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FREE World Map*

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by kami, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. *Obviously with a catch xP

    FREE World Map!

    This world map /could/ be yours! Or anyone's for that matter. But I won't just hand it out to the first person who posts nor to the person who guesses a random number. In fact, ya'll will have to work for it.

    If you want this map or know someone who wants it, then tell me about it. But you gotta follow the rules.


    #1 You or the person you know MUST have a site, either in development or 'completed' (quotes as no site is ever complete).
    #2 Your reasons must be honest and legitimate.
    #3 Do not turn around and resell the map (this includes making up a fake dev site just to get it). I'm giving this away for free to people and sites who need it, taking that away from them is cruel and unethical.

    I must see /some/ potential in the site. I won't just give it to a site that I don't see going anywhere. It would be unfair to those who really need it for it to go to waste.

    Do NOT suck up to me, however cute and appreciating it is, it won't make you win. (You're welcome to do it anyway, as it makes me smile c: )


    So, tell me about yourself, your site, when you started working on it, what it's about, your goals (short and/or long), why you want the map, what you would do with the map, etc.

    If you're wanting it for a friend, tell me about them, their site, when it started, what it's about, their goals (short and/or long), etc. Don't be afraid to get your friend on here and have them fight for it as well.

    I'd love to hear stories about you/your friend and their history in the pet site world as well. Tell me all you can, you might end up saying something that makes me want to pick you.

    I'm looking for DETAILED answers to the above. I'm not accepting one sentence answers. Grammar and decent syntax would be appreciated as well. You are also welcome to come back and EDIT your post! Don't just post multiple times in a row, add on to your original, clean it up, make it neat, etc.

    Multiple people can all work together to get the image for any particular site as long as they follow the rules and all the above. Having multiple people fight for a site does NOT increase that site's chances of winning. One person can easily win over multiple people. It just depends on what is said.


    Now, the image above (without watermarks, of course) is not all you get. I'm willing to add/edit a few things as well all for FREE. Granted, the changes and/or additions must be small and/or minimal. I will also join in on the site and happily share my advice and knowledge that I have learned from over the years to help you make your site even better.

    I currently have no end date to this 'competition' as I don't know how much interest there will be in this map. However when I do decide on an end date, I will bump this thread up with the date so you can prepare your post for my final review.

    TLDR: If you didn't read the above, then you shouldn't bother entering.
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  2. good luck to people who enter this! :D It's so nice of you to do this Kami :D
  3. I was seriously thinking on biding on this I really liked it, and using it for other worlds on my site, but now having bad issues in my life and not sure if I will be able to even work on my site now for awhile or ever. Good luck for whoever gets this. This is super sweet of you Kami.
  4. this is very nice of you kami

    Good luck everyone

    Just kidding just kidding. Good luck finding somebody who will take care of that baby. : )

    Thanks everyone.

    @TantraTantra, you're welcome to try to win it since I'm not selling anymore. Hopefully things work out so you can keep your site <3

    And just a general @Everyone, this 'competition' will always be open until someone wins. So if no one tries out for months on end, this will still be available c:
    #6 kami, Jul 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. @kamikami, I may be selling my site. I don't want to, but the funds would help out my family to have extra money. I will be living in a motel after awhile and that gets expensive. But if I don't here from the person who previously offered, I will just get back to the site later on, because I won't have the funds to work on it for awhile. Also, if I end up keeping the site, later on I can always commission you to make me a different map.
    #7 Tantra, Jul 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. So I've heard. I really hope things work out for you, both with the funds and the site. You never know, this map might still be available, but if not, I'll be happy to accept the commission c:
    Best of luck!
  9. Well the buyer got back to me, and they wanted to make it complicated and talk on the phone with me and write up this contract. I don't have time for such things, I am about to be kicked out of my home anytime now and need to pack fast and get out of here. So I will be keeping my site and get back to it eventually after this crisis is over with.

    I will be interested in the map then. It will be for Akaskaen Forest, a site about worlds in another dimension. so this map would be sort of like a world within a world. I don't know what else to say.... well good luck to all of those who enter.
  10. You can let me know the details when you're settled (unless this one is still available and you would rather have this one. All up to you c: ).
  11. Yeah may sell my site after all now, don't know yet.
  12. I guess for extra incentive, I can throw in a free avatar as well to either go with the world map or whatever else you would like.

    Also: BUMP
  13. Bumping this up as this is also posted on PSU (Pro Sim Union) so the winner could be from either forum (here or there).
  14. I don't have my own site, but this little world sure does look great (and happy, pahaha :p). Come to think of it, I need to practice drawing maps and worlds and such.
  15. Teehee, looking at other world maps is what inspired me to make my own xD

    I got an offer on PSU! I don't have any date to end this, but just letting you all know in case you are interested!
  16. Very cool map. Good luck to whoever enters!
  17. Thank you :)

    /bumpin' up
  18. Been a few days, figured it was bump up time again.

    -World Map (With minor edits)
    -Avatar (Graphic)
    -Me as a member to help you with your site (For as long as you want/As long as I can)

    EDIT: Also throwing in a free item for whoever wins the map!
    #18 kami, Jul 26, 2011
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2011
  19. Week old bump :p
  20. Amazing world for amazing people.
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