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Help a newbie learn how to code

Discussion in 'Programming General' started by Haseshi, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Hello~ I am interested in learning how to code, of course that 'coding' is a very generic term so more specifically, I want to learn how to make a a pet site with a dress-up avatar too, just for the fun since I could never maintain one on my own.

    How usually are those made? php? frameworks? I am not asking for a tutorial just '' usually avatars sites are programed with ____ ''. Since I am a newbie and I would like to start my way =)

    Also book recommendations are welcome!
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  2. Re: Help a newbie

    First step, learn HTML and CSS. Then I suggest Javascript as it can help in the transition. Petsites, the ones I know of, are coded in PHP. (I've never really heard them being coded in anything else.)
  3. Re: Help a newbie

    Luraverse is programmed in ASP.

    Though, PHP is by far the most common approach. I recommend it because of the support you'll get from this community. It it also pretty easy to learn.

    Avatars are a bit complex -- not something you should be doing while learning how to code, in my opinion.

  4. Re: Help a newbie

    Oh, now I am curious, how are they made? hahah

    And thanks guys, I guess I will be borrowing my first php book this week
  5. Re: Help a newbie

    Which one are you doing to buy?
  6. Re: Help a newbie

    I am not going to buy, I am going to borrow one from my college's library. I was thinking PHP 5/MySQL programming for the absolute beginner by Andy Harris.
  7. Actually a basic avatar system isn't THAT difficult to code.
  8. Which language do people usually use?
  9. I would buy any of the Sams Teach Yourself books as they seem to work the best for me. As NBS said, most sites use PHP mostly but there are few out there using some of the other dominant web languages.

  10. Ooh I would recommend you check out Head First PHP and MySQL.

    I used the Head First book to learn Java and it was great! Really fun to read, great examples. Often the problem with programming books is that they're dreadfully dull! These ones don't seem to have that issue.
  11. Well shouldn't you learn html and css before you jump on the php wagon?
  12. That is true what kristie said ... you should get a good handle on HTML before jumping into PHP.

    I just wanted to add that there are lots of great places for support out there ... PHPFreaks and Flingbits both have IRC channels where me and other developers hang out just waiting to help any people who are stuck with PHP.

  13. Ops, sorry, I forgot to mention I already know html and css.

    Can one make an avatar community with php? Anyway, I began reading a book about it, Hoping for the best~
  14. I want to make sure that you know we are talking about human avatars, not the usual animated square image ones...

    Though, difficulty is an opinion .


    Human avatars are usually done using PHP's image library, GD. You'll have to set-up a layer for each accessory, and then save the image data and output it as an image.

    #14 nobackseat, Apr 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. Yes, human avatars, that's what I meant. Thank you~
    #15 Haseshi, Apr 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  16. Let us know about your progress with coding - we'd love to hear it. The more people that code, the stronger the community becomes - in terms of sites/developing. I wish you nothin but the best. Coding is hard, but if your focus is learning, you can do it!!! :D
  17. wrox php and mysql is a good beginner book! make sure you code along with the examples and keep practicing!

    *is a noob too*
  18. Damn I was just about to suggest it. >:{

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