotmail and made a load of Manic Love ones. When Dragon Wintermoon came to be, that was on both types (yahoo and hotmail), SpunkiSpirou I think is Yahoo only. Then I made a load using as many alternatives of my name that I could. And then I've got random ones that no one can trace me back to - aka private ones. I can go back to most of the old ones because the passwords were logged in like my notebooks (I used to keep a notebook with me to write stuff in).

    I have the former SpunkySpyro one, last seen like 90weeks ago (I added it to my main one, I don't actually know the password for it). And then there's my main one, where I put up my 'art' which is mainly photography. And then the other one is for Fav'ing art.

    When I made it, I was told that you could change your username after joining, so I signed up as 'Manic' (attempting to revive Manic Love) and then I couldn't find how to do it change the username bit so I sent a message to Krisgoat about how to do that. And then I was clicking around on the site and suddenly my system went off completely.

    What had happened was the power station had a surge happen and the line we were on cut out, and this system is plugged into the mains because the battery broke (and I can't be asked to replace it). So when the power cut happened, system went straight off. The password for the 'Manic' account was written on a notepad, the notepad wasn't saved (yet), and Windows can't recover notepad files if it crashes.

    And the email for it was a newly created one, and even though it was entered on the 'Acc and Pw 2012' I hadn't saved changes to that file, so that was lost as well.

    So I started again and just mailed Krisgoat what had happened.

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