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Grophland.com Review (by Jemanita)

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Jemanita, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Jemanita

    Jemanita Newish Member VPL Member

    Jul 10, 2012
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    Review of Grophland by Jemanita​

    (I’ve included a ratings section and a more in-depth section on what I really love in the game. Umm. This review is my first review, and extremely unprofessional. I'm just expressing my view on the site, though.)

    Cuteness factor: ****-
    This is an average of three stars and five stars. Three stars for first-time players who might think that Grophs are a tad strange, five for the regular players who find them perfectly snuggably adorable!

    Originality: *****
    Grophs (the dominant species of Grophland) are a pet like no other- they are a cross between slugs and bouncy balls and have wings that resemble butterflies.

    Customizability!: *****
    (I know, I just made up that word for lack of a better one, I’m sorry!) Some pet sites (for example, Neopets) have pets that look exactly the same (apart from a few different colour choices). That’s very uninteresting, repetitive, and to be honest, a little lame. What’s the point of having five billion pets that look exactly the same? Luckily, Grophland isn’t like that- really, there’s an infinite number of possibilities for what your pet could look like (some factors are body colour, eye colour, hair gene, clothing items you decide on, etc.). No two Grophs are exactly the same.

    Grophland is fairly easy to navigate, and has a tutorial for new members.

    Fun: *****
    Dressing, breeding, training, alchemy, and above all, quests! Games, buying, selling, socializing, festivals, you’ll really be missing out if you’re not already a member.

    Site artwork: ***--
    The artwork on the site is top-notch. The perspective is perfect, colour choices are fantastic, and it’s overall high quality and lovely. However, some comparatively older images could be updated.
    *cough* All I put as examples were food items. *facepalm*

    Staff: ****-
    The Grophland staff is very friendly and helpful. They all have accounts and play like regular members and are part of the community. The owner, David, also has an account and mingles with regular members. The best part is that the admins are not intimidating, faceless gods who strike down poor souls without a second thought. They’re really nice, intellectual people you won’t be afraid to approach. There are almost always a few staff members online, so reaching someone will not be an issue. They are extremely quick to fix any bugs and are very receptive to feedback.

    Members: ****-
    The members of Grophland range from children, teenagers (from middle school to university students), and adults. It is not just a kids’ site! Everyone I’ve come across have been beyond friendly, kind, and generous. They’re people you can talk to, whether it be about your deepest thoughts or a cool-looking cloud you saw the other day. The members of Grophland are polite, helpful, talented, and smart. You do tend to come by some exceptions, of course, but they’re usually the wanderers that don’t come on regularly…

    The next section goes on to detailed explanations of the game. These are the most interesting parts, really, but if you absolutely need to skip and your life depends on it, skip to “Conclusionâ€!

    More about Grophland:
    Let’s delve deeper into its awesomeness.

    Grophs: These unique creatures come in a full spectrum of bright, dull, light, dark, pleasant, and eye-melting body and eye colours. They also have a variety of different hair genes, personality traits, and physical traits such as agility, strength, charm, health, and intelligence, as well as patterns such as spots and stripes. Different moods are also available, from miserable to ecstatic!
    (^^Three of the many expressions.^^)

    There are various things you can do with your Groph.
    Dress: There are 500+ beautiful clothing items to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you and your Groph will like!
    Play: Your Groph will definitely stay amused, since there are almost 100 different toys for them to fiddle with.
    Breed: This is self-explanatory. The colour of the resulting Grophling will depend on its parents’ colouring, as will its physical traits and personality. Fun fact, it is possible to breed twins!
    Train/battle: Grophs can battle with other Grophs. There are lots of pieces or armour to choose from, and many opponents you can select from in the Monster Pit, Battle Island, or other players’ Grophs. Traits such as agility, strength, and health come into play here, as well as intelligence (somewhat indirectly). You can train your Grophs in these areas at The Training School, Battle Island, or by feeding them potions.
    Feed: ‘Cause everyone loves food, am I right?! There are 300+ food items, from bacon to prapple juice!

    The Grophland Universe/General Information: The game revolves around the world, referred to as The Wurld (no, it’s not a typo). There are six-ish main islands (seven if you include Ellyria, a mysterious, magical island that appears during the full moon): the Fairy Isle, the Desert Isle, the Mainland, Tollia, Battle Island and the Jungle Isle. Within the Jungle Island lies Texolan.

    The currency of the game is GrophGold, more commonly referred to as “ggâ€. With it, you can buy almost anything (or at least items that aren’t bound to your account). Many people also sell their alchemy recipes or their art.

    Grophland has its own encyclopedia called the Grophlopedia, which lists every single item and has close to 100 articles on famous Grophs, the islands, Wurld history, April Fool’s Day jokes, holidays, and much more.
    [​IMG]Heehee, zombie Amadeus (the mayor of Grophtown) as an April Fools' Day Joke.

    Questing: Now, Grophland quests aren’t like the pathetic quests that other websites have, where some character asks you to bring a few items in ___ hours. No no no, Grophland quests involve more adventure! You have to solve puzzles, decode text, battle horrendous foes, venture into obscure places around the Wurld, and try to be the first to complete the quest (you can also team up with friends)!

    Alternatively, if you’re more into quests that require you to merely collect a few items in a set amount of time, there are various Grophs around the Wurld who offer you such opportunities, such as the Sea Witch, the Librarian, the Royal Chef, or George the Gardener.
    [​IMG] (The Sea Witch)

    Both types of quests can earn you avatars, but only from the first will you receive the truly special rewards.

    Alchemy: One of every member’s favourite thing besides questing is alchemy, or using two items to create a third item! There are five basic types of alchemy: general alchemy, cooking, scribing, chymestry, and floriculture. Cooking is alchemy creating food, scribing creates books, chymestry creates potions, and floriculture creates flowers. All players have an alchemy/cooking/scribing/etc. score on their lookups/profiles. Each recipe you learn adds one point. Discovering or “inventing†a recipe gives you bonus points.

    The Social Aspect: Grophland is a community, so obviously there’s going to be some social interaction, pssh. You can private message (Grophmail/g-mail) other users, or post on the forums. Some popular forums include: Plot, Story, and Quests, Adverts, Chat, Forum games, Help & Intros, Art, Grophfiction, and Features.

    The Features Forum: I love this too much to even skip it! Have you ever wanted to draw something for a site to use as an item?! When I joined Grophland the fact that they accepted item submissions was so amazing to me. It was my dream to submit and have my creations accepted as real items! Usually, Features will be open for certain themes, such as Halloween items, Kuak (a Grophland holiday similar to Christmas) items, facial hair, clothing, etc.
    Some items I've submitted:

    Final rating (out of ten): *********-
    Overall thoughts: Grophland is very down-to-earth, nothing super flashy and annoying and no Cash Store advertisements harassing players like other sites have. It’s obvious that a significant amount of dedication and effort went into it, and I think that that should be appreciated and even commended.

    You really couldn’t ask for a better virtual pet site. Obviously no website is perfect and all of them have their faults, but Grophland is a really lovely place to be, and I hope that you’ll be joining us!
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  2. Hituro

    Hituro Supporter VPL Supporter Pet Game Owner VPL Member

    Feb 1, 2011
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    Thanks for the review Jemanita!

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