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Has anyone ever stolen something from you

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. In life there's sometimes people that want to steal from you for whatever reason. Could be friends or could be family, so have you ever had anything stolen from your purse/wallet?
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    If so, what happened?

    So, have you ever had something stolen from you?
    #1 cpvr, Apr 24, 2011
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
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  2. I had a Ps2, several games and a memory card stolen from me before.
    Apparently, the robber had good taste in games! xP

    And do vending machines that don't give you what you want counts as being stolen from? Then a lot of my money has been stolen rofl.
  3. stealing is an ultimate form of disrespect. god help anyone if i catch them stealing from me in my own house, especially. That being said, I've only ever had my complete set of pokemon cards stolen from me when I was about 9 years old.

    i know who did it, and the dude is now 350 pounds and balding in his moms basement.

  4. stealing is absolutely horrible:/
    but ive never been stolen from... unless you count when i was 8 years old and all my classmates kept stealing my stationary and claiming it was theirs... haha
    i cant imagine how it would feel to have something major stolen :/
  5. Not really? :3
  6. Yes, I have had a couple of birds that I breed stolen.
  7. Got about... 5 to 10 memory sticks stolen in my 3 years in high school -_____- The most recent one that got stolen had a whole lot of school work, art, writing, and more in it. BLARG. Other people also steal my stationaries especially erasers and this type of three colored pen where there's also a mechanical pencil included... the ones I got overseas from Taiwan... eh. I got used to the whole thing already >>
  8. Yeah. -__- I hate remembering that though.</3

    How did you guys handle it?

    @Evolution you breed birds? What kind? :3 That's epic.
  9. Oh yes. I got my iPhone earplugs, make-up and cash stolen (a total worth of about $135) a couple of months ago at a place I thought was 'safe'. See, I was at my ex's place (my boyfriend at the time) with one of my best friends (let's call her Amy in this post) and her boyfriend one night. We had a few shots, talked, laughed and played poker/various card games (quite unsuccessfully, hah) for maybe two hours or so. The same night a really good friend and classmate of Amy was at a nearby pub with two of their other classmates, so we decided to invite them over. I hadn't met these two other girls before, but they seemed alright, and it was a pleasure to meet Amy's friend again. At some point, my ex and I were in one room and my best friend and her boyfriend were in another room (with the doors closed, so we weren't aware of what was going on in the other rooms), and the other girls were alone in the kitchen/living room. I don't think we noticed that they had left until we woke up the next morning. Anyway, I decided to go and get a bit fresh and went to take out my make-up bag in my bag. That's when I noticed that it was gone! I wondered if I had forgotten it at home, which I could've (but I couldn't find it anywhere when I got home) - so I asked everyone that had slept there if they had seen it, which they hadn't. I then noticed that my earplugs and some cash was gone, and Amy and her boyfriend noticed that they missed an iPhone charger and some cash. Amy decided to phone her friends to see if they knew anything about the missing stuff or if they had, in their drunken state, accidentally taken stuff with them - but no one said that they knew something.

    Since we had lost quite a bit of money and stuff we really wanted to get back we decided that we should meet, all seven of us, to discuss it. We had hoped that the person who had stolen the stuff from us would give everything back - there were several opportunities where the person could've just put it in my friend's locker and given her a note or something - but when nothing was ever returned. We were fairly certain of who it was, but we thought it was best to not confront anyone in particular. After a second or third meeting we decided that we'd split the cost between all seven of us (just because it wasn't just $10 or so), only that the girls should pay a bit more. So after about 1.5-2 months of wait and frustration I got about $90 of it back.

    I wish I never have to go through something similar again. It wasn't just hard and horrible to lose some of the make-up items I had bought online (which I can't buy anywhere in my country), cash and feel so "cheated on", sad, angry, frustrated and dumb - but it was also absolutely awful to know that one (or more) of these girls had done this to us and that we had to make innocent people in the group pay for the stolen goods. I'm glad that this event didn't have a huge impact on the relationship between me, Amy and her friend. I can't say that the trust between me and the two other girls is shattered, since we're all trying to just let it stay in the past, but I'd definitely be more careful now! I also hope none of you get to experience this :/
  10. Some students during high school would just bust into lockers and steal phones, iPods and everything else. What's even worse is when people would say "I'll hold your stuff in my locker", then bam, someone steals from that locker. It's all bullcrap.
  11. My friends know not to steal from me as I basically will give anyone what they want if they ask.

    I go to a boarding school and my roommate stole my debit card and charged $300 bucks to it.
    He got expelled from school and i took legal action.
  12. One thing that I hate is when one of my lighters come up missing. That's the only thing that seems to get stolen from me as of late.
  13. The only thing I really consider having been stolen from me was about $100 when I had gone to some theme park a few years back.

    I was standing in line at a restaurant and didn't realize someone pickpocketed me. (I had this odd little coin purse it was in that I'd had in my jacket pocket, it and everything else was gone; I had never had trouble keeping things in those pockets either)
  14. I had my bike stolen from me a few years ago. They were so stupid, they came back the next day to steal another bike but we saw them and they got scared and ran off.
  15. When I was 18 my apartment was robbed. They stole clothes, my cassettes (over $800 worth), my stereo, my bowling ball, my prom glasses, even my prom picture (wtf would they do with that?). Basically everything that they could carry. Getting wiped out when you barely have anything because you are starting out really blows. Huge setback and worse they took things that were worthless but memories for me that couldn't be replaced, like the prom photo and glasses.

    Over the years I've had things stolen, but never on that scale. Once someone stole our broken weedeater and then came by our house and tried to sell it to us. *rolls eyes* Just last summer some asshat stole the red lens off our truck for the taillight. How pathetic. Just go buy one from a junkyard. God. Came right into our yard and did it while we were at the store. Oh and also last summer someone stole the muffler and tailpipe right off our Jeep. Scrap metal thieves suck.

    Oh and also last year someone came up on our porch and stole my biggest tomato seedling. In the process they knocked over a whole flat and killed all the tomato seedlings in it, which were all I had. To replace them with store bought seedlings would have cost $200, not that I could have gotten those cultivars at the store, and it was too late to start more from seed. I wound up not having tomatoes except for a couple volunteer plants from the compost pile.

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