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Furby product is coming back

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by cpvr, Apr 13, 2012.

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  3. I always considered them to be extremely creepy..
  4. HA! I knew they would come back. I should have took bets!
  5. This excites me!
    Hah I remember when I was little, I wanted one sooo bad, my parents wouldn't buy me one (I was like..8 i think), My friend had one, and let me "babysit" it over night, It wouldn't shut up, so I fed it milk out of my baby brothers bottle, and I broke it >.> My parents had to go out, and buy the same one to give back to her.
  6. Oh, these things are freaky.

    Didn't they learn the first time around with these little monsters?
  7. I had one.
    //gets massive flamethrower out >:C
  9. Don't worry furby
    I will always love you
  10. They look weird and even though my old furbies drove my crazy (did they have an off switch? I could never turn them off)... I'll probably buy one for nostalgia's sake.
  11. I had a white one once... scared me to death when it would go off so suddenly and randomly.​
  12. I had a grey one for over 10 years. Took the batteries out and destroyed the inside so no more could be put in and it still talked. *shivers*
  13. I love reading your stories they always make me smile :D (like the one about the dial-up)

    I had a red and orange one, called it Crash (Crash Bandicoot) and I thought it was the most awesome thing ever cause you could teach it to say new words, and ours (cause my sister used to play with it too) used to say "Crash, Coco" like from the game.

    Had it not started swearing I would still have it.
  14. Haha, Its like a child or baby. It repeats what you don't want it to xD
  15. Interesting... I think I like the original look little better though xD

    Remember having these when I was like 10ish
  16. The new ones eyes scare me a little.
    But I still want to get one, because of the new tech. they will have xD
  17. The thing used to speak in places where I least expected it to, it would appear.. then disappear. >->
    //thinks my big sister did that..
  18. When did you start saying this? Personally, I can see why they're coming back. Furby was a huge craze a few years ago. I wonder if they'll tie into an online-gaming experience. Like how Webkinz does it.
  19. That would actually get me to buy it. :) I love Webkinz and I collect all their stuffed animals since it involves gaming.
  20. They freak me out. Seriously.

    Just like the Smurfs. :c

    So this is what will cause the end of the world... Possessed furballs...


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