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Have you ever had a nightmare before?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. I know I haven't had a nightmare in years, but I do dream - I forgot what I dream about though, but basically my life, and where its going. I had a nightmare in jail before, and woke up in a cold sweat. I can't remember what it was about though. =/

    How about you? Have you ever had a nightmare? What happened with it? If you remember.
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  2. I've had several nightmares. From my Mother dying due to cancer, to my grandmother dying in her sleep, to murdering people that I've never seen before. Mind you, these things have never happened lol.
  3. Yes. x_x
    Mostly about zombies, ghosts, the world ending... that sort of thing. I HATE my zombie nightmares. They always leave me in a cold sweat when I wake up.

    My most recent nightmare was of where my dad died. My mom was so devastated that she wouldn't go to work, would barely eat, wouldn't get out of bed. So I had to get 3 jobs so I could support the family. Ugh it was bad.​
  4. @ Joy for some reason I love to have scary nightmares. For me it is like watching a scary movie, and I like scary nightmares. I love Zombie Movies too, so to have a dream like that would be epic for me.

    If I have had nightmares lately it is nightmares about my ex landlord and the house I use to live in. Other than that I have really long dreams about being at the beach and those are good dreams.
  5. i almost all the time have nightmares about my life and where its heading and these are frequent but the nightmares are normally about my school life and what it is at the moment but bullied more for being gay/bisexual then i always have nightmares on what my live could be in the future if it carried on and sometimes in these nightmares i end up dieng (suicide) or murdered

    shudders strange nightmares

    my other nightmare is about younger in my life when my dad beat me and things and i often have nightmares about that

    i hardly ever have a pleasnt dream and when i do the alarm clock goes to wake me up 5 minutes later
  6. @JoyJoy

    I had zombie nightmares too... but they were more... just humans turning nuts and burning everything!
    #6 GGitzOle, Sep 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. @GGitzOleGGitzOle lol that sounds more like a riot.

    In my last zombie dream, I was with my sister and my cat - the only family members that I had left, we were driving into town for fresh supplies. You know, guns and food. We were then attacked by a large group of zombies who were chasing the army down the street. We ran into this big garage where everyone was trapped. The zombies stopped and one stepped in front. They started talking about territory and food. (God I have weird dreams...) When the army denied their requests, the zombies ate them. My sister and I suddenly made it into our car which /somehow/ drove itself in the garage and we made it out.​
    #7 Joy, Sep 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. Now that I remember I had a nightmare 2 weeks ago. It was one of those half awake dreams. I was dreaming that something evil was in my bed and it was about to get me. I bolted out of my bed and grabbed my cat who was sleeping with me and my husband. I got out of the room and it dawns on me that I don't know where my husband is? Then I realize he is in bed and it was a nightmare and all was ok. My cat was sure looking at me weird, but he was purrring the whole time.
  9. Rofl, my poor cat suffers from those things almost every month. There's this picture on the internet where a dead person is under this girls bed. Which is why I sometimes freak out if I hear something in my room. And now a days I can't sleep without a fan on because it helps drown out the other natural noises.​
  10. sounds alot like a film ive seen lols it actually does
  11. nightmares i am always running away from something or watching some one get chopped or nightmares of me hurting my self. always wake up in a sweat and need water to drink. (should stop reading horror novels :p)
  12. I never had a zombie nightmare in the sense where I'm scared. I'm mostly kicking butts and shooting up the zombies. XD

    My nightmares consist of constant death dreams. Sometimes its where I can't breathe and other times its where I feel my heart slowing down dangerously and I fight to wake up. I used to have rape dreams back when my first grandmother was alive and my dad was in the house. Then when my dad left they stopped (though it never happen in real life that I can remember). I remember one time I as raised up above my bed and was being thrown around by something I couldn't see and I was fighting it. I even had an elevator dream where it fell and I felt myself flying to the ceiling and then I saw darkness and a game over screen appeared before my eyes. I was scared of that when I woke up, but then I found it funny.
  13. The most recent nightmare I've had was maybe 2 weeks ago. It was about a ghost yelling at me. Ghost nightmares are the worst because I always feel how angry and evil they are and the majority of my nightmares involved entities.

    The scariest spirit nightmare I've had was when I was laying in a bed and I felt a spirit enter the room, move over to the bed and started pressing me into the mattress. I couldn't see it I just felt immense weight on me. I got out from under it and ran for the door. That's when I heard a really freaky loud scream and something was thrown at me but missed and broke when it hit the wall.

    I usually wake up terrified after ghost dreams.

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